Have you ever become BORED with your manifesting goals… before they happen? 

Years and years ago, when I was just beginning to get intentional about goals… I started to notice something. 

My short-term goals really didn’t excite me that much. 

Often, I was choosing a goal because I “wanted” to “get” something – aka calling in $10k per month to get out of the pain of running on fumes financially.  Or “I need $20k this month to pay my bills and invest in that next program I want to do.” 

Now, I’m NOT saying that you’re never going to have these kinds of goals. 

These kinds of goals are the “snap your fingers and it appears” kinds of goals that the 30-Day Game Plan (that we use in Highest Level Manifesting) was designed for for. 

And the more you work the 30-Day Game Plan, and BE at your Highest Level – you’re going to notice that calling in these “bread and butter” goals really does start to happen like clockwork.   

But when they’re NOT coming in like clockwork in the physical right now… then one of two things is likely going to happen. 

You’ll start to get bored.  And go into “when is this going to show up already, so I can move on” kinds of thoughts 

You’ll focus SO MUCH on the OUTCOME of these goals, that you go into tunnel vision or attachment – both of which will cut your manifesting off at the knees, so to speak.

Both of these are LACK-based thinking, rather than allowing yourself to BE in a state of EXPANSION. 

A simple way OUT of all that? 

Tune into the BIGGER vision!

Having the BIGGER vision will allow you to create something that REALLY speaks to you – no matter where you are (in the physical) right NOW. 

You can get out of the “should”s and “I’m just going for this right now” and turn ON that part of you that wants to STRETCH into something even MORE. 

And guess what? 

When you have THAT, you’ll bring THAT to your CURRENT goals, your short-term goals… and everything else you’re bringing to life.

Good times.  😉 

So for this practice, we’re going to tune into the BIGGER vision of what you want to create.  And then we’re going to write it into reality using our favorite tool – the Gratitude Statement. 

The only RULE is that you have to tune into what you REALLY want.  Part of the point, here, is to drop the inhibitions and GO for it.  Remember: if others’ judgments, thoughts, and opinions didn’t matter… what then? 

So this is how we do it… 

Start by sketching out that bigger vision.  Imagine what’s going down for you on the physical plane, 3 years from now. 

You’re making the money you want, doing ONLY what you want, with WHO you want… and it’s all on YOUR terms, 1000%. 

We have a number of question sets in Highest Level Manifesting that you can riff off of – here are some starters… 

  • What does your business now look like? 
  • How much money are you making? 
  • How much money do you have invested?  What kinds of investments? 
  • What returns are you making on your investments? 
  • How much time off do you have?  What is your schedule? 
  • What’s your family life looking like? 
  • What is your social life like? 
  • How are you spending your free time? 
  • What is your health like? 
  • What kind of trips, trainings and cool experiences have you had? 
  • What are your spiritual practices? 
  • How are you giving back? 

Be sure to include things that are specific, measurable and tangible… and to have your WHY for each of the BIG things. 

Then, go through and piece by piece, turn those into present tense gratitude statements… 

“It’s [DATE – three years from now] and I’m so happy and grateful now that…” 

And start to put your attention THERE… rather than what “has” to happen in a year. 

Cool SIDE EFFECT Of This Exercise… 

When you do this, and really DO it… and stay connected to this BIGGER vision… you’re going to notice that you’re calling in things a LOT faster. 

I said earlier that this is an “old school” exercise.  You may have done variations on it before.  It’s been around. 

I first got it from a mentor in the early days, who claimed that when you do this…  

… you’ll often be shocked to see many of your “3 year goals” coming true in a year or less. 

I, too, have found this to be true.   

A bigger vision is like rocket fuel for all the things you’re calling in NOW.   

Give this exercise a try and set yourself up to manifest your biggest, boldest dreams this year and beyond. 

And leave me a comment below and let me know what your vision looks like. Manifesting is even more powerful when we do it together.

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