“Anti-racism is not an identity or a checklist; it’s a practice.” — Andréa Ranae 

Over the past week, we’ve stepped back from marketing and messaging to let Black people lead the conversation on the systemic racism and racial violence we’re seeing in the US. 

Now, I want to be CLEAR on where we stand on racism – as a company, a team and of course my personal stand. 

We are a stand for the downfall of systemic racism.  

To the Black members of our community, we want you to know that we stand with YOU. 

We stand for dismantling racism as a society, and we as a team are committed to dismantling it within ourselves.  

This isn’t the first time I’ve openly spoke about racism and the need for transformational leaders to do the work. 

I’ve been right here as the call to dismantle racism (and our personal participation in that system) has grown louder and louder from Black leaders and people of color in industry, over the past 3 years. 

During that time, I’ve personally taken actions such as paying antiracist educators, hiring awe-mazing Black women on our team, referring business to Black women and business, donating to antiracist organizations, doing work behind the scenes to educate myself and my own internalized racism and white supremacy within myself, and speaking out against racism and hate (not the same thing). 

However, one of the many things I’ve been sitting with this week is how these actions are but a drop in the bucket of what is REQUIRED. 

Frankly, I’ve fallen far short of my vision for where we’d be with anti-racism and inclusion as a company by now, and of course for me, personally – despite what we have done. 

So we’ve recommitted ourselves to the work. 

Our immediate next steps include, but are not limited to, the following… 

  • Continuing to invest time, energy, attention and money in my personal anti-racist education and continued work of rooting out and unpacking my biases (and our team doing the same) 
  • Hiring an anti-racist educator who specializes in organizations to help me turn Feminine Magic® into a truly inclusive company and community (we’re in this process right now) 
  • Bringing in anti-racism experts to lead conversations about racism (we’re also in this process right now) 
  • Creating new policies for our community spaces to make them a lot more welcoming to Black women and people of color.  (This is one of those areas where I thought we were doing a “good job,” but I can see now that we’ve fallen waaaaay short of my vision) 

These are just a few of the immediate actions  Of course, there will be more. 

Because the bottom line is this… 

I am a commitment to practicing anti-racism as a lifestyle, and speaking openly to anti-racism, well into the future, long after this Now Moment has passed – especially as it pertains to magic and spiritual practice (as that’s our jam). 

I’m a commitment to diversifying my magical lineage – which as it stands is primarily white – by hiring and learning from Black spiritual leaders and teachers. 

(That’s a BIG one – and long overdue.) 

I also want to make clear that as anti-racists in the making, we’re NOT available for racism in our spaces.  

We don’t expect anyone to be perfect.    (Goddess knows I’m NOT perfect!) 

We don’t expect any of us to “get it right,” and you will never be shamed for using the “wrong language” or anything like that. 
What we DO lovingly encourage is for each person in our community to accept 100% personal responsibility – not only for anti-racism work, but for all actions and their impact on others. 

This is a process.  It’s big work.  It takes time. 

We’re in it ‘til the endgame of freedom and equality for ALL.   

And we hope you are, too. 

Our work in Feminine Magic® has always been about “bringing magic to the mainstream” – to be a part of a much bigger movement of people to bring transformational work to those who need it, and, ultimately, change consciousness on the planet. 

Years ago, that started with teaching manifestation and the Laws, in the context of business coaching and growing a transformational business. 

Over the past two years, we’ve shifted our focus to the deeper work of magicfull awareness of your Divine Nature, your Highest Level switched ON… and doing business – and therefore LIFE – from THAT place. 

And we’ve updated our business programs to reflect that – to mentor transformational leaders in designing their businesses to scale in such a way to leave them free to do the bigger work of transformation, for their clients and themselves. 

We talk a lot in our industry about “changing consciousness” – sometimes without really considering what that means. 

For me, it means waking up to the awareness of the Divinity in human beings. 

Starting with ourselves – or as we say, “Thou art Goddess…” 

And then seeing it in EVERYONE. 

“… and so is everybody else.” 

Thou art Goddess, and so is everybody else. 

“Everybody” means EVERYBODY.  All BE-ings, all things. 

And yet… there’s NO way we can do that with systemic racism in place. 

There is no way we can do that with our own racism in place. 

We cannot see the Divine in others when we are looking through the filters of systemic racism. 

All of this is why we hope you join us in recommitting to this work. 

While your VOICE and your power of choice – aka your ACTIONS, along the way. 

Love & magic,  

Elizabeth and the entire Feminine Magic® team 

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