“”We’ve been getting a lot of questions on this… 

HOW, precisely, do we help transformational leaders – coaches, energy workers, lightworkers, alternative healers, spiritual teachers and so on – create low-overhead businesses, that generate $500k-$1m, with most of that in PROFIT… 

… WITHOUT launching, WITHOUT complicated funnels, WITHOUT live events, webinars, tripwires, a huge team, Facebook ads… and even WITHOUT sales calls? 

Bold claim, I know.  Being a reformed “launch queen” myself… 

… if you’d told me even just a few years ago that I’d sell over a million dollars worth of our group programs, in just under 15 months, using only email and social media and NO sales calls… 

Well, let’s just say that I’d want to see “The HOW” in writing. J   

And maybe you do, too! 

So, I whipped up this transmission, to share “our PLAN” with you. 

Now, earlier today I posted in here that this is one of my most important transmissions ever.  (Another bold statement.) 

WHY do I say that?  

First off… there is NO “right way” or “wrong way” to scale your business. 

There are infinite ways to be successful. 


Scaling is hard.  ANY method is going to take WORK to make it work.  Ours is no different. 

But the method you choose makes a HUGE difference in how you experience your days, and what your “life minutes” get spent on. 

We’ve had leaders come to us after they’ve tried everything and are exhausted. 

They almost don’t have it in them to dig into “yet one more thing.” 

And yet… if you want to get to $500k – $1m and then beyond… you get to figure this out. 

And it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried before. 

So when I start talking about scaling WITHOUT webinars, launches, funnels or sales calls… 

I’m NOT saying that our way is “better.” 

It’s just waaaay different.    

I can say this with confidence because I’ve (practically!) done it all. 

When I started back in 2008, there was only ONE way to scale: live EVENTS. 

If you wanted to put a bunch of people into a $20k or $50k program… you had to get ‘em all in a room, create an experience, and pitch. 

It’s a TON of work – even when you have the systems in place – and it takes a significant team. 

Then came the reign of product launches.   

3 videos to a webinar to a sales letter, and one zillion “partners” in your inbox… 

I made a LOT of money launching.  Like, $400k – $500k each time.   

But again… it’s a TON of work.   

To make that kind of money, we had to prep for AT LEAST 3 months.  (And I had an advantage – I could “channel” launch content practically in my sleep!!) 

Around then, webinars also came on the scene.  (Teleseminars, actually, before that.) 

Then came ads to a webinar to 60-min phone call to fill an 8-week program. 

Then… funnel hacking!   Sending traffic to a $47 “tripwire”… 

I’ve done ‘em ALL. 

And through it all… even though I was a pretty fricking good marketer, and made tons of money with ALL of these…  I had a BIG problem. 

Whatever I did, our clients would do.  But they DIDN’T want to do ANY of it!! 

And honestly?  Neither did I.   

Here’s The ASSUMPTION That Might Be Making You Miserable Right Now… 

All of those methods work.   They work really, REALLY well. 

The problem is… they take a SH*T-TON of time to learn, and execute. 

And getting real here?  How many of us are reaaaally telling the truth when we say things like, “But I like making webinars!” or “I like making funnels!” 

If you’re a marketer, maybe.  (Quick note:  I’m a marketer. 🙂)

But even then… shizz gets old.  And hard.  And old.  And exhausting. 

Now, again… scaling is hard.   

As one of my mentors likes to say, “Ain’t nobody gettin’ out of hard!” 

A fair question is… WHY would a naturopath, say…  

Or a coach, who would rather be coaching… or a lightworker, or a multipassionate practitioner, who has learned a zillion modalities but wants to create her own certification… bother to learn any of it? 

Pretty simple, actually… 

We do “all the stuff” because we THINK we “have to.”   

We’ve been taught that we “have to.”  Or we assume we “have to.” 

We see all the ads in our feeds, claiming to have the solution to our scaling problem. 

We see what “everybody else” is doing. 

Humans learn by modeling other humans.  It’s part of how we’re wired!! 

So we see all of this stuff, and are told all of this stuff (by mentors like me, by the way) … and of course we conclude, “that’s how it’s done.” 

And it IS “how it’s done!” 

