So you’ve made the decision to start a transformational business – woohoo!

Now what?

If you look to the online marketing world, you’ll find people telling you all kinds of things you need to do: set up a website, build your list, build a Facebook funnel, etc. etc. etc.

All of these things can work well for you.  However, if you’re not careful they can end creating a ton of confusion and putting time and distance between you and what you really want and need first…  income.

I know because I’ve been there.

When I quit my job cold turkey (which by the way I do not recommend before doing what I’m about to share with you), I spent 2 years swirling in unclarity and chasing all the “shiny marketing objects”, all the while slipping further and further into debt without clients or income.

Finally I hit a wall and realized that if I truly wanted to HAVE a business, I needed to figure out the most important thing and that was how to get clients.

And the answer was really simple:

1. Create something for them
2. Get it in front of them
3. Ask them for the money!

Nothing happens until a sale is made.  So when you’re new, making those sales truly is the first and ONLY thing you need to focus on.  Everything else comes later.

So let’s break this down, step-by-step:

1. Make yourself attractive to clients

This is about what you do and who you do it for. Your first step is to choose a “who” and a “what”.   In other words, choose a specific problem to solve (your “what), and a specific type of person you can solve it for.

A lot of new entrepreneurs resist doing this because they’re trying to be everything to everyone.  But the fact is, clients are attracted to clarity.

Clients ALWAYS hire you to help them solve a specific problem or create a specific outcome.  Know who those clients are, and what you will do for them.

2. Create a simple package or program

Many newbies make the mistake of offering single sessions, under the false belief that they’ll be easier to “sell”.

However, what clients are really investing in are solutions… they want a solution to their problem.  A program takes people down a path toward an outcome.

Your first program doesn’t have to be perfect, but you do need to give people a path. You can start by sketching out a path that will lead your client to the outcome they want, then come up with one or two bits of content for each step along the way.  I recommend you keep it short and simple – a 90-day program is a great place to start.

3. Get in front of people

When they’re just starting out, everyone thinks they don’t have a list. But you actually DO have a list – it’s people you know!

In Goddess Business School® we teach our clients that when you solve a specific problem, everyone you know could either BE a client, or knows someone who could be a client.

All you need to do is share about the problem you solve and ask if there’s anyone they know who would benefit from that.

4. Have a conversation

Another common newbie mistake is giving away “sample sessions”, in other words giving someone a free taste of your services in hopes that they’ll want more.  If you’ve ever tried this you’ve probably realized it doesn’t work, and the reason why is it doesn’t lead people to a decision point.

Instead you want to have a very specific kind of conversation, one in which you listen deeply for what the person is struggling with, what they want, and how you can help them.

In Goddess Business School® we call these “transformational selling conversations” and there’s a whole art to them that goes beyond the scope of this article.

But you can actually get started with just 3 simple questions:

1. “When it comes to [the problem you solve], what are your biggest challenges?”
2. “So what do you want instead?”
3. “If I could show you how to get [what they want], would you like to hear more about it?”

In fact, many of our clients enrolled their first clients by using just these 3 questions.


So What’s KEY To Making This 3-Step System Work For You?

Don’t overthink!

The number one thing that bogs people down is getting caught up in perfection.  The most successful people take action, even imperfect action.

Imperfect action beats perfect in-action, every time.  You can tweak later, once you’ve got it going.

And once you have a steady flow clients and income, that’s a whole lot easier to do!

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