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7-Figure Energetics:

The Shortcut to Your Next Income Leap

LIVE Companion Masterclass to 7-Figure Goddess® (the book)

With Elizabeth Purvis

June 20th at 12pm PT


The secret to income leaps that feel effortless… 

When you’re ready move from $10k months to $50k months and then on to $80k and $100k months, it’s meant to feel effortless, and happen fast. 

No “creation chaos,” drama, or endless delays. 

In this companion masterclass to her book, 7-Figure Goddess®, Elizabeth dives deep into your single highest source of leverage in your business, and how to use it to quickly dissolve friction and receive your next income leap. 

You’ll Discover… 


How to activate your hidden ability to make income leaps on command, with ease and speed 


The 3-word “consciousness hack” that empowers you to instantly release “efforting on the way from 6 to 7 figures 


The power move to collapse time and leap from $5k-$10k-$20k months to $50k-$100k months in months, weeks or even in days… instead of years.



The simple 3-step strategy to set up in your business, to turn $10k months into $50k-$100k months quickly, without extra “busywork” 


The 7-Figure Frequency Formula: the 10 energetic “switches to flip” to fully embody and BE the version of you who is already at $50k-$100k+ months… so you can call that reality in, now.

If You’re Ready To Break Through an $80k-$100k-$200k Income Plateau, Once And For All…

This New Masterclass Is a Must-Attend. 

“If you want your biz to grow by 40%, you must grow yourself as a LEADER by 60%.  Elizabeth creates beautiful containers to grow as a leader.”

“With Elizabeth’s frameworks, we set the BUSINESS up to hold the Frequency, so we could truly expand –  well beyond what I can contribute. 

When I joined the Highest Level Leader Collective, I was at $291k.  Two years later, we ended the year at 1,338,000.  We are set to more than double that this year – truly, a “collapsing of time.”     

Along the way, I have upleveled in so many ways, things I never expected when I stepped into the program.  Thank you, Elizabeth.”

Andrea Jenson 

Founder, Cash Flow CFO   

“Elizabeth was the catalyst for me stepping up in a BIG way… and the money was pretty sweet, too!”

“I was just kind of coasting in my business, feeling uninspired and dealing with a longtime plateau.  Too much in my own head, focusing on reasons why things couldn’t work for me… and bored – albeit with a multi-six-figure business! 

Using the Standards alongside one of Elizabeth’s ‘unCampaign’ strategies, and seeing her model it, I brought in $151,000 in new revenue from that one campaign alone.    In addition to the revenue, I got a newfound spark for what I was doing and upleveled my clients.  Elizabeth was the catalyst for me stepping up in a BIG way (to get out of my own way) – like I hadn’t done in years.  And yeah, the money was pretty sweet, too.  😎 

Christine Gallagher Award Winning Biz Strategist & Leveraged Online Offer Expert 

“Next-level clients started showing up…”

“I was charging way too little for a 1:1 program that felt too long.  I wanted to uplevel my client base.  I had been struggling to get behind raising my rates and had no idea how to magnetize the kind of client I knew I wanted. 

Immediately after shifting into the energies of the Standards, the women who were coming to me ‘just magically’ happened to be more in line with my IDEAL, “next level” client.  I raised my pay-in-full rate to $16k, just to get myself used to that before raising them again.  I got an urgent request from a go-getter client, and she paid it without hesitation, talking herself out of doubts before I even opened the money conversation.” 

Karlita Nabours-Palermo, (Self)Love Coach for Ambitious Women 

“Elizabeth and her team showed me that it’s absolutely possible to trade all the ‘doing’ of selling for attracting dream clients and closing via PDF.”

“Your magic deserves high-end offers that speak directly to the hearts (and wallets!) of your Soulmate clients, that are EASY for them to say YES to.  So easy, indeed, that you can trade extra ‘selling’ and ‘doing’ for attracting and BE-ing.