All of those things – sales calls included – are powerful TOOLS and they WORK. 

But let’s take a second and peep “under the hood” of selling stuff, yeah? 

Because if we really GET how our stuff gets sold… we can start to see other possibilities. 

Years ago, when I was starting out…. my teachers – all of whom were self-made multi-millionaires – taught a simple equation. 

“Offer + Traffic + Conversion == SALES” 

This is basically how you sell stuff.  

You have an OFFER (the thing that you’re selling).   

Then you put it in front of a person (“traffic”). 

Then you have some way to “convert” the people who get the offer… into BUYERS.   

They go from NOT having heard of you, to… “Here’s my credit card.”   This is “conversion.” 

Do that, you make a SALE.    

Once you have all three pieces firing, you then can INCREASE the traffic… and your business grows. 

So the thing about webinars, funnels, launches, etc is… 

Most of these spend a LOT of time on CONVERSION and TRAFFIC. 

Make your pitch (conversion)… and put it in front of MORE people (traffic). 

More affiliates.  More ad spend. 

While we’re at it, send MORE emails.  Go LIVE in your Facebook group MORE times! 

As I write this, some of my colleagues and I were just talking about a guy’s recent launch, and how he was sending FIVE emails a day.  FIVE!  EMAILS! A DAY! 

Now, you can beat peeps over the head with your sales pitch.  It works.   

You can take a mediocre webinar or sales letter, get it in front of more people, and make MORE sales. 

You can have calls with 20 people to make 4 sales.  You can pump more people through your funnel.    It works!! 

I mean…  you CAN, absolutely 5-emails-a-day your way to selling more stuff. 

But it’s EXHAUSTING.  More importantly… it’s INEFFICIENT.   

Luckily, we have one more “knob” in the “Offer + Traffic + Conversion equals SALE” equation that we can twiddle with.   

Imagine that… you’re driving along.  It’s late.  Dinner was hours ago.  You’re hungry. 

You haven’t seen a restaurant in miles.  But your tummy is rumbling.  You might even feel a little lightheaded. 

All of a sudden… the 7-11 appears. 

How much time are you going to spend “thinking about” pulling over? 

Even if you eat clean, vegan, paleo… you’re on a diet… whatever…. 

If your 2-year old threw your cooler bag out the window and you’re feeling faint on the freeway… 

You’d pull over.  And you’d FIND something to eat. 

If two restaurants appeared, side by side… and one was the pancake house, and the other served grass-fed steak dinner… and you’re on a clean keto (low carb) diet… 

… you’re probably gonna spend $20 or $30 more for the STEAK. 

And you’re NOT going to think about it.   

You wouldn’t need a zillion emails to convince you that the steak is the way to go.   

You buy the steak!! 

This is the power of taking a little bit of time to optimize your OFFER. 

Not just… “oh I’m creating a high-end program, to package my stuff and create amazing transformation.” (This is Offers 101.) 

But taking a little bit of that time, energy and attention you’d spend on your webinar, your funnel, your email sequences… 

And instead create an OFFER that your clients will literally jump to pay you for, WITHOUT getting on a sales call. 

Most transformational leaders are trying to sell grass-fed steak to vegans. 

When you take a little bit of time to figure out EXACTLY what your clients WANT, and a little bit of time figuring out how to say it… 

And then you talk about it in your emails and posts… 

When you make your offer, they will buy.  Without getting on the phone.   

All day long. 

Because your clients don’t really WANT to sit through a webinar, or a 60-minute sales call. 

They want to know that you can solve their problem. 

If you can DEMONSTRATE to them that you can solve their problems… not just by telling them on a webinar, but by actually helping them achieve a small but significant RESULT… 

… those who are Divinely Contracted to work with you… the ones who are MEANT to solve their problem with you, using YOUR methodology… 

… those people will GLADLY sign up for your $20k programs without getting on the phone. 

Every offer needs a “conversion mechanism” – the thing that “makes the sale.” 

MOST people are using things like webinars, launches, long sales pages and complicated sales sequences to “convert” more “cold traffic” into “buyers.” 

Instead of all that, we like to focus on keeping you in your lane.  Have a Hot Offer that sells itself.   Work your magic.  Help clients get RESULTS. 

