You’re In!

The 20-Min HOt offer Makeover

live edition

Welcome to the LIVE edition of the 20-Minute Hot Offer Makeover! 

We’re so excited that you’ll be joining us LIVE for this FREE mini-workshop, where together we’ll work on creating a HOT Offer that (practically) sells itself… which means less marketing and sales calls for YOU! 

Please SAVE this email as it contains important deets about the workshop. 

First things first – mark your calendar for the LIVE workshop happening on Wednesday, May 11th, starting at 9am PT. 

The OFFERS teaching – the part where I show you how to tweak your offer – takes about 20 min.  Hence the name.  

All told, we’ll go for about 2 hours.  This will include some offline “workshop time” and Q+A. 

Here’s your Zoom link, to join me for the mini-workshop LIVE: 

The 20-Minute Hot Offer Makeover 

Mini-Workshop with Elizabeth Purvis 

Wednesday, May 11th, 9am – 11am PT

We will send the recording out if you can’t make it live.  But DO attend LIVE if you can – nothing replaces the magic of LIVE! 

Here’s how we’re going to roll… 

  • Everything will be taking place over Zoom only.  No Facebook group!  (We’ll use the same Zoom link for the entire workshop; see above for the link.)
  • First, we’ll walk through the key “needle mover” offer principles we use with our clients to create a Hot Offer That Sells Itself (without sales calls). 
  • Then, I’ll set ya loose to apply the principles to one of your EXISTING offers.
  • Then, we’ll come back and do a little Q+A. 
  • Then, I’ll give you our “magic script” that gets peeps raising their hands for your Hot Offer. 
  • We’ll also cover a couple of BONUS teachings: how we call in new clients with practically every email we send, AND how to sign up clients for your $20k+ programs without sales calls. 

All of that will take about 2 hours or so. 

I will do my level best to stick to time!  AND… if you’ve been in any of our programs before, you know I love to GIVE.  So I might run over snidge.   

I’m also setting aside another 30 minutes or so for more Q+A after the workshop is over… provided that we don’t run over too much.  😉 

Before we meet, I HIGHLY recommend that you do TWO things. 

First, tune into your Highest Level Client.  Invest a little time thinking about them: their problems, pain points, and what they WANT.   

Everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – begins and ends with “Who’s your WHO?”   So we HIGHLY recommend that you revisit your WHO before the workshop. 

If you can, it’s a great time to run through some next level “client avatar” questions.  (Want ours? Here’s a PDF.) 

Next, have an idea of which of your EXISTING programs you want to tweak, to turn it into a HOT Offer.  Ideally, something that you’ve sold before. 

Finally – full disclosure time… 

We’re going to be making YOU an offer! 

(I know, I know – shocker!) 

This workshop is the uber “crash course” edition of what we do in our signature offers immersion, Highest Level Transformation (HLT). 

We won’t spend much time talking about HLT in the workshop itself.   

Later, though… we promise that we’ll follow up and let you know how you can get our help to create (or make over) your Hot Offer.  

PLUS get all of our templates on how to enroll it without getting on the phone for sales calls, PLUS all our messaging formulas to keep your program consistently full…  

PLUS our exact scripts for rolling clients into your $15k-$50k offers without getting on the phone. 

We do all of this in Highest Level Transformation, and a lot more! 

Our clients report that they free up a good ten hours per week from NEVER having to get on a sales call again. 

We want that for you, too… so we’ll openly share on how you can get more of our help (and all of our templates and system for selling without sales calls) after you’ve had a chance to experience the workshop. 

Excited for US!!! 

See you on Wednesday, May 11th at 9am PT! 

Love & magic,