What does “business as usual” need to look like… for YOU? 

What do you REQUIRE? 

It’s a question I’ve been asking our Highest Level Leaders lately. 

One of them, Julie, recently made a declaration to her community.  (By way of a Facebook post.) 

She recently moved to her dream home with her hubby and adorable young daughter. 

The Dream Home is in central Oregon, overflowing with nature and tons of space to play… and a new hot tub on the way.  😉 

It didn’t just fall into her lap, though. 

We all held space (in the Collective) as she kissed a few “house frogs”… and some princes slipped through her family’s fingers… until the RIGHT place showed up, and they moved in. 

Julie DIDN’T have a lot of time for “marketing hoo-ha” this year. 

Instead, she applied herself to dialing in her offers and Sustainable Scaling (what we do in the Highest Level Leader Collective) with SUCH dedication. 

She had a clear vision of what she wants her business to look like… 

She’s clear on her Highest Level Transformation – the work she’s meant to do… 

She knew she had to just go for it, and do it… 

… so she just rolled up her sleeves, and put together a new enrollment system that would attract and enroll the Highest Level Clients she can go deep with, long-term. 

This enrollment system WASN’T the latest funnel or webinar strategy.   It’s what we call a “Front Door.” 

A “Front Door” is program where you can dive in with your people, create an epic result in a few weeks… and then invite them to go the distance in a deeper offer with you.  (For most of our Leaders, this is a longer-term offer that they charge $15k-$50k.) 

Julie invested a LOT of time in listening to her people and figuring out how to map her magic to what they REALLY want. 

When all was said and done, she FILLED her Front Door… delivered an amazing experience… 

… and – best of all – almost ALL of them want to keep rolling with her in her next offer.  

Not bad while you’re working with the contractors to get the hot tub installed! 

And that declaration she recently made – i.e., that post she just wrote? 

She’s being witnessed in her commitment to run a high profit, high multi six-figure business in just 22 hours a week. 

“A month or so ago I made a decision.  That I would spend as much time as humanly possible with my girl when she’s not at school.  The time is NOW.” 

Her girl is little.  The moments are PRECIOUS.   

She’s just not willing to miss that time.  

And I know how she feels! 

Having had my daughter just a few days before turning 41… being PRESENT for every moment has pretty much been my #1 Life Priority. 

What’s YOUR #1 Life Priority? 

Maybe you’re like Julie and I… having kiddos a little later in life, unwilling to miss a minute. 

Or maybe you had your kids early, and you’re sooooo grateful to be in that new chapter of your life NOW… and the minutes you refuse to miss are the minutes of deep connection with your family and going for BIG new dreams. 

No matter what it is for you…. it’s absolutely possible. 

I am dead serious when I tell our clients… there’s ALWAYS a way.   

AND…. 🙂 

You DO need a couple of things in place, if you want to scale sustainably, with plenty of time for your #1 Life Priority. 

One, you get to be VERY clear about what your vision really is for you. 

Two, you need a strategy and a PLAN to bring that vision in. 

Three – and most importantly, in my experience… 

… You need a way to set your business up so that it’s really, truly sustainable and gives you time freedom. 

In the Highest Level Leader Collective, we do that by being HYPERfocused on your offers and messaging… first. 

Because without those truly dialed in, 1000%… i.e., you’re at a place where you can write a message and new clients predictably come in…  

…all the funnels, webinars, launches and sales calls in the world will be INEFFICIENT, and leaking TIME by the bucketful. 

Julie’s income went UP this year… in spite of all the things she has going on. 

More importantly, though… the FOUNDATION is finally in place.  One that she can easily multiply by 2x, 3x, 4x or more… without running herself ragged. 

She took the time to set her programs up right. 

If she’d wanted to, she could have “hustled.” 

She could’ve gotten “more people” into her Front Door Offer. 

But home, family, and hot tub are all priorities.  😀 

I call ALL of that an epic win. 

Julie is such a fantastic model for having it how you want it.   

We did a short interview back in September.  You can watch it here.

If this email resonates with you, I recommend that you watch it. 

And if you’re a commitment to SCALING your biz, in a way that’s truly SUSTAINABLE… 

… I recommend you take a little bit of time to answer these questions… 

How do you REALLY want things to go down in your business? 

What’s REQUIRED, for your #1 Lifestyle Priority? 

You get to have it how you want it. 


Love & magic, 


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