Susan Glusica

Company: Unrivaled Realizations LLC & Libelle Prosperity Solutions LLC

Bio + Mission

I am the UNRIVALED REALIZER. I am known for humanizing the fastest path to inviting in and receiving more money because I am a stand for UNAPOLOGETIC PROSPERITY. What I want for myself I want for everyone! My clients expand their prosperity, generosity and legacy…WITHOUT more bandwidth, working harder, or inconsistent results.

After 20 years in the “corporate cubicle” side of the financial services industry, I had a crisis of legacy and could no longer see my impact in the world. I wanted proximity with clients. I wanted to make a bigger, bolder difference in my life and the lives of others.

After 8 years on the client-facing side, I realized, no matter their income level, the biggest money challenge people face is being unaware how to keep, give and grow more so they can be, do and have more.

In 2018, I founded Unrivaled Realizations LLC and created my signature group coaching program, Money Realities & Realizations. Through my discovery of the 7 Money Realities(TM), I created a powerfully practical method for attracting and realizing more money. In 2019 I innovated a quick results program to add $8K+ to your bank account in 30 days or sooner. In 2020 I added 90-minute Money Innovation Sessions to quickly identify top 3 ways to add $3K+ to your life.

I am a multi-time international best-selling author, a Certified Speaker by Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN), Leader of WPN’s Orange County Chapter 2016-2018, and member, Polka Dot Powerhouse – Diamonds (2020-1).

My Mission

I want to be known for raising the money consciousness of the world for prosperity and exponential wealth building for all.

Highest Level Client + How I Help

A) As the UNRIVALED REALIZER, I humanize the fastest path to inviting in and receiving more money so you can expand your prosperity, generosity and legacy. I love helping women get more clarity and confidence when it comes to your money. Making money, charging higher fees and deserving it, investing in yourself & getting a return on investment, knowing your worth and value, changing your language as well as your thoughts and ENERGY around anything to do with money.
B) Once you are in consistent top earning capacity, we build your money plan, providing you 3 rates of return (vs 1 for everything else), 2X or 3X'ing your retirement income, and helping you avoid the top 2 wealth eroders to keep, grow and enjoy more money in your pocketbook and life and compel more good in the world.

My Highest Level Client is at $7-8K+ per month, looking to 2X or 3X income without more bandwidth, working harder, or inconsistent results.

Areas of Mastery

Bending Time & Doubling Your Results in Half the Time
Signature Discovery: 7 Energetic Levels of Money Consciousness
Exponential Wealth Building (Tip: Traditional Financial Plans Don't Work)

Partnership Opportunities

Those who teach business owners strategy & tactics
Transformational Coaches
Financial Advisors offering traditional planning

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