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Here’s what other ambitious women say about Elizabeth’s teachings…

“Within Elizabeth’s perfect combination of mindset, magic, and business coaching, I’ve worked with over 75 clients in the past six months and I’m launching a brand new online program very soon. I am so thrilled to be celebrating an abundance of money and opportunities flowing to me and finally getting it into my bones that I don’t have to work so hard to be wildly successful.”


“I successfully enrolled four new clients at $12,500 earlier this year, launched two group programs at almost $30K combined and hosted my second online summit which manifested approximately $15K. The shift in my offerings has allowed me to spend even more time with my family doing the things that I love…all while I’m earning more money!”


“Through working with Elizabeth and the principles of Feminine Magic®, I truly got it – deep in my body – that how I’m being affects my business just as much as the external actions I take. Once I made this shift, the effect was huge. My whole approach to my business transformed. I made $30k in one day and it was easy, light and joyful!”


Elizabeth Purvis, Founder

Your Highest Level YOU Is Calling…

The desire to scale your magic – the soul-level work you’re BORN to do – to 7-figures and beyond… is NOT an accident. 

Transformational Leaders (coaches, healers, mentors, spiritual teachers, and change agents) are answering the Call: 

  • The Call from the greater collective, to help them expand into new levels of consciousness, and.. 
  • The Call from YOUR Divine Nature, to shift into BE-ing the Highest Level Leader you know you already are. 

I created Feminine Magic® to activate your Highest Level (your Divine Nature, fully embodied) alongside real-world strategy, to scale your business WITHOUT all the “marketing stuff” that takes you out of your genius. 

You ready to say YES to your Highest Level of BE-ing, income and impact?



Learn how ONE “7-Figure Offer™” can fill your $20k+ programs with perfect-for-you clients who are ready to say “yes!” 

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A Transformational Leader’s Secret Fear (New LIVE)

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Learn how ONE “7-Figure Offer™” can fill your $20k+ programs
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