Sue Guiher

Company: Thrive For Success, LLC

Bio + Mission

Hi, I’m Sue Guiher and I am known as the Thriving Entrepreneur™ because I have figured out, over the past 20 years, how to create a successful business while raising a family and also giving back to my clients and my community.

I have used this knowledge and experience from both my successes and failures to help business owners create businesses laser-aligned with their core values and strengths and to get out of their own way so they can be successful. And my clients ROCK! (And many continue with me on bigger and bigger projects while referring their friends and family members.)

I also teach at several universities including an Ivy League, am a sought-after international speaker and author, have trained hundreds of coaches, while also being a Mom to 3 children and a dog, Sailor.

My Mission

My Mission is to create 1000 successful business owners/leaders who will impact 1000 other businesses/leaders so that a million people will be living in abundance and able to give easily and effortlessly at any time to others.

Highest Level Client + How I Help

I help business owners, service professionals and entrepreneurs build businesses laser-aligned with their core strengths and values.

Entrepreneurs who wants to fully step into and show up for their businesses and life.

Areas of Mastery

Business Growth, Signature Program/Curriculum Development (including certification programs) Communication/Presentation Skills, Leadership Development, Voiceover Artist.

Partnership Opportunities

Podcast hosts/guests, referral partners, speaking engagements, new clients

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