It’s no secret that we’re living in crazy times… 

As a magician, master marketer, and someone who has always been fascinated with psychology and why we do what we do as humans… 

Even my own mind is getting blown more and more every day. 

Collectively, we are right in the thick of a huge awakening process.  

Regardless of what side you may consider yourself to be on, or what your particular lensing of the situation is…

It’s safe to say that all of us are being broken out of one trance, rut, pattern, or another. 

And on the one hand, that’s actually a very good thing. 

Because experienced magicians know that any change requires a breakdown.

Breakdowns are nothing to be afraid of… 

But it’s in how we HANDLE that breakdown process, how GROUNDED we can be in the physical world (while also embodying our Highest Level Frequency) that determines the outcome on the other side.

It’s the choices that we make in each Now moment that take things from the non-physical plane to the physical plane. 

And that is why it is CRUCIAL to focus on what you are choosing to create right now. 

If you’re like me – you might be realizing that your PRIMARY role in this is as a creator. 

So if you’re finding yourself getting caught up in all the drama… 

I’m going to invite you to shift your focus to what you DESIRE instead.  

My way of getting at the truth of all of the conflicting information that’s swirling around us right now…

Is to hold ALL of the perspectives and then go meta and ask what’s true.  

(This is nothing new … I’ve been teaching this to my clients for years in all of our metaphysical programs). 

I don’t know every last move or where every piece is on the galactic chess board. I don’t know “why” any of this is happening. 

But the point is that I don’t really NEED to know … and neither do you. 

And you don’t NEED to be spending hours on fruitless rabbit holes trying to figure it out.

If you want to choose out of being pulled into every last drama as it’s playing out right now … you CAN.

You can choose to focus on what you want instead.

You chose to incarnate on this planet, at this moment, for a reason.

If you’re a coach, healer, teacher, mentor, channel or conduit…

Your soul knew that we would be in this precious time when the whole world would be waking up. And that there would be a need for new levels of consciousness.

And you answered that call. 

And you also have the call to actualize your mission on the planet in a highly abundant, profitable way where you get to be nourished and resourced and have the freedom that is your birthright.  

It’s why certain obstacles were placed in your path. 
It’s why you said yes your own healing. 
It’s why you went to coaching school or energy healing school. 
It’s why you’re called to deliver your service in a certain way. 
And why you chose to start and build your business.  

And here we are on the next step of the path. 

Everything that you’ve done up until this point has prepared you for this next step of the journey, and for this exact Now moment that we find ourselves in.  

So you’ve got to decide on the outcome you want to create.  

I know that we’re all crazy distracted right now… 

And our nervous systems are getting battered every day… 

It’s ok to rest and manage your energy… 

But it’s NOT ok to quit. It’s not ok to stop halfway through.  

Your first power is your choice as to where you put your greatest attention. 

My invitation to you is that you get very, very clear about where you want the energy called your attention to go. 

What are you going to choose to focus on? 

May I suggest … focusing on your vision.  

Focus on the “Why” behind your vision. 

And if you’ve been pulled out of touch with your Why … it’s really important that you get connected back to it.  

Focus on your people and the people who need you – the people you are divinely contracted to help, and the transformation you are here to offer them. 

As we go through this great awakening, I am a stand for the actualization of your mission and vision and the raising of consciousness on the planet. 

Because MY mission (that I was given over a decade ago now…) 

Is to bring magic to the mainstream. 

And how I’m going to do that is to help magicians package their magic and use their power of attention so they can create seven-figure businesses. With a lot of that in profit.  

My mission in this now moment is to help 500 of you create seven-figure businesses. 

That’s where MY attention is going to go over the next five years. 

But I can’t do that if my attention is all over the place, all day every day.  

The best thing that I can do for the collective right now is NOT to be glued to every latest happening (while of course staying informed) … it’s focusing on my mission. 

So if you’re feeling the chaos, what I invite you to do… 

Is literally set aside some time to reconnect with your vision. 

And CLEARLY decide … where you are choosing to put your attention. 

Because these are pivotal times. 

And your attention, power, and magic is deeply needed.

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