For high-performing coaches, healers, teachers and conscious experts  

who are ready to break through the “$100k-$200k ceiling”…  

Virtual Retreat

September 15-17, 2023


Frequency, Strategy and Your “Get To Have It How You Want It” Plan
For Consistent $50k-$100k Months

It’s Time for Consistent, Predictable “High Money Months”...
... with Simpler Marketing, and NO Sales Calls  


Reserve your spot before the price goes up on

Thursday Sept. 7th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET

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Lead, Don’t Sell.

You are here to make a HUGE impact.

You have a mission and vision for your business that brings in epic amounts of cash ($20k-$50k-$100k per month, keeping most of what you make)… AND is a part of the global movement to raise consciousness on the planet and elevate humanity.

Working your “magic” – the transformational or expert work you’ve invested years in gaining

true mastery in – is soooo much more important than sitting on 90-minute sales calls, cranking

out content for your next launch or babysitting a low-end automated funnel (or hiring VA’s to

do those things)… 

Plus, being in your Genius is soooo much more FUN… which is why we created

7-Figure Goddess® Live! 

We believe… 

You’re here to LEAD, not spend days fiddling with funnels. 


You’re here to MAGNETIZE… not give away free coaching on sales calls to those who just aren’t ready for your magic. 


You’re here to EMBODY your Highest Level… your Divine Nature… and allow your Frequency – who you BE – do some of that heavy lifting FOR you… rather than perpetuate the illusion of “doing it all.” 


You’re here to CALL IN those Next Level clients…. and TRANSFORM others with your presence – rather than push, cajole, convince, force, or prove your worth. 


And – of course! – you’re here to make a LOT of money, bringing the mastery-level “A” game that only YOU can do. 


We see you.   

All of this is why over the last few years, my team and I have thrown out pretty much ALL of the “shoulds” (things marketers tell you that you “have to” have)… 


We’ve created a simpler way to scale to HIGH-multi-six or even 7-figures...that doesn’t
require things like exhausting launches, automated webinars-to-a-sales-call, complicated
tech-driven funnels ...or even getting on the phone for sales calls.


I created this event for you to give you the full breakdown on this NEW way of scaling…

and help you make it your own. 

At 7-Figure Goddess® Live…  

You’ll fully step into 7-Figure Leadership…  

Optimize Your “Money Channels” (for maximum flow)… 

And Map YOUR Path to Scale to $100k months, YOUR way. 

  • You’ll get a well-tested and demonstrated path to let go of the “do, do, do” and all the marketing & sales busywork that’s burning you out… effective immediately.  
  • You’ll know how to design Hot Offers that will fill without webinars, funnels, big launches or even getting on the phone for sales calls.  
  • You’ll leave with a clear, bespoke, “you get to have it how you want it” plan for a consistent flow of Next Level clients and $50k - $100k months, banked in advance. 

Are you ready to BE the Contribution:  

the Catalyst, Channel, and Conduit, partnering with God/Goddess  

and allowing Creative Life Force Energy work through you…  

to co-create the highly profitable, more-life-to-all-giving

business you’re meant to lead? 

"If you want your biz to grow by 40%, you must grow yourself as a LEADER by 60%.  Elizabeth creates beautiful containers to grow as a leader."

"With Elizabeth’s frameworks, we set the BUSINESS up to hold the Frequency, so we could truly expand –  well beyond what I can contribute. 


When I joined the Highest Level Leader Collective, I was at $291k.  Two years later, we ended the year at 1,338,000.  We are set to more than double that this year – truly, a “collapsing of time.”     


Along the way, I have upleveled in so many ways, things I never expected when I stepped into the program.  Thank you, Elizabeth."


Andrea Jenson 

Founder, Cash Flow CFO   

"Elizabeth, you really helped me SEE my magic in a way that I never have before!"

