The Highest Level Of Guidance Available… On Demand.

I’m SO excited that you’re called to find out more about the Akashic Records Divine Guidance Intensive (aka Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Level 1)…

Here’s the story…

I’m bringing together a group of high-achieving Transformational Leaders and showing them exactly how to download the highest level of guidance available and use it to scale their business, by accessing the Akashic Records.

Imagine being able to…


Instantly break free of ANY and ALL illusions that you might have running, at ANY time, by plugging into a clear field of Higher Consciousness…


Always know the next aligned action required to manifest your BIG goals…


Know exactly which decisions to make to fill your programs, call in your Next Level Clients and make your next income leap


Quantum leap over years of inner work or working on your mindset by quickly clearing old outdated patterns and illusions in a space of Higher Truth…


Quickly stop any spinning out triggered by fear, doubt, illusion, old programming or present circumstance…

…regardless of what’s going on in your business, your life, or the world.

If you’re wanting to SCALE your business, but you’re finding it harder to cut through the noise and make the next right moves… I’m going to teach you how to access the SOUL-LED, unique-to-you guidance that is ALWAYS available – WITHOUT resistance or interference.

The result?

Unshakable certainty. A CLEAR path to success. On demand.

The Akashic Records are a direct line to TWO of the most potent energies that empower Leaders to scale with ease: the energies of Truth, and of pure Divine Love.

You can use the Records to get to the Truth of any situation, including the “stuff” that comesup in your biz (client drama, team drama, up-and-down income, etc) and circumstances in the collective that seem outside of your control.

You can also use them to quickly clear away patterns and illusions, so you can make rock-solid decisions in a heartbeat.

Most of all, the energy of the Records serves as a powerful ANCHOR for your Highest Level Frequency.

With the Records, you’ll have a direct line to YOUR soul’s blueprint, YOUR unique codes… and the Record Keepers, a collective of Beings of the Highest Truth and Light, who have been with you since the beginning and ONLY want the highest and most aligned path for you. Imagine the clarity, power and rock-solid knowing that comes from having THAT!

In this powerful program (you’ll get it both as a LIVE 2-day training plus on-demand homestudy access), you’ll… 


Gain the ability to access your own Akashic Record, the unique blueprint of your Soul across all dimensions, planes, spaces, times, levels of consciousness and beyond.


Use the Records to anchor in your own Highest Level Frequency, so you show up confident… powerful… and therefore a MAGNET for all outcomes you want to create


Receive and interpret guidance and healing around topics such as soul purpose and accelerating your soul’s journey; PLUS release any “leftover” unconscious patterns of scarcity and finally EMBODY the Truth that abundance is unlimited


Transform limiting patterns and blockages very quickly, instead of spending any more time doing “inner work” or “working on your mindset”


Access your Highest truth and wisdom at any time, on demand, so you can make the most aligned decisions for YOU– without any “wobble” or second-guessing


Dramatically cut down on content or program creation time by using information received in the Records…


And so much MORE! (BONUS: You’ll get 11+ ways to use the Akashic Records in your business, to exponentially grow your income with ease, with the assistance of your Record Keepers.)

The possibilities for using the Akashic Records to exponentially grow your business are truly limitless.

But what I’m MOST excited about is the part of our training where I lay out EXACTLY how to use the Records to always know what’s True for YOU, and what YOUR next best move is.

It’s no secret that we’re ushering in the next level of consciousness – 5D.

And… even though we’ve been on the road for a while now… we’re just getting started on all the consciousness shifts that are being ASKED of us.

I am especially called to offer this Divine Guidance Intensive at THIS Now Moment. Because when you are able to read the Akashic Records for yourself, you’re able to cut through the crap and figure out what’s REALLY going on in your field… what’s being asked of you…

And the ENERGY to embody, to stay true to YOU, and make the moves that grow your biz.

I myself was drawn to learn the Records nearly 10 years ago, at a pivotal time. I was working through some heavy stuff within my marriage to my husband Leland … and upleveling my business — leaping from multi-6 figures to 7.

It felt like a LOT, and it was. And the tools I usually relied on for guidance were not working.

Well, it’s not that they weren’t “working,” per se… it’s that I was too far up in my ego mind to feel confident in the answers I was getting.

I was still in my head. Overthinking, second-guessing instead of taking aligned action.

I wanted a tool that was easier to interpret and more reliable than the other intuitive modalities in my toolkit. One that made navigating resistance easier.

I also wanted to be able to quickly understand and see the karmic repercussions and patterns that were driving the drama I was living out here and now. Something that could show me how past-life actions were affecting me in this life so I could heal them permanently and move on.

And that’s the cool thing about the Records…

When you access your Akashic Records and work with your Record Keepers, that’s EXACTLY what happens.

You get to skip the churning.

Instead, you’ll access and interpret a whole other field of consciousness outside of you. You channel information well beyond your own intuitive abilities… and there’s zero room for ego.

When you create and manifest with the Records… things get simple.

