Jessica Daniels

Company: Jess Daniels Creative

Bio + Mission

I was born to create and connect. I bet you’re a bit like me.

I know what it’s like to sacrifice time, energy, money and relationships to put your heart and unique voice out into the world. I know what it’s like to worry that I’m doing it all wrong and start fantasizing about working at Starbucks.

And, I know how it feels to be “in the flow” when I’m doing work I love and time seems to stop.

I also know how it feels to realize that I’ve made a wrong turn or let my emotions and fears get the best of me. Or what it’s like to stop creating to “take a break” and really end up binging British TV.

I also can’t imagine doing anything else. Because with all the hard work comes the joy – making a schedule so I never miss watching my kids’ theater performances, or a mid-day movie or hike, or traveling the world taking photos, and feeling the freedom of being able to run with an idea without a boss or corporate structure to hold me back.

I also get to work with some of the coolest, smartest, most interesting women to create powerful images and messaging strategies that are like jet fuel for their businesses.

The magic that happens when women collaborate is what I live for. I can't wait to meet you and create something together.

My Mission:

I believe that when women become millionaires, we change the world for the better. My mission is to help my clients grow their businesses to 7 figures + and leverage that income and leadership to impact and improve the lives of others.

Highest Level Client + How I Help

My HLC is a successful, experienced transformational coach, healer or practitioner that's looking to scale her business past the high six figure mark while fulfilling her true purpose in her business.

How I Help:

I help coaches, healers and practitioners translate their offers into strategic messaging and visuals that are irresistible to their highest level client.

Areas of Mastery

Brand photography, email messaging strategy, handraisers and offer letter copy and strategy, launch funnel copy and strategy and website copy optimization.

Topics I Speak On:

-Authentic brand photography and visuals strategy
-Discovering what your HLC truly desires so that you can create offers that sell like crazy.

Partnership Opportunities

I'm looking for women who want to learn how to implement all of the incredible copy and offer strategy tools that Elizabeth teaches!

Free Gift:

Authentic Brand Photography Guide:

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