"Before joining the Highest Level Leader Collective, I’d really hit my upper limit.  I’d hit that multi-six-figures ($250k something like that)… but I wasn’t really serving my Next Level, dream clients.  Something was off, but I couldn’t see what it was… 


When I reached out to you, you saw it immediately.  You said, ‘Joy, this is an OFFERS problem.’ 


It was game-changing.  I’d never thought of offers as the thing to focus on, but after that… momentum!  My Next Level clients started reaching out… and saying YES. 


Selling $20k programs in Messenger when the offer is doing the heavy lifting – it’s a game changer.  I went from having 20 calls a month, to NO calls per month… while signing up clients for our bigger, 9-month program. 


My first 5 years in business, I’d never made more than $20k.  Picking a simple business model and sticking with it enabled me to take off very, very quickly. 


By the end of my year in HLLC, we nearly doubled our revenue.  And we hit $1m the year after that. "


Joy Bufalini,  
Creator, Simplify to Multiply®  

At 7-Figure Goddess® LIVE,

You’ll Experience…

1 Deep Dive Training (zero fluff) 

2 Potent Activations of Your Highest Level 

3 Life-Changing Connections 

4 Awe-Inspiring Case Studies 

5 Laser Coaching 

6 Infinite Possibility 

You’ll walk away with an UPLEVELED Vibrational Field (To Create

A CLEAR PATH To Success), a UPLEVELED “Money Channel”

(a $5k-$20k+ program, optimized for an Easy YES), and your “Get To

Have It How You Want It” Plan for Consistent $20k-$50k-$100k+Months.

"Your magic deserves high-end offers that speak directly to the hearts (and wallets!) of your Soulmate clients, that are EASY for them to say YES to.  So easy, indeed, that you can trade extra ‘selling’ and ‘doing’ for attracting and BE-ing.

Elizabeth and her team showed me that it’s absolutely possible to trade all the 'doing' of selling for attracting dream clients and closing via PDF. My first 7-Figure Offer™ created $10k banked in two weeks.  We use the skills all the time!  One of our recent “unLaunches” did $135k with NO ads.  Just me teaching, and the invite letter. "


Kim Coles, 

Founder of the Radiant KimUnity 

Actress, Comedienne, Legend-Who-Needs-No-Intro (says Elizabeth! 😍)  

Here’s How We’re Going To Roll… 

In 3 days over Zoom (all virtual from the comfort of home) – you’ll get together with me, the 7-Figure Goddess® team, and a group of your colleagues, to work ON your business and fully step into the 7-figure Leader you already are. 


Our focus is on the energetic breakthroughs, uplevels, and aligned actions that can “collapse time” and take you from “hustling your buns for sales every month” to those consistent $50k-$100k months, faster. 


You’ll be implementing while we’re together – and if you follow through from that place of fully embodied 7-Figure Leader (which we’ll activate on Day 1)… don’t be surprised if you have NEW cash in your bank account come Monday! 

Here’s a high-level overview of what we’ll be kicking out – together…   

  • A major uplevel to “who you be” – aka your Frequency or vibrational signature – aka your #1 tool for letting go of the hustle.  Your Frequency determines how you experience your days… and what opportunities (for clients, cash, team, ease) come into your field… automagically 
  • A major uplevel to your OFFERS – aka how how money flows into your business. You’ll design your “burnout-free business model” – the two Hot Offers that create $50k+ in recurring revenue with a FRACTION of the leads usually required. You’ll optimize a $5k-$20k program you already have so it’s easy to sell, or design a new offer you can scale efficiently. 
  • Then we’ll map out YOUR personalized, bespoke scaling plan to $100k months that gets you off sales calls, off the launch train, OFF the funnel train… so you have more time to LEAD, create results for your clients… and live your LIFE! 

"I was in the middle of a big pivot… and I was just stuck at $5k-$10k months.  I said yes to Elizabeth because I knew it was time to get my real work into the world.  

Elizabeth set us up for wins right from the start, with this amazing initiatory energy… which was great because I’m NOT a patient person!   


My first offering sold out.  It blew my mind to see the bigger players in the industry stepping in with me! 


