Julie Wolk

Company: Julie Wolk Coaching

Bio + Mission

Business coach and facilitator, Julie Wolk, helps expert coaches and healers synthesize their most powerful work into intimate, transformational group programs--without the dreaded over-giving or undercharging!

She’s created hundreds of communal experiences—from  activist conferences, spiritual festivals, business strategy retreats, and Burning Man camps to epic vacations, fancy nonprofit fundraisers, and workshops, courses + business trainings of all shapes & sizes.

She’s a firm believer that connection & community—and the deep transformation they support—are the foundational, driving principles behind an effective group coaching program.

A 6-figure (plus) business owner despite a chronic illness, a toddler, and a pandemic, Julie’s also a total expert in streamlining, strategizing, and finding the simplest pathway forward.

She facilitates the Group Magic Accelerator and Transformational Group Leaders Mastermind. Find her at www.juliewolkcoaching.com 

My Mission

We are village creatures.

We heal and transform together.

We were not built to go it alone.

So when we bring together the right people for a shared purpose… without all the typical BS the coaching industry teaches us, real Group Magic happens.

And that magic leads to more impact, more purposeful work, more time and more money.


Highest Level Client + How I Help

I help expert coaches and healers synthesize their most powerful work into intimate, transformational group programs -- without over-giving or undercharging. 

I’ll support you to create repeat clients with less marketing, double your revenues, while taking Fridays (or whenever!) off. 

My Highest Level Client

High-achieving, down-to-earth, expert coach or healer (woman/nonbinary) earning 5-10K+/month doing deep, life-changing work with their 1-1 clients and short-term group programs who’s ready to fully claim their gifts and body of work, step into their role as leader/teacher, up their transformation factor, and stop working so damn hard for their money -- by creating or revamping epic, in-depth, higher ticket, intimate, *transformational group programs* that are easier to fill, can bring in the vast majority of their income, don’t require techy marketing madness, and can simplify their life so they can chill the F out.

Areas of Mastery

Designing, leading and enrolling transformational groups and juicy retreats. Seeing the simplest strategy through to create more time, space and money. Manifesting vision into reality.

Partnership Opportunities

Referral partners for affiliate fees and virtual public speaking opportunities.

Free Gift

Ready to uplevel your group program game? Join the Transformational Group Leaders Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/transformationalgroupleaders


Julie loves speaking and teaching… my signature talk is titled Group Magic: Ditch the Low-Cost Course Model for Impactful, Lucrative Groups and Repeat Clients (I can speak on other topics as well)

Referral Opportunities:

I offer generous affiliate fees when your folks sigs up for the Group Magic Accelerator. Please inquire if you’d like to get involved.