Welcome to the Hot Offers Masterclass

We’re SO glad that you are a “YES!” to scaling your business without burning yourself out on webinars, launches, and sales calls… 

And that you’re going to be joining us for the…


Hot Offers Masterclass – Closing TUESDAY Sept. 14!

Secrets to Creating High-End Offers that (Practically) Sell Themselves 

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“How Our Clients Sign Up $35k Clients Without Sales Calls” 

LIVE with Elizabeth on Sept 9th at 12pm PT 




Click the link below for the cheat sheet. 

Scale Without Sales Calls – Cheat Sheet


Now… this isn’t your typical “launch” or “challenge.” 

We’ve simplified things so the focus is on helping you get REAL results during our time together. 

Here’s the deal… 

I’m going to share with YOU our best-of-the-best offer principles over our five days together (it’ll be a combo platter of Facebook LIVEs, pre-recorded content, and written transmissions).  

You’re going to create or make over a HOT, high-end offer. 

And if you make a decision to stay in the game? 

You’ll either sell a few spots, or you will have valuable insights on how to tweak your offer so that it sells without any additional effort on your part. 

Sound good? 

Please do these THREE THINGS right now, while it’s fresh in your mind… 

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All of the action will take place in the Hot Offers Masterclass Facebook Group. 

It’s where I’ll be posting all the teaching – including your client-attracting “hand raiser” scripts. 

It’s also where our team will be hanging out to support you! 

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Once you’re in, we invite you to introduce yourself to the group and take a peak at the announcements pinned to the top. 

There’s some important info about what we’re going to be up to so you can get ready to ROCK it OUT during our 5 days together. 

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The #1 biggest challenge we had the last time we ran the masterclass was making sure that YOU see all the great stuff we have for you, to help you craft your offer!!! 

We’ll be communicating over email, including sending important reminders – so you don’t miss a thing. 

We want you to receive the VALUE you signed up for.  Please WHITELIST the emails above to make sure we can notify you when the next step goes LIVE.

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Make sure to TURN ON notifications in the Facebook Group so you see when new content goes LIVE (including your “hand raiser” scripts). 

 ALL of the teaching will ONLY be available for a very short time. 

The content WILL come down at the end of the masterclass, and the group WILL close. 

If you want to sign up a few clients during the masterclass… then make sure to WHITELIST our emails above, and turn on notifications in the Facebook Group. 


The team and I can’t wait for the magic we’re going to cook up together! 


Love and magic,


PS. IMPORTANT: You will also receive an email with this same information.  Please CHECK your SPAM folders if you don’t see it, and move it to the Inbox so you don’t miss a thing.