My first 7-Figure Offer™ created $10k banked in two weeks.  We use the skills all the time!  One of our recent “unLaunches” did $135k with NO ads.  Just me teaching, and the invite letter. “

Kim Coles, Founder of the Radiant KimUnity, Actress, Comedienne, Legend-Who-Needs-No-Intro (says Elizabeth! 😍)  

“Speaking from a higher frequency brought in more clients and more committed clients!”

“I enjoyed being liked – the Likeable Expert. But even though I had scaled to $250k, I was stalling out with leads that were excited to book calls, but not committed to follow through and enroll. And I really wanted to work with a higher level of client anyway.

Using the Standards and speaking from a higher frequency in my content brought in more clients and more committed clients. I’ve now made over 7 figures selling in the DMs – I expect the right clients to pick up on my raised frequency and they do!”

Joy Bufalini, Simplify to Multiply

“I’ve completely let go of the ‘rise and grind’…”

“The Standards helped me truly OWN my mastery and awesomeness.  My energy shifted, as did the way I communicated with potential clients and partners, which lead to big players in the industry wanting to work with me and refer me (which is how my “front door” offer gets filled).  A recent time when we offered my event, we did nearly $380,000 in new and promised sales.   

Plus, I’ve completely let go of the ‘rise and Grind’ – with the Standards, I can embody the way of BEING to get done (or delegate – 😉 ) – things that would otherwise be hard to do.” 

Penelope Jane Smith, Real Prosperity Inc 

“I nearly doubled my price for 1-1 coaching…
and got it.”

I was way under-charging for my programs.  I was expecting that women in my sphere could not pay more.  With Elizabeth’s help and using The Standards, I nearly doubled my price for my one-on-one coaching – which was not a small increase.  Within two weeks, I enrolled two women in my one-on-one at that new price point. 

Sarah Kennedy, Relationship & Intimacy Guide 

“Miracles started to happen!”

“My life went through a massive upheaval (husband, kids, selling our home and moving) over the course of 18 months. In the middle of it all, I had my highest month and quarter ($100k) and lowest month ($0).  It was a lot.  I was spiraling.  And then I stepped into the Standards…  

Miracles started to happen.  Money started pouring in from unexpected places.  I didn’t need surgery when I thought I did.  Lots of reconciling with family in the most beautiful way.   And more.” 

Africa Archield, Scaling Expert to Visionaries  


“The Standards set the stage for receiving more – I got my first $50k client in 2 weeks.”

“I was stuck at the $20k level of clients, and I was attracting clients who didn’t dare step up to their next level of potential.  So I practiced the Standards, especially the ones that were edgy for me.  That set the stage for receiving more from 1-1 clients than I had ever asked for.  I raised my fees from 20k to 50k and got my first client at the new rate within 2 weeks.” 

Marcelle della Faille, Metaphysician & Master Coach to Women Visionaries  


Your book is headed over to your inbox!
Before you go… get your seat for
Elizabeth’s LIVE companion masterclass…


7-Figure Energetics:

The Shortcut to Your Next Income Leap

LIVE Companion Masterclass to 7-Figure Goddess® (the book)

With Elizabeth Purvis

June 20th at 12pm PT


About Elizabeth: 

ELIZABETH PURVIS is a master offers + messaging strategist, business coach and metaphysical teacher to thousands of women worldwide.  She is the creator of Feminine Magic® series of metaphysical teachings and is the Founder/CEO of 7-Figure Goddess®, the premiere business mentoring company for “magicians” – coaches, healers, energy workers and spiritual teachers wanting to bring their Highest Level Work to the world by way of a high income, high profit business. 

About 7-Figure Goddess® 

7-Figure Goddess® is the go-to business mentoring group for transformational leaders who are ready to SCALE… without all the “marketing hustle.”  Our proprietary scaling methodology, the Sustainable Scaling Method™, empowers coaches, healers, energy workers and spiritual teachers to create consistent high PROFIT months – without webinars, launches, events or sales calls.   Through highly efficient Hot Offers and effective messaging, we give our clients a clear path to scale to multi-six and 7-figures in two years or less, while cutting marketing and sales time in half.