Halle Eavelyn

Bio + Mission

Who I Am

Featured in Time Magazine, Good Morning America, USA Today, and The Huffington Post, Halle Eavelyn has helped over 1500 clients break through life-long traumas and powerfully co-create a masterpiece of their lives. As an author, global spiritual tour leader, and business strategist, Halle guides clients on a powerful journey of self-discovery. She provides the clarity, support, and strategy they need to confidently step into the highest expression of themselves. An atheist until her first trip to Egypt. where her entire life transformed in a single moment, Halle’s spiritual awakening put her on a journey to become a champion for women all over the world. Her mission to help women find their voice and thrive is now her life’s work. In addition to her private clients, Halle is currently the mindset coach for several high-level business coaching programs. Her forthcoming show, Your Goddess Awakened, is available on YouTube and podcast platforms everywhere. Discover more about Halle’s work and impact at www.HalleEavelyn.com.

My Mission + BIG WHY

To help women go from struggle to flow and fully connect with their divine inner goddess selves, so womankind can save the world!

Highest Level Client + How I Help

Who I Help + How I Help Them

I am a Transformational Mindset Coach & Business Strategist. Special focuses include: mindset block removal, lifelong trauma clearing, and massive business growth

My Highest Level Client

Women who are looking to transition from imposter to authentic Goddess and step into the life they were meant to live.

Areas of Mastery


Mindset block removal, lifelong trauma clearing, and massive business growth.


Topics I Speak On

Mindset, Transformation, Sacred Divine Feminine, Business Strategy, Spiritual Travel, and the intersection of any of the above!

Partnership Opportunities

Partnerships I'd Like to Manifest

My ideal partners are coaches or consultants who want to refer their clients to me, or who need me to serve as a mindset coach for their group, like I do inside of Highest Level Leader Collective, and Highest Level Transformation.

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