Dr. Anne Whitehouse

Bio + Mission

Who I Am
Dr Anne Whitehouse is a leading expert in Female Power, a healer, #1 best-selling author of ‘Pull Back Your Power', founder of The Re-Power™ Academy and Female Power Ignition Codes.  She’s also a secret introvert!
A former metallurgical engineer, she was unable to thrive in that aggressive environment, did a spectacular burnout, and found herself catapulted onto a very different path indeed!
After two decades unravelling the hidden power dynamic that undermines women in the world, she developed a unique solution - Female Power Alchemy™.  Her work integrates the worlds of scientific analysis, subconscious reprogramming and subtle energies. With her ground-breaking techniques it becomes automatic to speak up authoritatively, sail through limits and make a bigger impact than you ever thought possible.
Anne has helped hundreds of women, worldwide, to literally fall in love with the limelight.  Her dramatically different confidence techniques help them step into more success, more visibility and more impact - without the stress!
Anne facilitates Female Power Voice,  Supreme Feminine Confidence Mastermind, and 40 days to Double Your Confidence at Work, and bespoke 1:2:1.
My Mission + BIG WHY
THE MISSION: to free women from the hidden conditioning, unconscious bias, and inner glass ceilings that still limit our success, and undermine our fulfillment and wellbeing.
THE BIG WHY:  I now have the tools that can help women shine, without the personal cost that I, and so many others, have experienced.  I want to see the next generation have true freedom to fulfill their potential and feel safe being SEEN and HEARD as powerful, amazing women - in any career they choose!

Highest Level Client + How I Help

Who I Help + How I Help Them
I help the ambitious introvert woman who is desires success, but who feels unsafe in the spotlight.
She’s a woman who set herself high standards, and never gives up.  On the surface, she looks confident, competent and capable. But inside, she has to battle through stress, anxiety and visibility fears.  The result is a ‘push pull’ relationship with her success and visibility that frustrates her.  She knows she’s holding back from her highest impact, income and success, and is determined to change this.
I teach her to change the energy flow between her and the world, giving her the ability to hold her power energetically, no matter what.  The result - she feels safe and confident being herself, loving the limelight, being noticed and standing out as a powerful woman - even if she started off feeling invisible or like a target.
My Highest Level Client

A secret introvert who has achieved great things, and is ready to step into her highest leadership and impact.  She might be high up in a male-dominated profession, or taking her life's work to the world stage.  She might be going up against the status quo and rocking the patriarchal boat!  She’s ready to change the world, and I give her the ability to thrive out in the public eye, without feeling attacked, without holding back and have the tools to deal with whatever the world throws at her like 'water off a duck’s back’.

Areas of Mastery

Holding power under pressure - even in aggressive environments and high stress situations.
Speaking up confidently, in public, in meetings and with intimidating individuals.
Releasing visibility fears, in person and online.
Overcoming imposter syndrome.
Feeling safe to step into the limelight, and thrive there.
Releasing witch-wound fears and past life blocks to success.
Releasing deep-seated trauma and subconscious conditioning.


Topics I Speak On
Why feeling 'not good enough' is actually proof of your success.
How to free yourself from your 'witch wound' heritage and make it truly safe to be visible as a leader on the world stage.
How to overcome imposter syndrome and visibility blocks, quickly and easily.
How to talk about money, without apologizing or discounting.
How to thrive in the 'boys' club' no matter how aggressive or dismissive your co-workers.

Partnership Opportunities

Partnerships I'd Like to Manifest
Affiliates for 40 Days to Double Your Confidence.
JV relationships for programs, exchanges in promoting our lead-magnets, exchange of talks and masterclasses with our communities,  clients and affiliates for 40 Days to Double Your Confidence, Female Power Voice and Supreme Feminine Confidence Mastermind

Free Gift / Ways To Connect Further For Lead Generation
Free mini-course  Transform Your Confidence - even if you’ve felt invisible your whole life.
Free energy upgrade kit to reduce visibility fears, and make it safe to be seen.
Free community where I give I power upgrades, run challenges and give live healings.