If you’re on the “sales” hamster wheel, it’s in part because our industry perpetuates the one time sale mindset. 

Get the clients. Sell the tripwire. Get people signing up for your lead magnet and buy our low-end, front end offer.  Launch, launch, launch. 

Well, what happens when the launch or campaign is over? 

Starting right back at zero at the beginning of the month!! 

It’s so ingrained that most peeps don’t even notice it.  

Oh I have to go get clients again.”  

Except that it’s exhausting! 

So it’s easy to miss a key “3D reality” about business, and that is….  

Every business needs REPEAT business in order to survive.  Including yours. 


Because your business consumes, as well as creates. 

Your VA. Your web designer. Your tech guy. Your business manager. Infusionsoft, web hosting, buying domains, mentoring and training courses. Travel. 

Facebook ads. “emergency expenses.” 

And then how about paying yourself!! 

ALL of that must go OUT whether you make sales this month or not. 


Your business MUST create more than it consumes. 

And you can’t do that over the long haul without REPEAT business. 

For repeat business, you have a couple of options. 

One, create multiple programs, and burn yourself into the ground while re-enrolling your peeps into your latest “new thing.” 

OR… create TWO (or maybe three) programs, designed so that your clients flow from one to the other… 

… and work with your Highest Level Clients month after month, year after year. Help them get results, month after month and year after year. 

GROW with them. Keep growing. 

Create a program that grows right along with you. 

And keep getting paid – for 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 months. 

This is the Recurring Income Mindset. 

It’s what gets you those $50k-$100k months, banked in advance – without endless launching, longAF sales calls, or having to spend half your time learning webinars or whatever the latest “tactic” is. 

Recurring Income Mindset cuts your marketing by a third or even half. 

Most importantly, it’s what frees you up to SERVE your clients and CREATE new amazing expressions of your soul-level work … while being fully supported financially. 

I don’t know about you? 

But I’ll take serving from my place of Highest Level over scrambling, any day of the week.  And help our clients do the same. 

To that end… 

We have a few spaces open in the Highest Level Leader Collective. 

This is for women entrepreneurs who are at low-six or low-multi-six figures, and are ready to trade chasing the next client for $50k-$100k months, banked in advance, without webinars, launches, or long sales calls. 

Our goal: to scale to $500k-$1m+, using just TWO Easy Yes Offers that you don’t have to get on the phone to sell. 

You’ll cut your marketing time by a third, or even by half, and your sales calls down to zero, if you choose. 

Because we’ll set you up with the TWO offer structure that leads to “Easy YES” recurring high-end income. 

Think you might like to join us? 

Next step is to CONTACT US to let us know.

We’ll ask a few questions to make sure we can help you get the result, then we’ll send over a remarkably Unfancy PDF, with all the details. 

Contact us NOW to request more details.   

Love & magic, 


PS: One of our current Highest Level Leader clients recently signed up 16 people into her Front Door Offer. 

From there, 7 of them went into her 12-month Recurring Income Offer… just so far. 

No launch. 

No sales calls. 

Now, in full transparency, she has some other income-generating stuff going on. 

But this new offer is going to move the needle for sure. 

Her words to me… 

“I can’t NOT hit 7 figures next year. It’s like mathematically impossible, right?” 

Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed… (2020 being proof of that!) 

… but I’d bet a keto milkshake on those odds.  😉 

Contact us NOW to let us know you want an invite for the Highest Level Leader Collective.

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