Africa Archield

Company: Lovebug Consulting LLC

Bio + Mission

Africa Archield works with visionaries struggling with the infrastructure to scale to 7-figures+. She is a Maximizer with Scorpio rising and loves taking something good and making it superb using all the tools at her disposal, both conventional and spiritual. She picked up these tools while teaching in higher education for over 20 years and working for over 10 years in the finance industry. Along the way, she completed a few post-graduate degrees and certifications. In 2006, she entered the business consulting and coaching world. Simply put, Africa’s unique superpowers and professional background help spiritually and socially conscious entrepreneurs scale while working less and making more money and impact.

My Mission:

My mission is to shift the socioeconomic paradigm so that everyone thrives.

Highest Level Client + How I Help

My HLC is a spiritually and socially conscious female business owner who desires to become a visionary leader in her space. She feels like she has hit an income plateau and has a to-do list miles long. It seems no matter what she does or who she hires, she is always pulled back into the doing of her business. Which in some way works for her because she is a workaholic even though she desires to move beyond it. She is at a point of frustration. She is having trouble getting out of bed or desiring to “get away from it all” by taking a vacation but thinks her business will crash if she does.

How I Help:

I help spiritually and socially conscious entrepreneurs to reimagine their businesses, reclaim time, and scale to 7-figures.

Areas of Mastery

I specialize in supporting women entrepreneurs to create a solid business foundation from which to scale to 7-figures and beyond while having the lifestyle they always dreamed about.

My approach is two-pronged because I believe in working holistically with clients. While we work together dialing in the business, I also work with women entrepreneurs on their psychology and spiritual practice. As they evolve and step into their visionary role, their business evolves to support them.

Topics I Speak On:

Business Astrology
Business Tarot
Solid Business Foundations
Hiring Practices
Business Models
Business Pivot
Spiritual and Business Alignment

Partnership Opportunities

Referral partners, joint ventures, and in-person/virtual speaking opportunities on summits or podcasts.

Free Gift:

Strategy, planning, and turn the knobs on marketing and sales are the fiddly bits we gravitate to when we want to make changes in our business. And they are important to do. In fact, they will likely account for a solid 10 – 20% of your success. The other 80 – 90% is you. It is who you become in the process of building your business — the mindset you develop that really moves the needle. Mindset work is something my clients enjoy doing because they see the difference in their business and in their lives. I’ve put together 18 guided meditations that cover a plethora of issues business owners like us come up against. Let’s start developing your 7-figure mindset together.

18 Divinely Downloaded Meditations for Entrepreneurs -

Successful Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs (Facebook Group)
Welcome, soul-centered female business owners who want prosperous and aligned businesses that support them without all the hustle. Here, we talk about being in the flow with visibility, offers, and leadership as we integrate the spiritual and the practical in our businesses. And yes, you'll find a healthy dose of business tarot and astrology here, too.

Know this is a safe space for you to share your BIG WINS and stumbling blocks with a dynamic community of women who want to see you succeed. Together we will shift the socio-economic paradigm and usher in peace, prosperity, and promise into the world.