I’m NOT here to “wake you up.”

I’m not here to tell you or show you that the virus is a hoax … or isn’t a hoax.

I’m not here to tell you that you need to wear a mask… or you shouldn’t wear a mask.

I’m not here to evoke an emotional response in you by posting inflammatory arguments in your newsfeed.

I’m not here to tell you that we are being manipulated by the mainstream media, or that our freedoms are being stripped away.

I’m not here to tell you to buy silver, gold, or bitcoin because our financial system has been engineered to implode, and the dollar will be the first (or last) to fall.

I’m not even here to help you bust out of the matrix, or clear away all of your illusions.

(Wellokmaybe SOME of your illusions.  😉 )

I AM here…

To empower YOU, magician, to create what’s next.

We’ve heard that the world as we know it is gone, and it’s never coming back.

Well… despite the dramatics of the Now moment … that has always been true.   A minute passes and it is never coming back.

What has also always been true is that change require leadership.  And not just political leaders, business leaders, medical leaders, social leaders and community activists.

Obviously, we need those, too.

But the biggest call for leadership, that’s hiding in plain sight?

To my lensing, THAT call is for leaders in consciousness.

By Universal Law, we only receive in response to our asking.  We are in the middle of this massive illusion disillusion in no small part because we called it in as a collective.

And now that it’s here and the dissolution is in progress… a new level of consciousness is required to replace the old.

A new level of leadership and understanding ALONG WITH the vibrational field that goes with it.

To that end… I see you.

Maybe you’re getting a little tired of all the red pills, the righteousness in your Instagram feed, blocking people on Facebook, and the firebombs being lobbed at your nervous system left and right.

(Or maybe that’s just me…  😉 )

I’m NOT here to add to any of that.

What I’m interested in… is who you are choosing to BE.

And I’m very, VERY interested in what we chose to CREATE from here.

I’m interested in our unique role in creating it as coaches, energy workers, healers, empaths, psychics and all manner of magicians.

I’m interested in our next moves.

Because now that the illusions are dropping, and the reset is here… the work really begins.

The work of returning to the collective the four tools that grant humans their power:

  • PERCEPTION to create reality.
  • ENERGY to embody a new way of being.
  • FAITH that the desire change is already here.
  • And the CHOICE to bring it into form.

This is big work and it requires BEing at our Highest Level NOW.

I’ve been in the online transformation space for a really long time.

10 years ago, the conversation was all about “old structures crumbling” and “people are waking up” and ushering in a “new 5D consciousness.”

Our industry exploded with people who had a sense that the old way of doing things could not hold.

Many of us were just waking up to our powers as magicians.

Now … the time we’re preparing for is here.

All the work you’ve done on yourself has prepared you for this now moment.

Whatever called you to your path, whether it’s coaching, energy healing, channeling, hypnosis, NLP, or something else … it wasn’t a random happening.

It was an answer to a call.

And the NEXT level of this calling is here.

It’s asking you to model what being a whole and complete leader really means.

To EMBODY and provide an example of who humans really are and what we are truly capable of.

And to do that…

It’s time to stop scrolling. It’s time to stop waiting for the next shoe to drop.

Choose to extricate yourself…

Snap into being the Highest Level expression of you that already exists…

And get to work.

Amplifying your magic.  Amplifying your results with clients.  Amplifying your impact while loving your life and allowing in epic financial abundance along the way.

As leaders, we know that the real force of change on the planet is consciousness first, vibration second.

I believe the transformational leaders have a huge role to play in what is unfolding.

But we have to CHOOSE … to step into it.

So on this day in this Now moment I ask you…

What is the contribution that you know you’re here to make?  And what do you choose to CREATE, right now?

You always know.

And if you’ve been on this path for a while you definitely know.

Whatever it is … it’s time to do it.

And it’s time to go next level with it.

Because we’re all counting on each other to step up.

And you are needed.

Love and magic,



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