Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Standard

Elizabeth Purvis and 7-Figure Goddess, LLC


We stand for dismantling racism as a society, and we as a team are committed to dismantling it within ourselves.

As the founder of 7- Figure Goddess, LLC, I believe that those of us who are white, transformational leaders are required to take steps to be a part of the solution; to dismantle racism within ourselves and the companies we run.

To that end, here are our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Standards:


  • We do not tolerate hate, weapons of whiteness and white supremacy in our community spaces
  • We strive to create spaces that are welcoming of Black women and men and all people of color.  We pay attention to BIPOC experiences and figure out what welcomes them; we address and correct racism when it appears in our communities
  • We invest time, energy, attention and money in our antiracist education and continued work of uncovering and unpacking our biases – both as a team and individually
  • We educate ourselves on Black leaders, leaders of color, and Diversity specialists and what they are teaching, so we can make referrals and invite them to speak with and for our community. We pay for that education just like we pay for anything else
  • We choose to NOT use “I don’t know” as an excuse.  Instead, we choose to use “I don’t know” as a way to take responsibility.  We choose to let people of color lead the conversation
  • We provide and share resources of Black leaders, leaders of color, and DEI specialists so we can help our transformational leaders dismantle racism in their own organizations
  • We hire and pay equally awe-mazing Black women, refer business to Black-owned businesses, donate to antiracist organizations, and do work behind the scenes to educate ourselves
  • We review our policies, marketing and messaging to keep it free as possible of unconscious bias and discrimination
  • We hire antiracist educators who specialize in organizations to help turn 7-Figure Goddess, LLC into a truly inclusive company and community
  • We insist on diversity being a part of our team selection criteria, and commit to having people of color on our team and in positions of influence
  • We speak on panels and at summits that are in alignment with our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Standard

Our Team strives to incorporate every bullet point of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion STANDARD and models it daily.

… We know we are not 100% there yet and those are the steps we take daily to dismantle racism personally, in our business, and in our ever-expanding community.

As a transformational leader in our community, we lovingly encourage each person in our community to accept 100% personal responsibility – not only for anti-racism work but for all actions and their impact on others. I invite you to commit to developing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Standard of your own.

To our community filled with beauty-filled leaders of every ethnicity, color, race, ability… and especially our Black community:

We are a commitment to serving you.  

We are a commitment to loving you.  

We are a commitment to being a part of the solution. 

We are a commitment to diversifying our magical lineage – which as it stands is primarily white – by hiring and learning from Black spiritual leaders and teachers.

We are committed to practicing anti-racism as a lifestyle and speaking openly to anti-racism… well into the future… long after this, Now Moment has passed – especially as it pertains to magic and spiritual practice (as that’s our jam).

Love and Magic,

Elizabeth and the entire 7-Figure Goddess® team

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