Use Your “Get It Done” Chops to Make A Difference  


You are a confident, self-starter in the “assistant” ecosphere because you are a freakin’ MASTER at getting shizz done and done RIGHT.  You love making things happen behind the scenes – to take something off your boss or teammate’s plate and have them trust you 100% and then stay out of your way as you just DO it.   

At this stage, you’re looking for a company where you can truly SHINE in your genius of Making it So. 

Where you get to be FULL ON in your superpower of slaying your task list, then asking “what’s next??” – without your boss looming over your shoulder or checking in every 15 minutes.   

Where your habit of triple-checking your work before pulling the trigger is seen, celebrated and embraced. 

Where your ability to predict what’s needed and detect where “fiddly” details have snuck on another team member’s plate (so you can take ‘em back) goes DIRECTLY to having an impact on company goals. 

And where your natural gift of being able to do just about ANYTHING your team can throw at you – from making dang sure the emails and social posts go OUT to soothing a client and everything in between… makes a REAL, tangible difference in the lives of clients. 

Think that might be a good gig? 

We are an online coaching company that helps coaches, healers, and spiritual mentors make more income than most doctors.  (Mostly women, –  i.e. she/her – but ALL are welcome.) 

Currently, we have a goal of helping 1000 leaders of personal transformation (coaches, healers, spiritual teachers) scale their businesses to multi-six-figures in profit, by December 31, 2025.  So they can empower their clients to change, and in so doing, play their role in the massive shifts in consciousness required for our evolution. 

A mission like that REQUIRES a Master of Get-It-Done. 

Could it be YOU?

a taste of what we need to start

  • Assist in the daily operation of the team’s administrative duties following established Standard Operating Procedures and guidelines

  • Follow clear and direct instructions to implement social media accounts posts: Facebook, Instagram, WordPress blog, and soon to be LinkedIn and YouTube

  • Work with Marketing Team to schedule content in advance and real time

  • Coordinate and deploy all email campaigns from ActiveCampaign by working with the team to ensure the right message is delivered to the right audience at the right time, while maintaining brand consistency

  • Maintain email best practices including browser compatibility, appearance of subject lines, use of images, etc.

  • Monitor and minimize unsubscribe/bounce/deliverability/complaint rates and ensure spam regulation compliance

  • Document, track, and maintain records of engagements for emails, ads, and webinar performance

  • Update and maintain team’s content and video repositories across all programs

  • Excellent English communication skills and being able to edit content for CONTEXT (you know that an email posted to Facebook will need some changes)

  • Random bullet point to see if you’re paying attention: put the secret code “Superstar” in your application email subject line, ok? THX!

  • Proactively schedule and coordinate client communication deliverables (memes and discussion threads, welcome posts, call reminders, and emails) whilst anticipating changing requirements and ensuring all are up-to-date and posted correctly

  • Jumping in to assist Marketing Team with client care emails, performance tracking and posts to appropriate channels

  • Double and TRIPLE checking that all posts, emails, memes, scheduling is correct- your attention to detail is truly mind-blowing

  • Updating SOP’s to make sure the procedures stay TIGHT and accurate. You’re meticulous about keeping Teamwork up to date and keeping an eye on Slack for what’s needed next


At heart you are an “executor” who takes immense pride on doing it RIGHT and freeing up the brain space and metaphorical plates of your team members.

You know your work is more than checking shizz off a checklist. The distinction is in the DETAILS, and it’s the details that drive the vision and mission forward. You can see the big picture and ensure that the DETAILS are implemented properly that ultimately support it.

We offer competitive compensation, working virtually, paid time off, and loads of personal / professional development opportunities. PLUS: You get to bring ALL of you to work and be who you really are. Bring on the geeky, the quirky, and “woo” – we are too!

Position will start at part time, 9a-1pm PT working virtually (occasional 1-2 hours on weekends required). PACIFIC time zone only. Applicants from Portland, OR (where we’re based) strongly preferred but not required.


Interested?  Awesome.  Here’s What To Do Next… 


We usually get 100+ applications for each role we hire for, so you need to stand out if you want a view from our team (and a shot at a job that can change your life). 


  1. Send an email to with a subject line of : 
    “Application: Administrative Assistant” and the secret code word in it. Include a resume along with your LinkedIn profile AND a cover letter with 2 paragraphs that tell us EXACTLY what makes you the BEST candidate for the position. 
  2. In your cover letter, tell us your compensation requirements.  (Note: Be strategic here.  If you pick a number in our desired range and everything else looks good, we’ll interview you.  If you shoot too high and pick a number outside of our range while you would have been happier with a lower number, then we’ll miss out on the chance to talk.  We do not provide the range in advance; we want to know what is the lowest number that would make it a YES for you if all the other conditions are met.) 
  3. Tell us how you will fit in THIS role specifically.  We will NOT be calling to clarify whether or not you’re a fit.  SELL US on why we would be lucky to have you on our team. 
  4. Make sure your email subject line has the secret code in it.  If you don’t have the secret code, then don’t apply.   

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got! 

Love & magic,  

Team Feminine Magic®