Don’t know about you?

I love trains.

Living in New York City, in my 20’s and early 30’s… I got around on the subway.

Clinton Street in Brooklyn up to my first serious boyfriend’s apartment on West 82nd. 

Court Street to 8th Street, for grad school at NYU.  

Atlantic Avenue to Hoboken to hang with the witches every other weekend. 

Ace Bar in the East Village, where all the comics makers used to gather… 

Top of Times Square, then haul bum-bum alllll the way to W 50th & 10th Ave for fiddle practice… 

And back again! 

I rode the subway every day. 

And I loved the subway, because it was waaaay more than just a way to get to wherever I was going. 

The subway was a place where… after ritual, or a long day at the data center, or a long night fixing stuff… or a night out laughing my head off…  

… I could just… let go of everything and drop in. 

Let go of EVERYTHING… listen to the whirr of wheels and the swish of air on the windows, feeling the gentle sway of the cars as we went… 

… and allow myself to be held as we raced to our destination.  Usually at lightning speed. 

Yes, there were times when the subway was crowded.  Or slow.  Or I rode with someone’s backpack or butt in my face. 

Even then, though… the subway was doing its thing. 

I don’t really remember those “butt in face” times.  * laugh * 

I DO remember many, many times when I would put my bag or backpack or fiddle case down… close my eyes… and drop into Empty Presence, another dimension… and from there, make whatever magic I was making that day. 

While the train rode the track… 

And somebody else did the driving. 

Some of my most effective, best, most powerful magic got done – not in circle, not at my altar at home – but on those rides… while the train sped along the track.  The same track that held hundreds of trains, thousands of trains over the span of five years…10 years… 50 years… in some cases, even 100 years. 

And when I wasn’t making magic, I was resting, reading, thinking or nourishing myself in some other way. 


wasn’t thinking about HOW I was going to get from the Upper East to Henry Street in Brooklyn at 3 in the afternoon. 

wasn’t worried that we might go too fast, or “something might happen” or somehow I wouldn’t get there. 

wasn’t “doing” anything to get us from Point A to Point B… other than stepping ON the train so the doors could close. 

wasn’t out there pushing the train, or hustling to get it to go faster! 

I could just sit back and let the track and train do the thing. 

I knew that I could just get on… and the train would go.  Way faster than I ever could.  

I’ve been thinking about these train rides lately. 

If you truly want Epic Expansion – and additional high multi-six or seven figures in your bank account as a transformational leader… 

I’ve found that there are two “big picture” paths you can take, vis-a-vis “hustle.” 

The first is to source all the success yourself.  Buy into the illusion that it’s all coming from you, from your life force energy.   

Aka “doing the do.” 

And guess what?  You can TOTALLY get to seven figures doing-the-do all yourself! 

And on the surface, it might not even seem like you’re “pushing” or “straining.” 

But the hustle is kinda invisible, isn’t it? 

One of our Highest Level Leader clients helps women entrepreneurs sell their businesses.  We often joke about how you can totally FAKE your way to seven figures. 

cringe at the word “fake.”  Nothing wrong with getting there any way you can, or choose. 

It’s just that… in that scenario… once you stop throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks, the money goes bye-bye. 

That’s unfun. 😎 

The OTHER way is to set up systems and structures to do the work FOR you. 

On our team, we call it “laying track.”  Hence the train metaphor. 😎  

You set up the track.  Track has rails.  Your train (biz) goes on the rails.  

Rails hold the train on the track as it goes faster and faster They keep you from flipping off the rails.  And, ultimately… get you where you want to go. 

Pretty cool! 

Here’s something I just love about “laying track” in a transformational business. 

In business, many kinds of “track” can be laid WITHOUT you always knowing where the track will ultimately lead. 

The right track can take you to places that you don’t even know about yet. 

How cool is this? 

With the right track, you don’t even need to know every detail. 

You need to have SOME ideal, of course. 

Gotta have the vision. 

But once you have the track laid… sooooo many more possibilities for reaching your goals – and creating cool stuff – drop into your field. 

Now… here’s a little more about how we lay track. 

When we work with experienced coaches-healers-lightworkers-mentors-teachers to scale to seven figures without all the “do do do”… 

… the first track we lay is Easy YES Offers.  Hot Offers.  Offers that are so spot on, they easily sell WITHOUT getting on the phone. 

