There’s one question that I get every year, over and over and over and OVER again, beginning right around Thanksgiving…  

“Is December a good month to launch my program, or are people all checked out for the holidays?” 

 Answer: December is a fabulous month for creating income! 

“Everyone checks out for the holidays” is a myth I’ve been hearing since I started my business back in 2008.    

But nothing could be further from the truth.   

(Don’t believe me?  Take a day and check in on Facebook and Instagram a couple of times. 😉 ) 

One simple yet powerful way to boost your results in any promotion is to be a part of the conversation that is already going on in people’s minds.   

For better or worse (read: regardless of how you feel about the holiday shopping phenomenon), money is flowing in December.   If people are buying presents for others, it’s only a short leap for them to invest in themselves, too. 

Plus, your most high-achieving clients will be thinking about lining up coachesmentors and healers (like you!) to support their success in the new year. 

All this means that you have the opportunity to make December one of your best income months of the year, while being of service in the highest way. 

How will YOU create a big payday in December?  Make a clear decision on the amount of money you wish to make, then decide the “how” using these proven ideas as a starting point: 

  • Make a juicy invite for strategy sessions (Breakthrough Sessions, discovery calls – whatever your language is) to your list.  Limit the time to apply and number of spots available. 
  • Pre-sell a course, homestudy program or group 1-day intensive and include a 30-minute follow-up session with you (perfect for making a high-end offer) 
  • Have a holiday sale of any past courses you have.  Hint: include trainings “hiding on your hard drive” – not currently available on your site – and make them available for that sale only.   
  • Clean up the recordings of a past LIVE course or program, and make it available as a home study. 
  • Open up just 1-2 spots for high-end private mentoring/coaching with you (6 months or 12 months) 
  • Create and offer a quick 30-60 day program, to start at the beginning of the year (include a special bonus session or half-day intensive as a bonus for clients who sign up early) 
  • Make an offer for limited 1-day intensive spots, focused on a specific topic that solves a pressing problem for your peeps 
  • Offer a 1-day intensive workshop, either in person or virtual (again, focused on a specific pressing problem) 
  • Reach out to past group coaching, course or workshop clients and offer a 1-day intensive or shorter program 
  • Raise your fees. 😉 
  • Go to all of your clients on payment plans and give them a special bonus or savings for bringing their accounts current 
  • Collect all unpaid money still owed to you by past clients 
  • Offer a juicy bonus for clients who pay in full (versus payments) 
  • Partner with a colleague who offers a complimentary service; offer a free Breakthrough Session or strategy call to all of their current or past clients (a well-known mentor followed this strategy to launch her business with no list and no website; she was booked 2.5 months in advance selling dozens of her $2k program)
  • Offer a ½ day training for a small group, paid now and delivered in the new year 
  • Let your current clients know you’re opening spots for 1-3 new clients and ask for referrals (you’d love to serve clients just like them) 
  • Invite friends, colleagues and clients to your home or office for an intimate 1-day event and make a private high-end offer (one of our clients created a 5-figure payday by implementing this strategy) 
  • Call past and current clients to present an additional service, such as a 1-day intensive or half-day clients-only workshop
  • Call past and current clients and make a “first dibs” offer on your latest program or online course
  • Call at least 5 of your colleagues or mastermind partners and let them know you’re accepting referrals 
  • Host a FB Live or webinar right after Christmas and before New Year’s (when things have slowed down, peeps are just chilling and getting caught up – they’re paying attention!); offer Breakthrough sessions or a new program
  • Follow up with all potential client inquiries from the past 90 days and offer your latest program 
  • Follow up with everyone you’ve met at an event or networking meeting in the past 90 days; make them an offer or ask for a referral 

The Perfect Time To Make An Offer Is When YOU Decide To Make An Offer… 

While there are natural ebbs and flows in the calendar year, the perfect time to offer a program, course or service is when YOU decide, not what you think the calendar dictates.   

Making the decision to hold off on your launch because you think “it’s slow right now” or “people aren’t buying” is a great way to give up your power or hold yourself back based on misleading or “grapevine” information. 

Fact is, when you make a firm decision to create a certain amount of income, the money is always there.   

Create your income goals and actions based on what YOUR desires and what’s best for your business – and use these ideas (and your own) to follow through and make it happen, in December or any time of the year! 

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