One of the questions I get all the time is, “Elizabeth, how do you keep your shizz together in the midst of the chaos?”

Which is another way of asking how I “get it all done.”

I don’t get it all done. I have a ton of help, and truly… any “crisis” in my biz really isn’t that much of a crisis. #firstworldproblems

As my good friend Jennifer likes to say, “There’s nothing 911 about what we’re doing here.”

That said, we do have our fair share of what I like to call… happy chaos. 🙂

Our biggest launch of the year (200+ new clients) while traveling, coinciding with visiting relatives (happy news, but hello – launching, yo), a sick kiddo and the first day of preschool, ever (ditto) are all recent examples.

So how do I “do it all” without losing my shizz?

It’s a many-faceted answer, but a big part is…. gratitude. The very intentional use of gratitude.

You may have heard the phrase that fear and gratitude cannot coexist. It’s almost impossible to feel stressed or fearful when you focus on something you’re grateful for.

So that alone can help you shift your energy in any stressful situation. But the power of gratitude to manifest what you desire goes well beyond that.

Gratitude instantly shifts your state. When you are in an energetic-ly positive state (or vibration)… your perception shifts and you can actually SEE the opportunities that already exist to claim what you want.

When you live in the state of having your Desires already, you’re able to perceive exactly how to create them in your life.

So here are the 3 practices that have been most impactful for me, that have enabled me to create a 7-figure business and a life I love.

These are incredibly simple, but don’t underestimate the effect you can have on your life.   More gratitude equals more miracles. Done and done.

  1. Morning Gratitude

Years ago, after I quit my job and before my business took off… I spent about 2 years in what I call my dark-night-of-the-soul period.

I won’t belabor the details now, but suffice to say – it was gloriously, wildly painful. The equivalent of someone shooting poison daggers at me all day, every day. Except the person doing the shooting was me, in my own head.

Then there came a point where I’d had enough of the self-torture and decided to make a change. The way out?


Back then I started a practice that I continue to this day. (If you’ve listened to our radio show episodes, or hung out in the Facebook group, or read our emails, you’ve likely heard me talk about it.)

The practice was to condition myself to “go into gratitude” from the moment I open my eyes. It goes something like this:

•  Gain consciousness
•  Cue the gratitude 🙂

Within 30 days of starting that simple practice, my world began to change. Somewhere along the lines of day 16 or 17… I had a download that would bring in $20k (starting from zero) and become the basis of all of my coaching and teaching ever since.

If gratitude on awakening doesn’t resonate with you, that’s OK. The idea here is to practice some kind of gratitude in the morning. Because what we do in the morning sets the stage for the entire day.

Over time, gratitude in the morning can literally re-wire your brain to be in a happy place nearly all of the time.

These days, in addition to gratitude at first consciousness, I take a tip from Tony Robbins. During my morning ritual, I feel gratitude for 3 specific things in my life. One of those things has to be something really simple.

Why? Because it’s in the simple things, the day-to-day moments, that our lives are made. When we can love the simple things, the little things – that’s when we are really living. And we have to train ourselves to do it.

(Tony talks about this in recent video on morning rituals filmed at what looks like a meeting of Joe Polish’s Genius Network. The video is well worth watching.)

  1. Gratitude Statements

This is one of my favorite manifesting tools of all time. Why? Because it works.

No, really – it’s freaky how well they work. Like, write-the-statement-and-the-thing-will-appear kind of freaky.

A gratitude statement is a statement of your goal, already manifested, in the form of giving thanks. You can start them off in any number of ways; however, my favorite is this old school opener from Bob Proctor:

“I am so happy and grateful now that…”

Why do gratitude statements work so well?

When you take the practice to the end of the line and actually read your statement regularly, while taking on the feeling of it being 1000% true… you embody what it’s like to have it now.

A gratitude statement is a shortcut to embodying having it now. Which – you guessed it – shifts your perception and allows you to magnetize the opportunities that already exist in your world to create it now.

I’m so happy and grateful now that we have welcomed 200 awesome new clients!

I’m so happy and grateful now that my team has worked beautifully together to execute a successful launch!

I’m so happy and grateful now that my daughter and parents are enjoying quality time together!

Got a Desire to call in or a challenge to resolve, with lightning speed? Simply write a gratitude statement for the outcome you Desire, then read it aloud every day.

Of course you have to take action on the opportunities that come your way. You do have to follow through on the rest of the manifestation.

Do that, and… this is one of the fastest ways I know to manifest anything. (Seriously.)

  1. Giving Appreciation

This 3rd practice is an advanced strategy, and it’s based on the Truth that what you appreciate appreciates.   It’s simple:

Express thanks and appreciation to the people around you – your partner, your team, your friends, your colleagues, your clients, the checker at the grocery store, even the people you perceive as competitors.

In other words… appreciate everyone.

The reason this is so powerful is because it puts the energy of giving into circulation.

True giving comes from a place of abundance, and therefore it attracts more abundance. To receive, first you must give – from a truly empowered place.

One of our Desire Mastermind clients is masterful at this. She’s continually expressing appreciation for the other members of the group, for me, for her clients, her team, her partner, even her biggest challenges. As a result she’s continually in a state of flow… good things come to her seemingly without effort.

If you see someone else with something that you want, bless them and appreciate them for what they’ve created.

Somebody who challenges you? Bless them as well!

The key to this strategy is to give your appreciation with sincerity, and to give freely.   You must be giving from a place of surplus – not giving-to-GET. (Get love, get approval, get money, get clients… you get the idea.)


With the intentional and consistent use of gratitude in this way, you’ll be amazed at how rapidly your experience will begin to shift.

I invite you to try these practices starting today, or take inspiration from them to create your own. Then let me know what you notice – come join us in the 7-Figure Goddess Facebook community.

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