Usually two.  A short-term or Front Door offer, and a Recurring Income Offer where you serve those clients ongoing. 

Of course, you can create many more offers, if you want to. 

But those two offers are the key structure that money flows INTO.  Those two offers set up recurring revenue that the Leaders can count on.  

Why?  Because they SELL. 

Our Leaders aren’t throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. 

They know that when they get these offers tight, they can throw out some messages and make some sales. 

And of course, build up from there. 

When they have their 2 core offers, additional offers become a vehicle for expression and impact – a “want to” versus a “have to.” 

And then… we lay the track of spot-on messaging that keeps those offers consistently FULL.   

Emails and posts that get seen, read and hands raised – i.e. “I want that.” 

Lately I’ve been handing our Highest Level Leaders additional track in the form of “plug and play” marketing sequences – including a 5-day sequence that recently brought in $350k for us… just so far. 

Another important piece of track to lay is your core energy pattern – your Frequency. 

Frequency is interesting… 

On the one hand, your Frequency is “track.”  The energy pattern you broadcast out will determine what perceptions and opportunities come your way. 

If you’re not embodying the energy of the leader who allows in high multi-six figures or even seven figures in profit – then you won’t even see the opportunities that already exist to create that now. 

On the other hand, given how our brains operate… your Frequency isn’t “track,” per se… because it usually needs some help to stay in place.   

Additional “track” is really helpful to maintain your Frequency.   

Your brain is really smart.  It wants “the old way” to be in place because it knows it can survive that.  So it will try to pull you into the old vibration. 

Sure, you can do clearings, journaling, mindset work, meditation, etc to control your brain. 

And that stuff is useful!  I use all of those tools and many more on a regular basis. 

What’s even more useful, I’ve found, is using them alongside STRUCTURES outside of you, that are there to hold the energy pattern in place, regardless of what you are doing. 

The “track” of systems, structures and strategy. 

Because otherwise – I’ll give ya 3-guesses-and-the-first-two-don’t-count as to who is doing the work to keep your Frequency in place! 

Frequency vs. Strategy isn’t an “either / or” but a “yes, AND.” 

I have found success to be 90% energy, 10% execution. 

That 10% execution” bit – i.e., the strategies, the physical plane stuff, the systems, the TRACK…  

It may not seem like much, but… without it? 

That 90% is barely possible. 

Sure you can do it, but it’s harrrrrrd 

And while personal responsibility is the name of the game… 

(i.e. it’s up to YOU, ultimately, to keep your energy pattern where you want it to be…) 

You can also allow offers, systems, messaging, team and – my favorite – your multidimensionality… to be the TRACK, that lightens the load, and takes you right where you want to go. 

This right here is why I love trains! 

So… What kind of track are you laying right now? 

You can let me know by commenting on my transmission over in Ultra-Premium Client Attraction, HERE.

I invite you to share what this sparks for you… and of course, updates on the track you’re layin’ right now. 

That will let me know that you found value in this transmission… 

Plus, your comments are part of the energy exchange that will support the team and I in making more content like this for you. 

Let me know your thoughts HERE.

Love & magic 


PS: If you’re ready to get out of the “do do do”… and lay some track that will take you to $500k+, high-profit… WITHOUT spending hours on sales calls… 

We’ve got a couple of spaces open in the Highest Level Leader Collective. 

This is where we take your hard-to-sell offers, and turn them into high-end recurring revenue machines. 

“Track” that brings you to $50k-$100k months, banked in advance. 

I am just LOVING what we’ve added to HLLC. 

As I said – in addition to our usual Easy Yes Offers + Messaging + Frequency jam, we’ve been rolling out “plug and play” marketing sequences, to help you line up income, predictably and consistently. 

For example, we have a sequence (a quick hack, really) for you to line up $100k+ in sales in a weekend.  All over Messenger. 

We’ve also created a brand new 5-day campaign for Facebook groups that Leaders have already used to line up $100k+ in sales at a time. 

Also, the Leaders have been collaborating with each other like CRAZY.  

Ever wished you could be in a coaching program where you can openly share your work, and invite other members to promote it for you, and have 3-10 aligned partners jump in with YES, right there on the spot? 

This is how we do. 

If it’s your time for $50k-$100k months without getting on the phone, or a lot of marketing “hoo ha” that drives you into the ground… we have a few spots open.

Contact us NOW and we’ll see if we can help.  

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