Oversee all “top of funnel” lead generation to grow a thriving community of ambitious, master-level coaches and healers who want to make BIG money while shifting consciousness on the planet 

Are you a WHIZ at online marketing – especially “top of funnel” (a.k.a. all things lead generation, from opt-in pages to organic traffic)? 

Do you LOVE to geek out on strategies like social (FB/Insta/LinkedIn/YT), podcasts and partnerships to grow an engaged, responsive community? 

Can you bring out the best in the team members you manage, keeping their eye on the ball and aligned with values… while hitting your monthly metrics? 

Let’s face it… with all the webinar-ing, live launching, “get clients from Facebook”-ing and funnel hacking available today… pretty much ANYONE can take a few courses and call themselves a marketing expert. 

It takes a certain kind of person, though, to fully GET that, when used for the highest and best good… great marketing is about relationships, deep connection, and creating community. 

This is the bigger goal and deeper WHY of our “Top of Funnel” Marketing Manager position.   

At 7-Figure Goddess®, we’re on a mission to take at least 1000 experienced coaches, healers, energy workers and consciousness teachers to HIGH multi-six-figures, with most of that in profit. 

As our Top of Funnel Marketing Manager, your role is to grow our community and keep our pipeline FULL of the PERFECT people – the extraordinary souls we’re Divinely Contracted to serve. 

You’ll lead all initiatives to bring people INTO our pipeline: interviews, speaking engagements, promotional partners, our upcoming podcast, and Facebook ads.  You’ll manage our super-simple funnels, plus kick out other lead generation projects as they arise . 

Here’s why this is a unique opportunity you won’t find anywhere else… 

For one, you’re going to have the distinct pleasure of taking us from “best kept secret” to rule-breaking, show-‘em’-how-it’s-done industry leader…. Highest Level Style. 

What do I mean by that? 

When it comes to our peeps (super-woo coaches and teachers), we know a thing or two.  I (Elizabeth, the CEO) have lead us to well over $10m in sales since 2007, and our clients have made millions more.    All while with a small audience, and while staying (mostly!) low profile.   

Now, it’s time to reach MANY more people… while leading from our Highest Level. 

We have a huge AVERSION to old school, fear-based, trauma-trigger marketing.  Us-vs-them, shame and blame, “I know that’s best for you because I’m the expert” pressing the envy button, etc.  All of these are damaging marketing tropes that have to GO. 

We are committed to modeling a NEW WAY, with the fundamentals at the core, and yet based in Divine Love, equanimity, and recognizing humans as the Diving BE-ings they are.  All while holding high standards for achievement, an unflinching focus on RESULTS and taking an unapologetic stand for our clients making more money than most doctors. 

This is your dream job if you LOVE to create and track the RESULTS: the growing list, the greater conversions, etc.  AND… you GET that behind these are REAL HUMANS. 

You love making connections with partners and finding aligned opportunities.  You love the persuasion, psychology and “hacks” of online marketing, while at the same time, asking yourself, “How can I make this as connecting, loving and non-sucky as possible?”   

You get, deeply, that the best marketing calls people forward and higher, into the most fully expressed version of themselves.  

If you’re longing for an opportunity to use your skills to create MASSIVE impact inside a company that truly gives a shizzle…  this is an opportunity to make your mark. 

Key Outcomes You’ll Be Responsible For… 

  • Oversee and manage all “top-of-funnel” marketing initiatives, to consistently grow our communities (email and social) with ideal, “perfect fit” potential clients to meet our revenue, enrollment and service goals. 
  • Ensure seamless execution, process, and reporting of all current initiatives (website, lead generation funnels, regular booking of online speaking, relationships with partners, social, etc) and new projects (launching our podcast, Facebook ads, book funnel, etc). 
  • Work closely with CEO and team members to develop overall strategy, specific campaigns and initiatives.  Bring insights and fresh ideas to the table.  Ultimately, you’ll own these entirely, from creation to execution. 
  • Manage and lead the marketing team, including copywriters, content creators, marketing assistants and any vendors or contractors engaged for specific projects.   
  • Maintain all 7-Figure Goddess® client avatars; have a deep understanding of “our people” – their needs, their Desires, what makes them tick, what inspires them to take action; be able to guide other team members in their understanding 
  • Drive 7-Figure Goddess® community growth: email list, social media platforms, and working with promotional partners; meet monthly goals for community growth and engagement 
  • Work with “middle of funnel” team members to ensure the needed number of “hands raised” by ideal clients to meet revenue, enrollment and service goal. 
  • Work with team to ensure that all marketing tasks get completed on time: emails sent, socials posted, etc.  Ensure that all marketing initiatives and projects are brought to successful completion and that goals are met 
  • Random bullet point with the secret code: put the secret code phrase “Committed to Growth” in the subject line of your email application; thx 
  • Learn the marketing strategies that we specialize in (and teach our clients) inside and out; know enough about “contracted out” marketing strategies to work with team to get the job done.  Continually deepen and expand your marketing education.   
  • Understand the technology we use in house, such as ActiveCampaign, LeadPages, etc 
  • Create marketing project plans in Teamwork and other company tools. 
  • Provide as-needed training, marketing wisdom and “here’s how we do things” to clients in our higher level programs (this won’t be a huge part of the job, but it will come up) 
  • Document all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) related to marketing initiatives, community growth and lead generation; direct your team in doing the same. 