Imagine knowing how to instantly shift out of metal drama (fear, doubt, etc) … and instead KNOW your next right move, and how to manifest your biggest goals NOW.

This is what we’re up to. And I’d love to have you join us.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers…

I’ve heard of the Akashic Records before, but not in detail. What are they?

The Akashic Records, also known as the “Book of Life,” hold the energetic imprint of everything in the Universe, based in Source Consciousness and unconditional love. They contain the record of your soul’s journey from the moment your soul chose to extend from Source, including ALL of your past incarnations and karmic contracts.

Every thought, word and deed you’ve taken, across ALL lifetimes, are there in your Record.

In Level 1, you’ll access the Records for yourself. You’ll access this Source of Love and Truth on demand so you can navigate ANY circumstance with the highest frequency and insight available. You’ll also get loads of best practices for clearing past patterns in the Records, healing in the Records, and using the Records to supercharge your manifesting. And we’ll apply all this to your business, so you know how to use it to create practical results.

I already do a lot of intuitive work. How are the Records different?

Reading the Records gives you access to Source Consciousness, unfiltered.

The truth is most other intuitive modalities still have to filter through your own beliefs, worldview, and level of consciousness. Accessing the Records allows you to receive downloads and guidance WITHOUT that filter.

(It’s not that the resistance never shows up; indeed, I’ll show you how to release it, and how to quickly spot the difference between Truth and Illusion, so you can be 1000% confident in the information you receive.)

Home study only, or do I get LIVE training, too?

We are sooo excited to include not one, but TWO ways to learn in this program.

When you register now, you’ll get immediate access to a home study version. You can dive in and start working with the Records right away.

You’ll also have a seat reserved if join me LIVE for a two-day virtual learning experience of the same content, with plenty of practice time and Q+A!

You get both versions of the training when you register now – keep reading for all the details.

Will I get certified?

Completing the Divine Guidance Intensive means you have completed Level One of the Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification, putting you on the path of full certification..

By completing Level One, you’ll join a global family of Akashic Records Consultants and are positioned to go as far as you wish. I’ll be sharing what I feel is the BEST opportunity for Leaders to become master-level certified in the Records, and to use it extensively with your clients.

Can I use this method in my business?

You can absolutely use this method to guide yourself in your business – that’s how I myself use it.

In order to add this modality to your business as a separate and unique offering (I.e. read for others), you must complete Level Two and Level Three of the Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification.

You will be prepared to do this after completing the Divine Guidance Intensive, which counts as Level One. And I’ll share the path ahead, if you wish to continue on.

Who’s a good fit for reading the Records, and for learning from Elizabeth?

The Records are available to anyone at any time! That said, accessing them requires an open field, and a willingness to release resistance in order to receive the downloads.

If you’re new to energetic or intuitive work, sometimes it can take a while to get past the natural resistance that can block your ability to receive information. This training will be most effective if you already have coaching or intuitive work under your belt.

Why Soul Journeys®?

The choice of who I learn from – and share with you – matters.

I ONLY choose programs that have a proven track record of results and have been sourced from individuals who have been walking their path for 10 years or more, have a high level of training and experience, are living their purpose and have a rock solid financial foundation.

Jennifer Longmore is a dear friend. She downloaded the Soul Journeys® method in the 1990’s and has taught it to thousands worldwide. A serial entrepreneur, Jennifer has also created multiple (as in more-than-one) 7-figure businesses, including a $20m++ real estate empire. Her main tool for co-creating is the Akashic Records, using the same skills you’ll get in this intensive.

Where and When?

You’ll get immediate access to the full home study version of Akashic Records Level One, Soul Journeys® Method.

You can dive in and experience the ENTIRE training, right away!

Then, if you choose, you’ll join us for the LIVE version of the training.

The Intensive comprises two full-day training workshops taking place on…

Friday and Saturday,

July 21st and 22nd, 2023

9am to 5pm PT

If you can’t be there live, the training WILL be recorded; plus, it’s also all in the homestudy (it’s the same content).

You get the best of both worlds!

Here’s just some of what we’ll cover…


Accessing and Reading the Record of your Soul


The “Why” Behind Accessing your Records


Essential Processes And Guidelines To Access Your Akashic Records


Awakening Powerful Co-Creation To Manifest All That You Desire Through Your Akashic Records


Powerful Processes for Transformation in the Records

You’ll receive the tools to start to practice what you have learned on your own between the workshops. We want you to build your confidence as quickly as possible.

You’ll get a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, receive guidance, and collaborate with your colleagues in the group.

And it’ll ALL be made applicable to how to USE these skills to scale your business – to the level YOU choose.

You’ll also gain entrance into the Soul Journeys ® family and have the option to continue on to become mastery-level certified in the Soul Journeys® Method.

As a special BONUS, you’ll also receive:

BONUS: 11 Ways to Use the Records in Your Business, a training that that is only available to my Akashic Records students. You’ll learn how to jump-start your ability to use the Records to powerfully show up during this 5D Awakening on the planet,“do business” in alignment with your Soul, and accelerate your business growth.