By the end of the year, I leapt to $466,000.  I finally hit those $50k+ months… and it has just gone up from there. 


Plus, the group of people that Elizabeth curates are SUCH “possibility expanders.”  I exceeded every vision I had for myself, and more. "


Lexi D’Angelo,  

Founder, Tabwoo™ Institute of Magic + Mastery 

Loving HEADS UP… 

This Event Is for True Leaders Who Are Done With the “$100k-$200k Ceiling” and Are Ready to Fully Embody All That They Bring To The Table… NOW. 

You will benefit most if the following describes you… 


  • You have the basics of a high-end business model down and have offered 6-12 month programs at $15k+ before.    
  • You’re a “legit expert”: a master at what you do with a record of results.  You love to go deep with your clients. 
  • You have an audience (at least 2000 peeps, email + social) and you show up for them. 
  • You take full ownership of your results – always.  You’re always after the breakthrough and look for a way IN, rather than a way OUT. 

At 7-Figure Goddess®, we’re going for the massive uplevel

and we laser-focus on RESULTS. 


We’re going to work some potent multidimensional magic to quickly shift who you BE… and then we’re going to get sh*t done. 


If you prefer business containers that take it slow, or you expect

them to deliver allll the “deep healing” you think you need… this isn’t

the event for you. 


On the other hand… 😎 


If you’re well and truly READY to BE the 7-Figure Leader, for aligned offers that are easy to sell, to have Next Level Clients coming “out of the woodwork,” even in uncertain times... and consistent high money months, delivering your Highest Level Magic… we lovingly invite you to clear your calendar and BE THERE! 


"Finally!  Elizabeth helped me bring the HEALTH (I’m a licensed naturopathic doctor) and the WEALTH (my passion) and the magic together… all in one program."

"The other coaches I’d worked with thought I needed to pick one or the other, for ‘clarity’… but you said not only could it be done, it can be done exceptionally WELL.  

Once she said that, I got voracious.  Like… ‘I’m going to nail this thing’!  And it had to feel hot and sexy in my system, or forget it. 


Along the way, I was able to raise my prices with ease and really hold the value of the results that they were experiencing… 


In HLLC, I had my first six figure ‘unLaunch’….attracting dream Next Level clients.  I remember Elizabeth saying ‘life will never be the same’… and she was right! 


I have a lifestyle.  I can’t work all the time.  My body and nervous system just won’t allow it.  In HLLC, I found a way to make it work, to have it how I want it."


Stephania Sciamano – aka “Dr. S” 

Creator of the Wealth Body Method 

7-Figure Goddess® Live

Virtual Retreat

September 15-17, 2023

9AM - 5PM PT / 12PM - 8PM EST

The Day-to-Day Breakdown… 

Create your path to BIG, sustainable income leaps! 

Day One: Your Highest Level Frequency 

Activate the 7-Figure Leader Version of You That Already Exists… aka the

Next Level Expression of Your Divine Nature … to Create More Ease, Flow

and Speed of Results  


The “version of you” that easily creates $750k or $1m in your business… already exists!  On Day 1, you’ll meet this beautiful BE-ing, and activate and install YOUR unique template for “how you BE” as a 7-figure transformational Leader. 

  • Unlock the details of your personal Next Level Vision – so you can acclimate your system to having it already, and allow the “how” to appear 
  • Illuminate the hidden subconscious “saboteurs” that are keeping you at an income ceiling  
  • Use my well-tested process – used with well over 1000 Leaders – to activate the next level expression of your Divine Nature… aka the unique vibrational signature of  You as a 7-Figure Leader 
  • Discover The Standards – the 10 energies that command ultra-premium fees, effortlessly attract Next Level clients, and help you quickly sail through the sticky situations that inevitably come up on the path to 7-figures.  (Our clients RAVE about the Standards – this is worth your investment alone) 
  • Energetic secrets to quickly letting go of HOURS of “hidden stressors” that chew up your time and rob you of your peace 
  • I’ll also hand you the simple, instant energetic shift to “anchor in” your upleveled Frequency on the day-to-day – where it counts! (This is SO simple, so elegant, you will wonder why nobody has ever shared it with you before) 

