I’ve long said that entrepreneurship is one of the best magical tools there is, and the reason why is simple:  

You get to create your business and your life exactly the way you want it.

The problem is, starting a business for yourself will ALSO bring up all of your old stories as to why you can’t have it 

One of the biggest challenges you’ll ever face as an entrepreneur is undoing years of conditioning that’s designed to keep you in a JOB, playing small and staying safe.  

For most women, the old patterns lead to some very unpleasant situations: wild swings in their income, clients who push their boundaries, overwhelm, and money drama. 

I’m here to tell you: everything you desire is possible. 

But until you switch from creating by accident to creating with deliberation, you’ll continue to create situations you don’t want and wonder how you got there. 

How do you get out of “accidental creator” mode? Start withthese 3 steps… 

  1. Get clear – and get real – on your true desires.

For years I denied my desire to write and told myself that I wanted to be a scientist, like my dad.  

Then when I started my own business, I told myself that I would “do the copywriting thing” to make some money while I pursued fiction writing, which I had convinced myself was the only way to honor my creativity. 

Truth was, I woke up every day with a deep desire to create an information marketing empire. I was fascinated and excited by the idea that I could make and sell my own life-changing programs.  

But I was scared to say yes to myself. I thought, who was I to do something like that? 

When I finally got real about my desires and decided to go for them, my business took off. Everything got easier.  

And I’ve experienced immense joy that none of my other jobs or creative hobbies ever came close to matching. 

While your business isn’t always going to feel easy, it should ALWAYS be a source of good – as in, “it’s all good.” In my business, even the challenges are great problems to have. 

When you feel like all the joy and passion has been sucked out of your business, the first step is to check and see if what you’re doing is actually in alignment with YOUR deep desires.  

Are you living your dream or someone else’s dream? What deep desire do YOU need to say yes to? 

  1. Understand that your thoughts alone are not enough.

Open any book on manifestation written in the past 150 years and you’ll see the same core idea: “your thoughts create your reality.” 

And it’s true, they do.  

The problem is, trying to control your thoughts is close to impossible. Thanks to biology and conditioning, your mind wants to take you to negative places.

Many women misunderstand this and spend exhausting amounts of energy trying to avoid negative thoughts and feelings. This only gives those thoughts more power. 

That’s why when it comes to creating your reality, trying to control your thoughts alone is a recipe for frustration.  

The great news is, as human beings we’re wired to model whatever’s in our environment.  

The solution? Set up systems, including systems of thought, that make your success simple, ease-ful and inevitable. 

  1. Make decisions instead of setting intentions.

What I’m about to say will undoubtedly piss some people off.  

But I wouldn’t be the mentor you expect me to be if I didn’t call it like I see it.  

So here it is: 99.9% of intentions are useless. 

The intention behind setting intentions is a positive one, of course. You’re saying, “Hey, I want this.”  

Thing is, most people make what I call empty intentions.  

They set the intention, turn it over to Spirit and take a wait-and-see attitude… which of course gives them a built-in excuse if it doesn’t happen. (“Oh, well, it wasn’t meant to be.”) 

Decisions, on the other hand, are all-or-nothing.  

When you make a decision and show up with true conviction, Spirit presents you with opportunities to take aligned action and bring what you want into being. 

These opportunities may be scary. But they’re your chance to choose something new and show up as the divine, on-purpose creator that you are. 

Your ability to decide is one of your many creative superpowers – possibly the most important of all.  

As our pal Yoda says, “Do, or do not. There is no try.”  

The next time you want to set an intention, ask yourself, “Am I setting an intention when I really need to make a decision?” 

Your Business Will Thrive When You Take Back Your Power ToCreate… 

You were born with the ability to create your life exactly as you want.  

That includes a business that truly supports you, your life and your dreams.  

It starts with a decision to shift out of “accidental creator” mode and reclaim this ability within you.  

Are you ready to make that decision, or re-commit to it if you’ve made it already? 

Let me know in the comments – what are you choosing to create? 



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