Britt Bolnick

Company: In Arms Coaching

Bio + Mission

Britt is owner and founder of In Arms Coaching, the co-founder of Pittie Posse Rescue, and the creatrix of Sacred Structure and the Bending Time tools, which she has polished and perfected over 15 years of using them to raise a child as a solo-parent while building a thriving business, a bad-ass pit bull rescue, and caring for a marauding bunch of derpy pit bulls and humorless chickens at home.

Britt built a business from food stamps and single mama-hood to a 6 figure biz that she runs part time, while also making the time to run Pittie Posse Rescue. She mentors magical and soul-led women business owners and multi-passionate entrepreneurs in creating impact, income, and freedom of time in their business.

She lives in Maine with her husband, kids, dogs, and chickens, and spends more and more of the warm months off grid in their travel trailer, kayaking, reading, and grilling too much delicious food.

My Mission

My mission is to share my magickal time bending tools with women everywhere, so that we all can get out of our own ways of creating the income, impact, and free time we dream of without sacrifice, compromise, or fear.

Highest Level Client + How I Help

I mentor multi-passionate entrepreneurs and witchy and woo-curious women business owners to run their business in 30 hours a week or less, while they supersize their income and impact.

My Highest Level Clients are creative, spiritpreneur-type entrepreneurs and multi-passionate women business owners who would love to be shown how to make your businesses run itself while you celebrate guilt-free, unstructured blocks of time in your calendar.

Areas of Mastery

Time-management for creative, spiritpreneur-type entrepreneurs. I literally wrote the book on time management in your sacred business.

Partnership Opportunities

Referral partners. Joint venture partners.

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