Day Two: Your “Big Money Months” Strategy 

Create Your “Money Channels” To Bank $50k-$100k Months in Advance 


Now it’s time to co-create the structures (in your business) that allow in the CASH... without all the extra marketing “stuff” and without sales calls. On Day 2, I’ll help you identify (or optimize) your 7-Figure Offer ($3k-$8k) and your Recurring Revenue Offer ($15k-$50k) – the two program that line up those high money months in advance. We’ll also lay out a simple, minimum-marketing strategy for filling your programs with Next Level Clients.

  • Our Hot Offer formulas for high ticket ($3k-$50k) programs that SELL without
    getting on the phone (I’ll give you the needle movers gleaned from leading and
    teaching the ultra-premium model for the past 13+ years)
  • Why you DON’T need 90-minute (or even 30-minute) sales calls to have Next Level Clients consistently signing up at fees of $25k+ 
  • The magic move that results in “here’s my credit card” – and how to bake it into your programs right from the start 
  • What to put in your program so your clients get results – and stick with you for years  
  • PLUS: Love Seats!  The opportunity for OUR eyes on your program.

Day Three: Your Custom Plan for Consistent $50k-$100k Months  


One of our “unRules” at 7-Figure Goddess® is… you get to have it

the way you want it! 


Now that we have your upleveled “money channel” (the WAY for you to lead at your Highest Level, delivering your magic at your Highest Level)… it’s time to allow in the “HOW” of those $50k-$100k months.  We’ll walk you through a super-simple template for hitting your income goals, consistently… and show you how to make it you own. 


There is ALWAYS a way to design your business so that it serves YOU!  And that’s exactly what we’re going to help you do. 

  • Full breakdown of The Sustainable Scaling Method™ - our unique methodology that creates consistent high money months, WITHOUT fiddly funnels, automated sequences (that require constant monitoring and tweaking), ads, webinars, sales teams, complicated launches, big flashy live events (unless you want to ;) ), sales teams, sales calls… or marketing busywork 
  • Your Unique Growth Plan: customize our template for consistent $50k-$100k months for your unique situation and goals 
  • Tweaking your plan for YOUR desired way of delivering your magic – 1-1 or group 
  • Secrets to collapsing time: leverage your Highest Level Frequency, strategy and personal strengths to go from 6 to high-multi-six or even 7-figures in 2 years or less 
  • Turning on your inner “Benevolent Queen” to manifest faster and create an amazing lifestyle with your business 
  • How to keep the momentum going – and stay firmly in your 7-Figure Leader “seat” – in 2023 and beyond! 

Reserve your spot before the price goes up on Thursday Sept 7th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET

Early Bird Pricing Extended!

$997  $297


"Elizabeth’s ‘offer magic’ helped me let go of 40 sales calls per month

– an entire week of time per month that that I was spending on sales calls.   


It absolutely blew my mind.  We are rinse and repeating the same system now. 

- Louisa Havers

"Elizabeth’s 7-Figure Offer™ principles helped us double our rates. 

We give the invite letter before every call and now, potential clients show up on calls (yes, we still do them!) ready to buy. "

- Tamika Auwai

"It’s all about the offer! 

I said YES to the 7-Figure Offer™ I really wanted to do… I let go of ‘Plan B’ to do my Highest Level work.   


And now 30-50% of clients ask ‘What’s next?’ – before our program completes." 

- Lisa Bogle

“Overfilled my program with Highest Level Clients…


"Making a 7-Figure Offer™ with Elizabeth’s offer principles showed me that my ideal clients, my Next Level Clients, are already in my community.  I over-filled my program with those clients after rebooting my business, without a complicated launch or sales calls. "

- Lena Skuld Valmore



CEO, 7-Figure Goddess®


Elizabeth Purvis is the premier offers and messaging strategist for high-achieving transformational leaders ready to scale to 7-figures and beyond. 

