Many women come to us asking, “What does it really take to get clients?”

The answer is… a conversation.

Specifically, a session that’s designed to determine where they are, where they want to be, and if it makes sense to work with you.

At Goddess Business School® we often call this a “Breakthrough Session”, or you may have heard them referred to as Discovery Sessions or Strategy Sessions.

This type of conversation is NOT a “sample session” where you actually give them a taste of your service to solve their problem.  (We recommend that you avoid those.)

Instead, it’s an intentional conversation that leads your potential client to a decision about hiring you.

When you are just starting out, getting really comfortable and skilled at Breakthrough Sessions is THE key business skill you’ll need to focus on first. And to get good at them, you need to have a lot of them.

Here are five of my favorite ways to generate a flood of breakthrough conversations, when YOU choose:

1.Create a “first dibs” offer for current or past clients.

Hands down, the best candidates for your next program are the people you’ve already helped – your past or current clients.

Start by personally reaching out to hand-selected clients, then open the circle wider by sending an email with your breakthrough session offer to all past clients. For past clients, you can send them a “thought of you” email saying “I cherish you!” and offering bonus of a free session, or a “get back on track” session.

2. At a training or workshop

One of the BEST opportunities for transformational entrepreneurs to find new clients is at a training or a workshop. Look for opportunities to make your Breakthrough Session offer in the training or on a community forum associated with the event.

IMPORTANT: Always “follow protocol” here. Most events have rules for promotion, and if the presenter is making an offer, be aware that they have invested a ton of time, energy, and money to fill the room. Stick to networking and simply follow up with your best candidates after the event.

3. At a free class that you give

Instead of offering something for sale at your next workshop, offer free Breakthrough Sessions to the first 10 people. Design an offer that’s a natural “next step” after your class (remember, you can’t teach them everything in 2 hours, or even 2 days) and invite attendees to apply for a Breakthrough Session.

4. Host a House Party

This is a variation on a traditional workshop that you’d offer at a venue like a retreat center or yoga studio. It’s a great way to launch your business to your best friends and colleagues.

Invite 10-12 friends to your house for a party / talk. At the end, simply share openly and sincerely about your business, then make an offer for Breakthrough Sessions.

This also works great if you have a LOCAL clientele and want to introduce them to a new offering. One of our past clients did this and it resulted in a nice $20,000 payday for her.

5.  Offer a Breakthrough Session as a BONUS with someone else’s product or program.

This is HOT. Why? Because the best “prospects” in the world are the ones who have JUST made a purchase.

I know a coach who used this strategy to launch her practice. Her friend had a launch, and she said, “Hey, I would love to offer your peeps value by giving everyone who buys your program a free session.” 40 people bought the program, and she booked sessions with most of those people. Her 1-on-1 coaching quickly sold out, with a 2 month waiting list.

Who has a service complimentary to yours, is “just 2 steps ahead” of you in business and regularly launches new programs? Keep your eye out for them on Facebook and remember, offer to help them FIRST.

What Might Change For You If…

…if you were having 5, 10 or even 20 Breakthrough Sessions per week?

Use these 5 ideas to begin to tap into new opportunities right away. Best part – once you turn on your “Breakthrough Session radar,” more will appear… along with clients, cash and impact.

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