Rachel Loewenherz

Company: The Uncorporette

Bio + Mission

I'm a Yale-educated business strategist who awakened intuitively after losing 3 girls in their second trimester, and birthing my son earthside. Now, I combine 15 years of business & marketing experience with deep study of trauma healing, divine feminine & earth wisdom traditions with The Uncorporette to empower mothers to trauma into strength and leadership. I'm the host of the Divine Feminine CEO podcast, I live in Austin, TX, and love to host luxurious in-person healing retreats at my family's ranch in Dripping Springs.

My Mission

My mission is to empower mothers who have lost pregnancies turn their trauma into the source of their greatest strength - so they can change the world with their wisdom. In a society where death and loss is shied away from, we're missing out on the tremendous leadership potential, strength, and wisdom that's catalyzed by a "Shadow Initiation". And in a rapidly changing, chaotic world, we NEED the strength and power of these women to anchor and guide us in places where most people are uncomfortable walking.

Highest Level Client + How I Help

I help the high-achieving, soul-awakening mama empower herself after pregnancy loss & the "initiation" of motherhood, so she can start a wisdom-based business that aligns to who she is now. I help her heal her womb & the traumas stored there, tap into her deepest wisdom, and bring it to life with a soul-aligned business rooted in feminine & earth-based practices - all while supporting her unique needs as a "motherpreneur" with a holistic "self-care / biohacking toolkit".

My Highest Level Client

My HLC is a smart, high-achieving, intuitively awakening mom who’s experienced pregnancy loss - and after walking her own healing path, she feels called to start a business that changes the world with her hard-won wisdom.

Areas of Mastery

Trauma Healing after Pregnancy Loss
Market Research, Early-Stage Business Strategy, Copywriting
Holistic Support for Mothers' Physiology
Transmutation of Trauma into Wisdom
Divine Feminine Priestessing
Shamanic Drum Visioning & Journey

Topics I Speak On

Miscarriage and the "Death Initiation" of Pregnancy Loss
The 4 Types of "MotherChange" Initiations
The 3 Elements of Motherpreneurship / Why Motherpreneurs Have to Do It Differently
The Wisdom of the Crucible / Turning Pain into Opportunity

Partnership Opportunities

Collaborations to promote my MotherChange Quiz.
Speakers on my podcast (The Divine Feminine CEO)
Speaking opportunities on others' podcasts (related to miscarriage, motherhood, parenting, mompreneurs)
Guest speakers for my program, specifically those who focus on deeper spiritual technologies, embodiment, and physiology.

Free Gift

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uncorporette
Divine Feminine CEO Podcast: https://www.uncorporette.com/podcast