She is the creator of 7-Figure Goddess®, where her specialty is leading experienced coaches, healers, mentors, and spiritual teachers to embody their Highest Level and scale their businesses on demand…. without webinars, launches, or sales calls. 

Elizabeth combines her in-depth expertise in offers and messaging strategy with her two decades of metaphysical practice to empower her clients to manifest their biggest, boldest money and lifestyle goals while delivering their soul-purpose work. Her client’s phenomenal, real-world results are known and unparalleled in the industry.

Elizabeth and her team are on a MISSION to help coaches, healers, conscious experts and consciousness raisers create high multi-six and seven-figure businesses.

The Event Schedule September 15th - 17th

9AM - 5PM PT / 12PM - 8PM EST

Day One: 


Your Highest Level Frequency

  • 9am-12pm:
    Deep Dive Training and Energetic Clearings 
  • 12pm-1:00pm:
    Networking Lunch
  • 1:00pm-4:00pm
    Deep Dive Training and Highest Level Activation
  • 4:00pm-5pm:
    Q+A and Integration

Day Two: 


High Money Months Strategy

  • 9am-12pm:
    Deep Dive Training and Love Seats
  • 12pm-1:00pm:
    Networking Lunch
  • 1:00pm-4pm:
    Deep Dive Training and Activation

Day Three: 


Your Custom Plan For $50-$100k Months

  • 9am-12pm:
    Deep Dive Training, Activations and Coaching
  • 12pm-1:00pm:
    Leaders Lunch
  • 1:00pm-2:30pm:
    Deep Dive Training and Coaching
  • 2:30pm-4pm:

Yes, it’s ALL virtual – no travel required! 

Lock in early bird pricing now!

Price goes up on Thursday Sept 7th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET

Early Bird Pricing Extended!

 $997  $297


PLUS, You'll Receive These BONUSES...
(With the exception of this event, these templates and activations
can ONLY be found in our programs)  

BONUS #1...

High Ticket Goldmine:
How To Call Forward "Hidden Leads" In Your Email List

Replays Available Now!

Your Next Level Clients are already here... and they’re IN your current audience!

In these 3 bonus sessions (replays available now), I’ll show you exactly how to call forward more leads for your high-ticket programs from the email list + social accounts you already have.

I’ve enrolled close to $2.7m in high-ticket clients since giving up launching back in 2019... all over email + social, and without sales calls. I’ll walk you through how we do it, and get you started with some of my favorite email templates to get those Next Level Clients (the ones you’re meant to work with now, vs.the clients you’ve outgrown) raising their hand to join your programs.

  • Call #1: The Secret to Signing Up Clients When YOU Choose... from
    Your Current Audience!
  • Call #2: How to Have Next Level Clients Raising Their Hands To Work
    With You
  • Call #3: Secrets to Easy-Peasy "Sealing the Deal" (Without Sales Calls)

(Note: Short-term replays are ready for you to dive into; recordings are included in the VIP+Recordings package.)

BONUS #2...

Making Yourself Magnetic to Your Next Level Client

To attract your “next level” person (instead of the clients you’ve outgrown, you’ll need to align with them energetically. This bonus will help you remove unconscious resistance to going for your Next Level Client exclusively and activate what’s already in you that they are already looking for! Also included: an energetic upgrade process to become an energetic match to your Next Level person.

BONUS #3...

The Easy Yes Offer 1-Sheet

Our system for HOT offers that sell without sales calls. This simple template walks you through uncovering the promise + marketing language of ANY new high-ticket program, product or service. (This is truly one of our “magic templates” for cutting your marketing + “busywork” time waaaay down.)

BONUS #4...

The 1-Sentence “Hand Raiser”

This 1-sentence template gets immediate hands raised for any new offer, so you can quickly make those all-important first sales. First clients == validated offer == more sales to come. Our clients use this template first to make sure their offer is working (or see if it needs to be tweaked ;) )… and cash flow immediately!

