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November 11-13th, 2022


The Standards: the 10 Energetic “Switches to Flip” to Collapse Time, Embody the Energy of a 7-Figure LEADER and Leap from 6 to 7 In 2 Years or LESS 

 This short recording lays out a POTENT formula that will empower you to quickly SHIFT into the “BEING” of the version of you who already has a 7-figure transformational leadership business. 

SEPTEMBER 12th-14th, 2022

Monday: Frequency

Elizabeth Purvis

The Energetic Move to Shift Into Your 7-Figure Frequency…And Stay There 


Jennifer Longmore

How to Make Consistent Income Leaps (And Go Up, and Up and UP!) 


Chris Richards

Identity Upgrades of a 7-Figure Leader 


Stephania Sciamano

The 7 Figure Body: Recalibrating Your Heart & Nervous System to Receive 7-Figures 


TUESDAY: Strategy 

Elizabeth Purvis

Secrets to Upleveling Your Client Base (And Calling Them in with Ease)


Tamika Auwai

Nurture Marketing Magic: Sell Out Your Programs Months In Advance Without A Big Team or Retainer


Receive Ultrapremium ($50k-$100k) Fees with Ease and Integrity


Creating The Epic Client Results That Grow Your Business FOR You

Madeleine Wyke Silva

7 Figure Operations: The Hidden Secret To True Freedom In Your Business 


Shasta Townsend

Turn Your Cash Profits Into Cash-Flowing Assets (And Create True Wealth In Your Business) 

Autumn Witt Boyd

An IP Lawyer’s “Power Moves” To Make And KEEP More Money 


Keila Hill-Trawick

Planning For the Cash: Scaling to 7-Figures Without Dips or Financial Drama  

Scott Oldford

The Legacy Blueprint: Discover the Top 3 Activators to Create Wealth That Leaves an Impact

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