If you want to scale to 50k or 100k months…. 

…. there is a KEY decision that you need to make first! 

Actually, two decisions. 

The first decision, of course, is that you’re going to SCALE in the first place.   

After all, you don’t HAVE to grow your business to multi-six to seven figure levels! 

The second decision is a little trickier to see… until (unfortunately) you’ve spent a ton of time, energy, attention and money. 

Here’s what I mean… 

Over the past year, we’ve had a TON of people reach out to us and say that they’re just NOT willing to do all the “marketing hustle” any longer. 

“I’m just NOT willing to do it the old way,” they say. 

Okay, I’ll say.  So what’s the “old way”? 

And they say things like… 

I joined [XYZ] program and it was all webinars and sales calls… 

My last mentor told me I’ll need to hire something like five people…  

It’s so much work to get those funnels going. 

The way I’ve been doing it has me way too much in my masculine…  

I don’t like the energy of how my last mentor taught sales…  

I don’t want to be pushing and striving and launching all the time… 

I’ve got two young kids… 

I just turned 50… 

I need a way to scale that’s SUSTAINABLE. 

I can relate to allllll of this.  (Young kid?  About to turn 50?  Yep. 😉 ) 

And I can tell you from first-hand experience that “I’m hustling my butt off and I’m just TIRED of it…” is a painful place to be. 

Not just because of the doing, and the striving, the driving and all of that. 

But because of the INVESTMENT you put in, before you go, stop the merry-go-round, I want to get off. 

Getting to where you are… where you’re ready to call in a LOT more money, help more people, get your magic out… has already taken a lot of work. 

Which is why this 2nd key decision is so important to make consciously, if you’re wanting to really go for it… and scale to those $50k – $100k months. 

The decision is THIS… 

Which METHOD are you going to use to scale? 

Like… how are you actually gonna DO it? 

Back when I was starting out, there was really only one way to scale to 1 million or more in a transformational business: live events. 

For many, many years… this was really the only way peeps had figured out how to do it.   

Then came launches. Followed by “Facebook ad to webinar to a sales call.”  

Followed by funnels with a low-end product at the top.  Then live launches in a Facebook group.  And so on. 

It’s fun to watch the industry evolve.  I, for one, am SO grateful that we have so many more choices now! 

But it comes with a challenge that you may not even be aware of…  saying YES to a scaling method without really understanding what you’re getting yourself into. 

See… when you join a program, you may not realize it, but….  

On the one hand, you’re saying yes to a RESULT.  The result you want to create.   

AND… you’re also saying YES to that person’s methodology. 

There’s nothing wrong with this.  Indeed, I’d argue that that’s the way it should be! 

It is, however, something that most people never think about… when it’s one of the most important things to be aware of. 

Because whatever that methodology entails is going to impact not “just” your business… but your entire experience of LIFE. 

If you’ve chosen a way to scale that is dependent on webinars and sales calls… guess what? You’re going to be doing a lot of webinars and sales calls! 

If the methodology is dependent on leading live events or virtual workshops…. guess what?  That’s what you’re going to be doing! 

I know I may sound like Captain Obvious here. 

But when you’re feeling strongly called to change your situation, and you’ve got a sales person telling you “this is the best way” – and all of your Facebook feed ads are showing you “the best” way to scale…  

… it’s really easy to say yes to something that, a year later… is going to have you hating life. 

One of the key decisions that you will ever make in your business is your decision about HOW you’re going to scale.  The methodology you’re going to use. 

Sometimes this does take a little bit of trial and error.   

But at this stage of our evolution as transformational leaders… you want to make this decision CONSCIOUSLY. 

You want a methodology that really suits your biggest vision. 

Because you have BIG things to be, do and create.   

And your time, energy, life minutes… all of those things are extremely valuable.  Precious, even. 

The end of the year is almost here. 

And maybe you’re at a choice point? 

That’s why… over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to be sharing about the “HOW” of how we help our clients scale to $50k-$100k… WITHOUT webinars, launches or sales calls. 

We’re committed to helping a LOT more transformational leaders get their magic out, by SCALING said magic to very high income and service levels. 

If you’re looking for a DIFFERENT way… one that sets you up to have recurring income banked in advance, takes you to $500k or more, in 20 hours a week, once everything is firing on all cylinders… 

… Sustainable Scaling™ might be a way that works for your goals and your lifestyle. 

Meanwhile… I’m curious if this message resonates? 

If you’ve made it alllll the way to the bottom… and you’re feeling what I’m saying here… 

… COMMENT and let us know.  We love hearing from you! 

Love & magic, 


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