Choose to pay in full and you’ll also receive these bonuses:

PAY IN FULL BONUS #1: Spiritual Millionaire Money Codes: 100+ Money Beliefs for Money, Abundance, and Alignment

These are highly personal money affirmations, mindfully crafted by me, and I use them every day to continuously increase my income.

They go well beyond “the usual” money affirmations to include topics like leverage, investing, creating assets, and being in ultimate command of money.

They POWERFUL tools for shifting your unconscious money story from one of scarcity and lack to optimism and abundance, and I’m excited to be offering them as a bonus for this Intensive.

PAY IN FULL BONUS #2: How to Take Action and EXPAND in the Face of Fear

How do you take bold, confident action when you want to STOP?

This is the practical challenge that fear presents. You don’t have to let fear ROB you of the prize, when you’re feeling wobbly.

In this bonus, you’ll discover the 4 types of fear and strategies for quickly moving through each, plus my favorite exercise for melting resistance on the spot – so you can relax, allow and EXPAND… even when you feel the most contracted.

And finally, when you sign up before the countdown completes, you’ll receive this Fast Mover Bonus…

Fast Mover BONUS: Immediate Practical Magic

How do use your FOUR “magical tools” – perception, energy, faith and choice – to create immediate results, ANYTIME? Most people think that magic requires things like crystals, candles, incense, etc. While these things are very useful (and FUN, don’t get me wrong)… NONE of them “make the magic.” YOU make the magic, and you can do it at will. Immediate Practical Magic uses the tools you already have at your disposal, ANY minute of the day, to create powerful results – ANY minute of the day.

This is the kind of magic I use, day in and day out. I’ve taught it just once, to a group of our manifesting students. We’ve never shared it publicly before, but it’s yours when you sign up for the Divine Guidance Intensive during the early enrollment period.

What is the investment?

I’ve been guided to offer this Intensive right now is to empower you with a direct line to Truth – arguably THE most important thing you need to make decisions with confidence and SCALE your biz, regardless of circumstances.

Your ability to read the Records gives you access to Source Consciousness and a field of unconditional Love and Truth that will be a resource for the rest of your life.

These wildAF times for everyone. The ability to tap into higher consciousness without doubt and stay anchored in your Highest Level Frequency is crucial.

Which is why I’ve made this very easy to say YES to.

You can get started with the Divine Guidance Intensive (Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification Level 1) with just a single payment of $97 now. (This will be followed by 11 more payments of $97, spaced 30 days apart.)

Or if you prefer, you can do the whole thing upfront for just one payment of $997.

You’ll get immediate access to the home study course, where I’ll teach you how to access a clear field of Love, Truth and Higher Conscious, that you can tap into at ANY time, to make decisions that are 1000% aligned with your soul’s purpose.. for the rest of your life. AND you can have me teach you LIVE, in the 2-day intensive, if you prefer LIVE learning!

You’ll always know the next right move, both in and out of business, WITHOUT second- guessing…

And be empowered to have rock solid clarity and high frequency, no matter what is happening in the world around us.

Ready To Join Us For the MOST Useful Decision-Making Tool I’ve EVER Encountered?

Here’s a quick recap of everything you get…


Immediate Access to the FULL Divine Guidance in the Akashic Records Training, where you’ll learn how to connect with your Record Keepers, access your Record, and get in-depth answers to ANY question, in alignment with your soul’s highest path (VALUE: $2000; real value is priceless)


The same training, LIVE with Elizabeth, over two days, where she’ll train you on all of the above, LIVE. Includes plenty of practice time and Q+A. (VALUE: $2000)


Recordings of the LIVE sessions (VALUE: $500)


Private Facebook group to connect with practice partners, get feedback and celebrate wins (VALUE: $500)


BONUS training, 11 Ways to Use the Records in Your Business – specific applications for the Akashic Records in your business, including the exact questions to ask (or you can modify them to your own needs. (VALUE: $2000; having these notes for using the Records in your biz is really priceless)


PAY IN FULL BONUS #1: Spiritual Millionaire Money Codes: 100+ Money Beliefs for Money, Abundance, and Alignment – Elizabeth’s personal money affirmations (VALUE: $1000)


PAY IN FULL BONUS #2: How to Take Action and EXPAND in the Face of Fear, to support you in kicking resistance to the curb and taking bold, confident action when you want to stop (VALUE: $1000)


SPECIAL “RIGHT NOW” BONUS (good for while the timer is on) – Immediate Practical Magic. YOU make the magic, and you can do it at will. Immediate Practical Magic uses the tools you already have at your disposal, ANY minute of the day, to create powerful results – ANY minute of the day (VALUE: $1000)

Program Value: $10,000+ 

Regular Investment: $2000 

 Get Started TODAY for ONE Payment of $97 

Or one SINGLE payment of $997 

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