Pop quiz, Goddess… how many thoughts do you have per day… about money?

I can’t remember the statistic I heard years ago… but we can all agree that it’s a LOT.   In the thousands.

Pop quiz, part 2…. 🙂

Out of those daily thoughts about money… how many of them are negative?

Right. The overwhelming majority of them!

How many times have you said I can’t afford it, we don’t have the money for that, I’d love to BUT…

We all do. Our natural wiring as humans, coupled with our environment, programs us for scarcity from a young age.   And most people aren’t even aware of how much scarcity they’re carrying around.

The problem is that thoughts of scarcity, even if they’re unconscious, keep us locked in a program of scarcity. They keep us from the truth, which is that there’s more than enough .

And the OTHER truth, which is that you have the ability to create any amount of money you want, whenever you want.

So how do you break free of scarcity thinking, once and for all?

First, focus on Truth-with-a-capital-T.

Our lives are created by our perceptions and the meaning we make out of what we perceive.

Most people are making their circumstances into truth. They look at the bank account and conclude, “I don’t have any money.”

But circumstances are not Truth. Truth is truth. And Universal Law contains two BIG truths that are pivotal for breaking free from the scarcity illusion:

  • Supply is infinite, and comes to us from Source through other people
  • You cannot have a Desire without it already being present in your life

The first step, then, is to put more focus and more energy into TRUTH over being swayed by your circumstances.

An empty bank account may be your circumstances. But circumstances are not Truth. Truth is truth.   Focus on Truth, and bless the circumstances.

Next, train yourself to see the abundance that is all around you.

Our brains are wired to continually look for evidence to validate our beliefs. It’s called the Reticular Activating System, and your mind will literally filter what it sees and take in only the evidence that confirms your beliefs, while the rest goes unnoticed.

The problem is, most people are filtering their awareness for scarcity – because their core belief is in “not enough.”

So you have to begin to train your mind to look for evidence of MORE. Which is why I love to play a little game I call “Spot the Abundance!”

There’s an abundance of leaves on the trees…

There’s an abundance of food at the grocery store…

There’s an abundance of cars on the road…

There’s even an abundance of people who are making a ton of money doing what they love.

(This is one of the reasons we always tell our prospective clients to read our success stories – they’re training themselves to see the abundance!)

Best part is, the more you do the easier it becomes, and your reality begins to shift in support of the Truth.

Finally – and this is the biggie – create a new experience.

Short of using brain-shifting modalities like NLP, and magical techniques that are too big for the scope for this article… there are two ways to re-wire yourself in favor of a new belief. (And even if you do use modalities like NLP, you still need to do these two things.)

The first is repetition. Bringing yourself back to the “new way,” over and over again. To a certain extent you can’t get around this practice. But it’s the slower road, requiring your awareness and conscious choice.

The second is by speed. Create a experience so quickly that your subconscious mind doesn’t have a chance to stop you.

This is my all-time FAVORITE way to re-wire yourself for abundance!

When you give yourself a new experience, your squishy mind can’t argue with that kind of hard evidence, so it has to accept the new experience as fact, and this forms a new belief.

That’s why for the past 6 years, one of my specialties has been teaching people how to create, market and fill high-end programs. It’s a great strategy for an experience of creating more money.

Once you’ve created, say, your first $10k in a month… your mind starts to get on board with the idea. “Hey, this is actually possible.”   Do it again… and again… and at a certain point, it becomes the New Normal.

If you’re really ready to break free from money scarcity, do this:

  • Focus on the higher truths: it IS possible for you, and the money is already there.
  • Get very clear on what the first breakthrough is. $5000? $10,000?
  • Create or obtain a plan for making the money. This is where a coach or mentor can help.
  • Use manifesting principles coupled with that strategic plan, to create that experience.
  • Do it again. And again. And again!

This is how I was able to go from $10,000 per year in my business to 7-figures.

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