BONUS #5...

The Leadership Money Map

This plug and play template gives you the clear path of exactly what to do in a given month, to create the monthly income you Desire and require. We’ll be using this template LIVE together to map out your offers + income for the rest of 2023 and into 2024!

BONUS #6...

The 1-Page Sustainable Marketing Map

A simple 1-page monthly marketing plan for filling your offers, consistently – without webinars, launches or getting on the phone for sales calls.

BONUS #7...

The “Create Demand on Demand” Formula

How do we keep our programs filled with emails, social media posts, and short FB lives or mini-workshops? We use THIS!!

The “Create Demand On Demand” formula takes the desire your client has for the result you deliver… and turns it into full-blown demand for your programs. Ever wonder how Elizabeth can make a few posts in a Facebook group, and within days, have new people reaching out to find out more about her programs? This is IT. (You’ll also receive sample emails + posts that model the formula, so you can put it into action for yourself.)

BONUS #8...

The “Reactivate Your Sleepy Email List” Formula

Haven’t mailed your peeps in a while? No worries. Bring ‘em back online and excited to hear from you with this short email series + templates and samples to shorten your writing time. We’re including this one because we know that sooo many Leaders let their email list go dark and then wonder how to bring it back, with grace and class. No worries… you’re NOT alone… we got you!

BONUS #9...

The Inevitable Success Method

Our Highest Level Leader Clients use this simple journaling + review process to make their income goals inevitable. If you use this… and do it consistently… and stay the course… you WILL reach your monthly income goals. We want that for you, which is why we’re including the process, a quick training, and the monthly template, so you can use it yourself.

There are a zillion ways to scale, but HOW you scale 

is one of the biggest factors in how you experience LIFE.  

You don’t have to do #allthethings to fill up your signature programs with Next Level Clients and consistently bank HIGH “money months” ($50k-$100k) in advance. 

At 7-Figure Goddess® LIVE, we’ll show you how to do it… 

Without crazy long complicated funnels 

Without drama and frustration 

Without spending hours on sales calls

Without burning out your (and your team’s!) nervous system 

Without spending ALL that money and time on that “shiny new launch system” that didn’t work

In other words… YOU, leading and working your magic, for BIG fees and consistently high “money months”… with Next Level Clients who rave about you and stay for years. 

That’s how our clients do it… the 7-Figure Goddess® way. 

You IN?  

Early Pricing Ends THURSDAY Sept 7th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET

Early Bird Pricing Extended!
$997 $297


Yes, Elizabeth!! 


I’m here to LEAD from my Highest Level, fill my programs with Next Level Clients, and “collapse time” on the path to 7-figures. 


I’m ready for consistent $50k-$100k months, banked in advance… WITHOUT webinars, funnels, fiddly automation, ads, big launches… even without sales calls! 


Which Option Would You Like? 

VIP Admission

  • 3 days of deep dive mentoring and coaching, where I’ll switch on my Highest Level Frequency (my unique vibrational signature as a 7-Figure Leader), optimize my ultra-premium offerings ($5k-$50k) for Easy YESes and co-create my custom plan to consistent $50k-$100k months, banked in advance
  • Access to replays during the event, in case I miss a session or two
  • Replays of the bonus series: “High Ticket
    Goldmine: How to Call Forward ‘Hidden Leads’ in Your Email List”

JUST $997 $297

VIP + Recordings

  • 3 days of deep dive mentoring and coaching, where I’ll switch on my
    Highest Level Frequency (my unique vibrational signature as a 7-
    Figure Leader), optimize my ultra-premium offerings ($5k-$50k) for
    Easy YESes and co-create my custom plan to consistent $50k-$100k
    months, banked in advance
  • Access to replays during the event, in case I miss a session or two
  • Replays of the bonus series: “High Ticket
    Goldmine: How to Call Forward ‘Hidden Leads’ in Your Email List"
  • RECORDINGS of the Entire Event, PLUS Bonus Series!

