Andrea Jenson

Company: The Cash Flow CFO

Bio + Mission

Andrea Jenson is the Founder of The Cash Flow CFO-the female entrepreneur’s solution to making more MONEY and having more FREEDOM. Her team provides virtual CFO services, bookkeeping, tax support & financial training programs.

Andrea is an Investor and sits on the Board for several Non-Profits in her community. She understands first hand what business owners need most in order to grow their business.Prior to opening her firm, she ran Corporate Accounting Departments for both Public & Private Organizations. Her work experience includes Starwood Hotels, Venture Capital and Multi-Million dollar Online & Offline Businesses.

Today Andrea’s goal is simple: to empower women business owners to CONFIDENTLY OWN their finances and their future.Andrea and her team help their clients implement financial systems and processes that allow for EASY decision making, based on data and metrics to help entrepreneurs scale their business to the next level. Their modern, boutique approach provides well thought-out, practical financial solutions, designed to help entrepreneurs master the financial piece of their business.

She is a wife, mother, soccer player, and passionate volunteer who 11 years ago had a daughter born with cancer. She is dedicated to helping other parents and kids in the same situation thrive just as her daughter did and continues to do. She has a soft spot in her heart for dogs and helps them to find their forever homes when needed.When not helping her clients grow their businesses, you can find her out in nature with husband, kids and dogs in tow...

My Mission

Why We Do What We Do:

At the Cash Flow CFO we believe that the biggest positive impact we can have on this world is to help business owners have a strong financial foundation in their business.

This will enable them to reach more people with their products and services, build bigger teams and financially support greater good in the communities in which they serve. We are on a mission to impact a million business owners and raise financial conciousness on the planet through support services and financial education.

Highest Level Client + How I Help

The Cash Flow CFO is the leader in fractional CFO & Accounting services. We own the space in the marketplace for business owners that are looking for a one stop financial solution for systems/teams/strategies for their business. Through our “Done for you” and “Financial Education services”, we guide established business owners to build and grow solid financial foundations to experience predictable profits so they can build personal wealth.

We work with clients that are ambitious, enthusiastic, and positive and want to live life to the fullest. Our Highest Level Client has a 7-Figure Business and they know they have outgrown their current Financial Team. They are looking for an elevated conversation and guidance on how to build out the financial pillar in their business. They appreciate receiving our advice and guidance, then take action in implementing our direction.

Areas of Mastery

Setting Up Systems for Predictable Profits, Cash Flow Mastery, Fractional CFO & Accounting Services

Partnership Opportunities

Affiliate/ JV Partners & Coaches where I can insert my trainings into their business coaching programs

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