Natalie Woodman

Bio + Mission

Who I Am

Natalie Woodman is a Medical Intuitive, energetic healer, Body Alchemist and Trauma Aware Master Akashic Consultant (Soul Journeys Method). She has 24 years experience as a neurological physiotherapy, transformational coach and body specialist. She is a successful entrepreneur who has navigated burnout and an autoimmune condition and healed and reversed the symptoms permanently.

She works with the quantum body clearing and reprogramming the subconscious, performing energetic healing and psychic surgery, clearing our cellular trauma from this lifetime and past lives that may be impacting clients ability to step fully into that next level of expansion and leadership. 

She has helped hundreds of women to reconnect, respect and fall in love with their bodies again, overcoming the inner power struggle allowing them to trust and follow their intuition and divine guidance coming through that gives them their unique edge in business.

 She helps her clients find the path of ease as they shift to a more uniquely feminine way of working and running a successful business having time for everything that is important in a healthy vibrant energised body. 


My Mission + BIG WHY

My Mission: To help women liberate their bodies, reconnect to their authentic truth and divine wisdom

To help women liberate their minds, bodies and emotions from the societal programming, subconscious beliefs and cellular trauma held in the body that keeps women stuck and unable to step fully into the next level of full leadership and expansion to serve and deliver legacy work without becoming ill or burnt out in the process.


The Big Why?

I help women lead and thrive in business and life in their uniquely feminine way in healthy vibrant whole bodies without the personal cost that I have experienced. I want to help women clear out the old outdated ancestral, cultural, societal programming of how women need to run their businesses in order to be successful and live healthy rich lives. I want to help

Highest Level Client + How I Help

How I help and How I help?

She is a woman who has high standards, never gives up and has embraced the struggle to get to where she is in her business and life. On the surface, she is very confident, ambitious, highly driven, and has laser focused attention on building a successful business. Inside, she battles constant anxiety, worries about whether she is doing enough, whether the risk she is taking will pay off and she is constantly stressed and wired. She knows that her current strategy of pushing through won’t be able to support her to achieve her highest mission and impact, success, and money but she just does not know how to navigate this without burning out again or becoming ill. 

I teach women how to work with her unique and divine wisdom and guidance to create her unique feminine way in business that gives her the edge she has always wanted. I teach her how to work smarter instead of harder, taking aligned action that is in alignment with her body and nervous system. The result - she feels confident, safe, secure within her knowing that the action in her business that she is taking will pay off the more she follows her unique feminine way and divine gifts.

My Highest Level Client

A high achieving business woman and 6 figure entrepreneur who is ready to step into her highest level leadership and focus on delivering her legacy work. Her current default way of expanding, launching and upleveling her business has resulted in her burning out before, during or after a launch or expansion in her business. She is strong, resilient, used to pushing through to get the job done, no matter the cost or toll on her body and health.

I give her back her body, recalibrating her body, mind and emotions to help her tap into her new unique feminine way of expansion, upleveling her business without self sabotage, without burnout and lack of energy and without illness.

Areas of Mastery


Medical Intuition, Body Alchemy and Akashic Consultation focussed on: 

Recovery from Burnout 

Releasing deep seated core trauma wounds and beliefs from your body that is blocking support in on all levels in your life as a high achieving woman in business

Reclaiming energetic sovereignty from narcissistic supply 

Clearing the patterns of over-giving, people pleasing and the nice girl

Gaining clarity of direction for life, and business

Releasing imprints, programming and beliefs around working harder instead of smarter, 

Releasing cellular memory and trauma influencing how you allow support, money and clients into your life

Releasing past life blocks to success, and not fully tapping into your full potency of your work


Topics I Speak On
  1. Burnout, burnout prevention and recovery from burnout
  2. Selfcare and why is this important as a leader
  3. Navigating a feminine way in Business and what does this look like 
  4. Navigating change during personal transformation
  5. How to work with your body rather than against it to allow you to serve and lead with vibrancy and vitality
  6. Reconnecting with your body 
  7. Why alchemising cellular trauma changes your life, your relationship with money, people and your business
  8. How to navigating quantum expansion without burning out or sabotaging your momentum 
  9. Why body alchemy is important to help you be more in your body instead of in your head
  10. Akashic Records and how this can change your life both personally and professionally in business

Partnership Opportunities

Partnerships I'd Like to Manifest

If you work with women entrepreneurs and would love for me to support your clients managing burnout, on the way to getting burnout or recovering from burnout, how to find a more feminine healthier way of working and running a business 

Joint ventures, podcast interviews, speaking to groups 

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Embodied Sovereign Awakening is a 4-week embodiment awakening program that starts on the 13th January 2022.

Embodied Sovereign Awakening assists you with clearing stagnant energy held in your body, quantum, cellular and DNA upgrades, consciousness awareness and upgrades, emotional recalibration, deepening your connection to your body and embracing and integrating your unique more balanced feminine way in business 

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