Ever struggle to manifest something?

We all have.  At those times, it’s helpful to go back to basics.

We live in a mirroring Universe.

Everything we experience in our OUTER world is a direct reflection of our INNER world.  There is nothing in our experience that we do not create, promote or allow.

As within, so without.  Magicians have understood this for centuries.

In magic, we work with ALL aspects of ourselves. When we BE the one who has our Desire now, on all levels – mental, physical, emotional, somatic, spiritual, vibrational – that Desire will show up in our outer world.

A great place to start is your beliefs.

Now, when it comes to beliefs, I’m a bit of an outlier in the bigger circle of success coaches and manifesting experts.

I’m NOT going to tell you that “mindset” and belief change work is the be-all, end-all.

Because it isn’t.  We’re a lot more than our minds.  And what we think of as “beliefs” are really meanings we’ve made for past experiences that have become coded in our bodies, through time and repetition.

That said, your beliefs DO drive the creation of your experiences.  Your experiences confirm your beliefs, both conscious and unconscious.

Changing beliefs from “the inside out” can be very difficult.  And without an experience of the new belief in your body, it won’t really “take.”

However, there IS a way to use beliefs to start calling in more of what you want right away!

For years I’ve used this one simple tool to use beliefs in a way that pulls me to my Desire in a fraction of the time:

  • Consciously adopt the belief(s) that make having what you Desire a done deal
  • Take action from that place
  • Allow the new experience to confirm your new belief

I’ve used this technique to sell out of programs, call new people into my life, find the perfect [fill-in-the-blank] and do a whole host of things that seem impossible in the moment.

So are you READY for 3 core beliefs that make manifesting, well, easy?

Thought so!  And because I know your mind wants PROOF, I’ve got that too.

The Belief: Manifesting is easy.

The PROOF:  Years ago, I was stuck in a dark night of the soul.  I was two years into my business (two years out of my J-O-B, more like), and clients were still non-existent.  I lay awake fretting every night about money as we went deeper and deeper into debt – all on consumer credit cards.

Finally I’d decided I’d had enough.

I was full of doubt.  My self-esteem was a mess.  Frankly, I was barely functioning.

I cobbled together an offer and a script for phone conversations, both of which I’d pulled out of my bum-bum. (Pardon the image; why yes, I DO have a preschooler. )

I sketched out a manifesting process based on spiritual teachings I’d learned a decade previous but had pushed aside in all the drama.

I took on ONE belief: making money is easy.  I worked it like I believed it, 1000%.

30 days later, I’d manifested $20,000 – more money than I’d ever made in my life at one time.

And you know what?

It was pretty easy.

I got on the phone.  I stumbled around.  When I wasn’t obsessing over myself and how ridiculous I felt, I was able to connect with the human being on the other end of the line and offer to help them.

Nine of them said yes.  And that was that.

Since then I’ve taught well over 1000 people how to make money out of nothing.  The ones who adopt the belief of “making money is easy” all say… it’s pretty easy.

Our beliefs create our experiences.  Our experiences confirm our beliefs.  Want to make something easy?  Tell yourself it’s going to be easy… and mean it.

The same is true for anything you want to manifest.  Or anything else, for that matter.  Declare it easy and you are waaaaay closer to that being so.

The Belief: Everything you Desire is already here.

The PROOF: Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard me talk about this one ‘til I’m blue in the face.  That’s because it’s actually NOT a belief.  It is spiritual law.  The Law of Polarity.

And if you think about it, it just makes sense.  There are no “halves” in the Universe.  Everything is whole and complete.

There is no “up” without a “down.”  There is no “left” without a “right.”  There is no “in” without an “out.”  Everything has an opposite, and it is equal and opposite.

This means that if you have a sincere Desire for something, it is already here.  Not only that, it is in your world already.

Now, it has to be a sincere Desire we’re talking about.  If you’re a 70-year-old woman, you can’t “test the Universe” by saying you want to give birth to a newborn.  If becoming a rocket scientist wasn’t on your radar before and you don’t really care… you’re not going to manifest it.

So why does this make manifesting easy?

Because if everything you Desire is already here… you don’t have to freak out about it NOT being here!

You don’t have to be in lack.  You don’t have to notice that it isn’t here.  You can be 1000% certain that it is here.  All you have to do is shift your awareness so you can SEE the opportunity… and say yes to the opportunity.

Total confidence.  No freak outs.  Easy like Sunday morning.

Oh, and that “everything is whole and complete” thing?  That includes you.

BELIEF: You already know how to do this! 

PROOF: You are already a masterful creator. You are creating all day long, all day, every day!!

And I’m not just talking about creating what you DON’T want. Many of those creations are exactly what you want!

You were born with mechanisms to create your world: your Desire, your subconscious mind (an amazing creating machine), and the one thing that NO other life form on the planet has: the ability to choose.

You are also a born learner, which means you can learn new things no matter how old you are.   You can change, adapt and grow at any age.

You are also already whole and complete.  You are Divine.

As humans, we pick up illusions along the way.  We have early experiences in life, then we repeat those experiences over and over again.

Magic is about removing those illusions.  First step: the awareness that they are illusions.

Here’s what I did when I was just starting out… and what I still do to this day.  Find stories of people who are just like you who have done what you Desire to do.

The world is filled with stories of amazing BE-ings who were too old, too young, too broke, too sick, too early, too late, had 5 kids, were in poverty, working full time jobs, going to school, getting divorced, in an abusive relationship and everything in between.  And created it anyway.

Read them.   Get inspired.

Then look at your own creations.  I double-dog dare you to make a list of 10 things you’ve already created in your life that you’re THRILLED about.

Then don’t stop there.  That list is 20, 30, 300, 500, 1000+ items long… even if you don’t have access to them all in this moment.

You don’t have to.  Your body does.  It’s all good.  And you already know how to do this.

BONUS BELIEF: There is ALWAYS a way.

PROOF: This one follows directly from the Law of Polarity,  that everything you desire is already here.

If everything you Desire is already here, and the WAY for it to come to you already exists…

… and you already know how to manifest…

… and you are a born learner…

… and you can change, adapt and grow at any stage…

… and there’s evidence of this all around you that you can have, create, receive what you Desire (decide that there is, look for it and you will see it)…

Yeah, you got this.

Now… from THIS place…think of that bold, juicy manifesting goal you’re working on…

From THIS place… what new possibilities are available to you?

You got this!

Love and magic and cheering you on,


PS: Shifting your beliefs is a great start, but if you want to call in BIG goals (including large amounts of income in your business)… consistently and predictably 

… then you need to know how manifesting REALLY works. 

Not just the spiritual stuff, but how the spiritual stuff WORKS here on the physical. 

Once you understand how you ACTUALLY manifest – you’ll start to call in your biggest goals like clockwork.

Ready to do just that?  

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