Then, it’s EASY to invite them into the next thing.  And you don’t need sales calls to do it. 


So here’s the PLAN – how our clients scale to $1m without webinars, launches or sales calls… 

Step ONE: Create a SHORT program you can sell without getting on the phone.    

We call this your 7-Figure Offer. This is a short term, “Easy-YES” offer that creates cash upfront while doubling as a way to fill your $20k-$50k mastermind-level offers.

We’ll show you how to fill it with simple messages and a PDF file. 

Step TWO: Help your clients get a meaningful RESULT in the 7-Figure Offer. 

Step THREE: Invite them into your $20k+ program over Messenger.  (Note: 80% of those people you invite will say yes.)  

Step FOUR: Rinse and repeat until you have your $50k – $100k per month in recurring income – i.e. banked in advance.   

As you can see, this is pretty SIMPLE. 

Instead of sending 5 emails a day or being stuck on 20 hours per week of sales calls… you’ll design your OFFERS to sell themselves, effectively cutting your marketing in half. 

Consider this… 

We’ve ALL bought something – sometimes very expensive things – because it was EXACTLY what we wanted or needed,  (I.e., it was a HOT Offer.) 

If that “something” meets your needs, and helps you get the RESULT we’re looking for… that CHANGES your relationship with the person or company who sold it to you… forever. 

For example, if I haven’t eaten cereal for a year, because I’m on keto (low carb)… 

And then a company shows up in my Facebook feed, with keto cereal (which was a brand new thing, a couple of years ago)… 

Well, if I’m really missing out on cereal, I’m going to buy some right away.  (Which I did.  😉 ) 

Then, if it’s really good – and meets my needs, and I’m no longer eating Fruity Pebbles on the down-low…. they have a customer for LIFE. 

They don’t have to “sell” me, get me on the phone or send me through a 90-min webinar. 

They just have to show up at the right time and ask me if I’d like more cereal. 


There are infinite ways to scale – aka grow your business to $500k, $1m and beyond. 

Our way isn’t “better” than any other way. 

What we’ve found, though… is that our “magicians” – the coaches, healers, spiritual teachers and leaders who really want to Do The WORK with their people, rather than market all day long… create all kinds of magic with this plan. 

Revenue goes UP 

They get OFF the phone!  They stop giving away free coaching in sales calls! 

“Big money months” get banked IN ADVANCE  

Savings accounts gets filled 

The calendar gets cleared 

More time is spent with kiddos and family 

Stress goes waaaaay down 

And MIRACLES happen with their clients! 

AND – because you can do this with a VERY lean team, you can keep most of what you make in PROFIT.  Wahoo!! 


Now, you may be wondering if our plan will work for YOU? 

It’s not right for everyone.   

You DO have to be willing to let go of the marketing and sales “busywork.” 

You DO have to be willing to get to know your people really, REALLY well… and meet them where THEY are, rather than where you think they are. 

You MAY have to retrain your brain to get its “dopamine hits” (rewards) from CHILLING the fudge OUT, rather than launching, sales calls, and the “do-do-do.” 

Honestly?  The NUMBER ONE challenge our clients have… is wrapping their heads around the simplicity of the plan.  Human brains WANT to make things more complicated. 

But this isn’t complicated. 

We work together to create high-end ($5k-$50k) OFFERS that sell with dramatically less marketing, that you can sell without getting on the phone.  Then you sell spots in your $20k+ program until you have your desired amount of recurring revenue, banked in advance. 

It doesn’t work for everyone.  We love to work with Leaders who are eager to get off the phone, get off the launch train, and follow a plan that works. 

Maybe… it’s the right next step for YOU? 

Best way to know is to CONTACT US NOW with the code phrase… “Scale without Sales Calls.” 

Team or I will be in touch, and we’ll see if we can help. 


Love and magic, 


PS: I hope this “Game Plan” has helped you see what’s possible for you and your business! 

We believe that Transformational Leaders should get to work their magic, rather than having marketing and selling as a second job. 

More Leaders helping more people is how we can create real change on the planet. 

Contact us now with the subject line… “Scale without Sales Calls.”

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