Ursula Mentjes

Company: Sales Coach Now (Rebranding to ursula,inc)

Position: CEO

Bio + Mission

Ursula Mentjes is an award-winning entrepreneur, sales expert, inspirational speaker and author. She was promoted from account executive to president of an international technical training company in just five years at the age of 27 when the revenue was in the tens of millions. Her clients include Aflac, Ebenezer, Keller Williams, Fairview Hospitals, New York Life, Paychex, Union Bank, LeClair Group and more.

My Mission

Elevate a million women CEOs to make millions.

Highest Level Client + How I Help

Elevating CEOs to 2x, 3x, 4x+ their revenue while releasing 10+ hours of work per week! She owns a service based business and is stuck around $200,000 in revenue and dreams of breaking 7 figures! Plus, she's both spiritually AND business minded and is willing to do what it takes to get it done--she's just not sure what the next best step is. That's where we shine with our clients!

Areas of Mastery

Sales, Marketing, Scaling, Revenue Expansion, Combining "WOO" and Strategic Business Strategies!

Partnership Opportunities

Join ventures, podcast "trades" (interview each other), speaking to groups.

Free Gifts: