Louisa Havers

Company: Louisa Havers Coaching

Bio + Mission

Louisa Havers is an internationally renowned Master Transformational Coach, Master Manifesting teacher, Master Akashic Records teacher (Soul Journeys® Method) and business mentor. She enables entrepreneurs and coaches to unlock their superpowers, turbo-charge soul-aligned magnetism and "lift the ceiling" in both their lives and businesses. It’s a journey Louisa knows works as she’s personally undertaken it. Years spent leading change in the highly pressurized and stressful social services sector, led to shingles and chronic fatigue, compelling her to break free from the corporate matrix of overwork. It was the first step to creating her own life of freedom and dream business income. Louisa enables clients across the globe to activate quantum leaps to success in their own journey to fulfillment, self-love and a six / seven-figure income. Daring to live your life’s purpose is truly possible under Louisa’s loving, powerful and insightful guidance.

My Mission

My mission is to help 100,000 entrepreneurs and coaches co-create bigger lives than they ever thought possible.

Highest Level Client + How I Help

I help entrepreneurs and coaches have income breakthroughs.

Coaches, Therapists and Healers who are at high five figures and wanting to grow to six figures and beyond.

My private clients are multi six figure and seven figure entrepreneurs.

Areas of Mastery

The Helix Manifesting Method; Energy Kinesiology; Akashic Records; Business Strategies

Partnership Opportunities

Referral partners - if I can help introduce you to your ideal client I'd love to!

Free Gifts:

How do you align to the frequency of abundance? If you are ready for an energetic tune up or ready to break through your next level, then one of the quickest ways is to align your wealth blueprint with your soul blueprint in The Akashic Records.

What are The Akashic Records? The Akashic Records, also known as the “Book of Life,” hold the energetic imprint of everything in the Universe, based in Source Consciousness and unconditional love. They contain the record of your soul's journey and wisdom from past lives and karmic contracts. That's why I encourage you to check out Louisa Havers’ Abundance Codes Activation in the Akashic Records. This will align your wealth blueprint and soul blueprint with Abundance Codes so that you manifest with more ease.

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