Melissa Sandon

Company: Soul Medicine Academy

Bio + Mission

Melissa Sandon is the founder of the Soul Medicine Academy and creator of a new field of energy & soul science that supports women to become the lit-up, passionate & enriched feminised leader of her soul work.

Through new soul technology such as the Soul Keystones and the Journey of Awakening your Soul Work, she loves guiding soul leaders to awaken their highest purpose, embody their power and creative high flow, grow their wealth potential and create the legacy they were made for.

She is the Creatress & lead teacher of the Energy & Soul Mastery Certification, Embodied Soul Guide Certification, Earthed Soul Awakening program and Legacy Leader Mastermind.

My Mission

1. Ignite 1000 Soul Leaders to unearth their big legacy work in super-energy-richness over 10 years
2. Guide 10,000 individuals to awaken their soul on the earth over 10 years

Highest Level Client + How I Help

We help leaders channel & create their legacy soul work through mastering their soul gifts and awakening their full creative soul potential.

We teach energy & soul science and the arts of soul awakening to become a leading-edge soul practitioner.

We'll help you create the message, modality and movement you were born for, channelled straight from your soul. You'll unlock your multi-dimensional soul wealth and embody your radiance as a feminised leader here to change the world.

Areas of Mastery

- Energy & Soul Science

- Soul Leadership - unlocking your legacy, multi-D soul wealth, radiance and high flow as a feminised leader

- Channelling and creating your signature soul work

- Soul awakening and the energetics of living in your highest creativity and purpose

- Mapping the constellations of our soul through the Soul Keystones and Soul Centres

Partnership Opportunities

Deep collaboration and joyful soul partnership. A connection in soul work and alignment of our joint audiences to enrich everyone involved. Collaboration to bring new soul work to the world for massive change, together.

Looking for partners who know their clients are ready to master their own soul gifts, learn innovation in energy & soul science, download and create their legacy body of soul work and unlock their high flow as radiant leaders.

Free Gifts:

Energy Rich Soul Leader FB group for free energy & soul activations and trainings on awakening your soul to create extraordinary soul work in the world:

Crystalline Soul Activation: to ignite your light-field in your cells and INSTANTLY elevate into your highest possibilities

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