7-Figure Goddess® LIVE

You’re In!

Congrats and WELCOME to 7-Figure Goddess® LIVE! 

We cannot WAIT to share space with you on April 19th – 21st

You’ve made a powerful decision by saying YES, and we can’t wait to help you craft high-ticket offers that set up recurring revenue (your Highest Level Income Model) and your simple, custom plan to $50k-$100k months. 

Along the way, you’ll fully activate the 7-Figure Leader “version of you” that already exists, to create more ease, flow and speed of results. 

Please keep this email as it contains important details. 

Also, please WHITELIST our email addresses – elizabeth@7figuregoddess.com and teamgoddess@7figuregoddess.com right now so you don’t miss anything, as we will have MORE DETAILS for you in the days to come. 


**** Dates, Times, Details **** 

The event takes place LIVE over Zoom (all virtual) on Friday thru Sunday, April 19th – 21st.   

We will start each day promptly at 9am PACIFIC time (12pm ET).  End times vary per day.  We recommend that you block off your calendar until 5pm PT each day, to give plenty of time for integration and any “reality happens” moments. 😎 

We highly encourage you to attend LIVE and treat this like a retreat for your business development. If you are fully present and “all in” during the retreat, you’ll leave with a potent energetic (“way of BE-ing”) upgrade, two optimized Easy YES high-ticket offers to fuel your business and a clear, 1-page plan to scale to $500k-$1m without webinars, launches or sales calls. 

Replays will be available throughout the event (and for a specified time after) in case you need to miss a session.  Please block off time in your calendar NOW and plan to be there for as much of the event as possible.  


**** Schedule **** 

Here’s a basic breakdown of how the event will flow.   All times are “subject to reality” – aka the energetics of the collective, our group, and what’s in the room.   

Day One: FRIDAY 

    • 9am-12pm: Deep Dive Training and Energetics  
    • 12pm-1pm: Networking Lunch  
    • 1-4pm: Deep Dive Training and Activation  
    • 4p-5pm: Q+A and Integration  


    • 9am-12pm: Deep Dive Training and Coaching  
    • 12pm-1pm: Networking Lunch  
    • 1pm-4pm: Deep Dive Training and Activation   

Day Three: SUNDAY 

    • 9am-12pm: Deep Dive Training, Activations and Coaching 
    • 12pm-1p: Leader’s Lunch  
    • 1p-2:30p: Completion 

**** Event Dashboard, Replays, and Communication from the Team **** 

We will be communicating via EMAIL throughout the event. Please watch your email inbox for important messages from us and whitelist elizabeth@7figuregoddess.com and teamgoddess@7figuregoddess.com, so you receive our communications. 

Your main hub for your event experience is your Event Dashboard.  The schedule, Zoom links, and “need to know” details will all be on the Event Dashboard. 

Here is the Event Dashboard – we recommend that you bookmark it: 

7-Figure Goddess Live Dashboard

Replays will be posted on the Event Dashboard.  Throughout the event, the team will endeavor to get the replays on the dashboard ASAP; know that this is subject to many factors and there is no guarantee that replays of the day before will be posted in time to watch before the next day.  Please plan to be at the event LIVE, as much as you can. 


*** Bonuses **** 

Your ticket includes several BONUSES, designed to make your event experience even more potent.  

Some of your bonuses are available for you to dive into NOW, on your Event Dashboard. The rest will be delivered LIVE throughout the event. 

If your ticket purchase includes additional bonuses, look for a separate email with details on how to access them. 

**** Zoom Link **** 

Here’s your ZOOM LINK for all three days of the event… 


We’ll send out more info closer to the event, along with powerful “pre-game” exercises to set you up for success. 

That’s it for now!  We are thrilled to welcome you to 7-Figure Goddess® LIVE. 

If you have any questions, please send an email to the team at teamgoddess@7figuregoddess.com and we’ll get it answered. 

Love & magic, 

Elizabeth, MaryAnn and Kailey