So there’s another BIG mistake that will derail your manifesting, every time…

And if you’re as driven by success on YOUR terms as I am… I know you’ve done it.

Instead of going for what you really want, you go for what you think you can have.

And then you don’t get either.

And you feel like crap.

It’s counter-intuitive I know, but the thing is… if you’re not calling in all the things you truly Desire… chances are, you need to go BIGGER, not smaller.

Recent case in point: when I would go for losing 20 or 30 pounds, the weight always came back.

When I got real that what I REALLY wanted was to lose 100 pounds – I easily manifested the support required and the weight began to fall off.

Same deal with money. Our clients are often shocked to discover that it’s just as easy, if not way easier, to sign up a $10k client as it is to sign up a $2k client.

This one trips up a LOT of creative, expansive women – probably because we’re SO conditioned to “shrink to fit” others’ desires and expectations.

No way, Goddess – you gotta “biggie size” that shizzle! (Even if you’re dropping fat. 😉 )

And TODAY, I’m going to share how you can get started doing just that.

This is going to give you FULL PERMISSION to go for what you really want – whatever that looks like.

Click here or find the replay below if you missed it live.

Love & magic,

PS: I’m going to share the #1 key that makes it comfortable – even easy – to “biggie size” your goals, and get them. Without all the striving, hustle, and do-do-do that you’re probably “doing” right now.

Catch the replay here.

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