JUST $997 $497

Register For VIP

"I was looking for a coach who could help me go to the next level, and was aligned with my values."

"When I stepped in, everything was coming to a close… the pandemic had just started, and ALL of our business came from speaking!  I love speaking, but there had to be another way.  Pandemic or no, I was ready for a change.   


We had one very successful program that helped clients get to 6 figures.  It was time to go beyond that.  My next level body of work was ready to be birthed, to our Next Level Clients. 


Elizabeth, you are so masterful at copy, you have a way of teaching that makes it really easy.    


Even more, you hold the space of possibility and belief.  You were like, ‘Of course it’s going to work, because of course.’  You are so magical at shifting the belief quickly, then holding the space for your clients to catch up. 


The program we created, the 2X Intensive, has become our signature program that fills our deep dive program, the CEO Table, which serves 30+ people at a time.   


When people hear about our programs, they feel connected, rather than “persuaded.”  It is so gratifying to reach people this way.  When they choose to continue, we have a natural next step. 


We doubled our business, while creating a brand new business from scratch.  And now we’re set to double it again."


Ursula Mentjes 

CEO, Ursula Inc 

Creator of Quantum Revenue Expansion 

"It was the start of the pandemic, and we needed some new offerings.  Normally, we do these 200, 250, even 300 person events… and all of a sudden we couldn’t do them. 

I had wanted to do a special offering, a 14-day virtual retreat where we could recreate the awakening process at home.  But I hadn’t formulated it yet… 


The very first thing we did was walk through the process of creating a truly irresistible offer.  Obviously I’ve created offers before, but Elizabeth introduced us to a completely different way of selling.  And showed me how we could do it without a live event. 


It was a $2000 offer, and I had hoped for 30.  We got 50, and rolled some of those people into working with us further.  We continued to offer the program because people love it!  Shortly after, I used Elizabeth's model again to create our next offer… 


Elizabeth gave us a model where I could offer anything, anytime, WITHOUT a big live event.  We will always do events, you know, it’s our thing… but this has been a bit of insurance, you could say! 


One of the biggest shifts is the sales letters.  Writing the invite letter helped us re-write ALL of our other invite letters.  The letter we wrote is going to serve the business for the next 10 years.  It has been invaluable."


Rachel Jayne Groover,  

Founder and CEO, The Awakened School

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Who is this for?  Who will get the best results? 


What we teach works best for established, high-performing coaches, healers, mentors and conscious experts who work directly with clients to create transformation and want to scale using a high-ticket business model – with simplified, efficient marketing that minimizes your dependence on all the “tactics (sales calls, complex funnels, automation that requires babysitting, exhausting launches, etc).  To get the most from our methods, you should have a track record of results, know the basics of high-end (you’ve offered programs at $10k+), and you have an audience of at least 2000 people between email and social.   


Q: How will this help my business?  What will I walk away with? 


This event will give you the key pieces needed to bust through your current income ceiling (usually $100k-$200k, though the exact number is of course unique to you), including a major upgrade to your Frequency (ie., “who you BE” and how you’re showing up), an upleveled, optimized $20k+ program to create recurring revenue, and your plan for $50k-$100k months. 


Q: In-person or virtual? 


All virtual!  The entire event takes place over Zoom.  Elizabeth will be calling in from her home office in beautiful Portland, Oregon… we’re going to get ‘er done! 


Q: Will there be recordings? 


We highly encourage you to attend LIVE and treat this like a retreat for your business
development. Replays will be available throughout the event (and for a short time after) in case
you need to miss a session. You can also purchase the recordings separately (recordings will be available about a week after the event).  


Q: Will I have the opportunity to continue on after the event? 


Of course!  It would be out of integrity for us to create transformation for you and NOT share how you can take the next steps with us.  We want you to succeed, so we’ll be making an invitation to continue on, keep the momentum going and get our support as you implement your plan to $50k-$100k months. 

The Time is NOW to Show Up As The 7-Figure Leader

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