About Feminine Magic®



“Magic isn’t something you do.
Magic is something you are.”

-Donald Michael Kraig


Oddly, when defining magic, the first bit is getting clear on what magic is NOT.

The magic we teach here is NOT stage magic, or “Harry Potter”-style magic.  (Though we love HP, let’s be real.  😉 )

It is not “casting spells” in the Hollywood sense.

The magic we teach is that of empowering you to embody your Divine, multidimensional nature – your Highest Level – and LIVE from that place.

At the heart of Feminine Magic® are TWO powerful,
game-changing understandings.

  • One, that YOU are a powerful co-creator. That YOU create your reality here on the 3D plane, in alignment with Universal Law, and in partnership with Creative Life Force Energy.
  • Two, that you are Divine.

In Feminine Magic®, your Divine nature isn’t just a metaphor.  We see it as REAL because it is real.

Feminine Magic® is the ongoing practice of reclaiming this birthright – of developing your Divine Nature, your Highest Level – and using your creative power as a catalyst for change.

And because the Desires of your heart really do MATTER –  whether they are adding $100,000-$1m to your business, manifesting your mission, calling in your Divine Life Partner or whatever you choose…

… we use the metaphysics of magic in alignment with real-world, proven strategy, so you can create EPIC results.




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