Requirements / Competencies –  

  • At least 2 years’ experience in “top of funnel” online marketing (aka lead generation), including funnels, using social to attract leads + community, and organic traffic (content marketing, podcasts, partners, summits, etc). Understanding of paid traffic is a major BONUS.  (We’ll be outsourcing this, but you will be leading the charge.) 
  • At least 2 years experience in online direct response copywriting.  Maybe you don’t do it now, but you’ve written the high-converting pages, emails, etc.   
  • At least 2 years of marketing project management.  Teamwork and Asana are your friends.  You break down big projects and manage the “fiddly details” without missing a beat; can handle multiple projects concurrently 
  • Deeply empathic; you know how to get in the heads of the market.  BONUS: you understand OUR market: experienced coaches and healers who want to add multi-six-figures to an already-off-the-ground biz. 
  • You can turn things around – or “turn on a dime” 😉 – QUICKLY and without drama.   
  • Results-focused, fully accountable; great follow-through and attention to detail. 
  • EXCELLENT persuasive communicator, written and oral, with a warm, loving style  
  • Team player.  We co-create everything around here, and have a collaborative, have-each-other’s-backs environment.  Can receive and give constructive feedback. 
  • Willing to grow and “do the work” on yourself while showing up powerfully at work.  If you are white, this includes actively working on dismantling racism, unconscious bias, and outdated power structures within yourself.   
  • GREAT at managing expectations in a positive way; holding boundaries while being expansive 
  • Available for occasional in-person events and travel (usually on the West Coast) 

To be clear, your team will start out small: just you, working with me!  But in short order, you’ll be working with outsourced teams, vendors, and in-house copywriters and assistants!  Ability to manage projects and lead team is a MUST. 

A couple more perks… 

  • Since you’re a marketing nerd, you’re going to LOVE it because you’re going to be working directly with one of the biggest marketing nerds around (me), with 14+ years of experience, including old school (pre-Internet) direct response.   
  • You’re going to learn some blow-your-mind, ridiculously EFFECTIVE strategies that barely ANYBODY else is teaching,  Your “figure it out” muscle is going to be tickled, because we’re going to bring a lot of these high-conversion strategies to the stuff you’ve already been doing.  

A couple “Need to Know”s 

  • This is an EMPLOYEE role. I’m not gonna say that you can’t have side hustles, but we use the employee model for a reason.  We are a small but growing team, where everyone must be all in.  We expect you to bring your FULL self to the role and rock it out. 
  • We’re in GO mode.  Gonna be a little more hustle… a little more flying by the seat of the pants… a little more “everyone pitches in where needed” after 12 months of team and offers restructuring.  As I said – it’s an opportunity to make your mark. 

This is a FULL TIME position, working VIRTUALLY.  We are West Coast based (Portland, Oregon.)  Pacific Time Zone NOT required, but we DO require being available during our work day (8a – 4pm PT).  Benefits package includes retirement, bonuses, plenty of paid time off, holidays, etc. 

We get many applications for each role we hire for, and we just don’t have time to interview many candidates.  So if you’re excited and think this might be your jam… you’ll want to STAND OUT for this opportunity. 


  1. Send an email to with a subject line of
    “Application: Marketing Manager” and the secret code phrase in it.  Include a cover letter with 2 paragraphs that tell us EXACTLY what makes you the BEST candidate for the position, PLUS a link to your website, Facebook profile and LinkedIn Profile. 
  2. Include a link to a short video (3 min or less) introducing yourself and how you will go above and beyond should you get this role.  (Note: We will stop watching at 3 min. ) 
  3. In your cover letter, include your minimum compensation requirements.  (Be strategic.  If you’re in our range for this position and all looks good, we’ll interview you.  If you shoot too high when you would have been happy with a lower number, we’ll miss out on connecting.  We BOTH bring value to the table here, so think “fair with room for growth” and “lowest that would make it a YES for you if all other conditions are met.”  If you are triggered by this, do not apply.) 
  4. Make sure your email subject line has the secret code in it.  If you don’t have the secret code, then don’t apply.   

2 more quick notes: 

  • We’re in the middle of a rebrand, so you will also see the name “Feminine Magic®” on our stuff.  (Please, no recommendations on how to improve our website / social presence.) 
  • We are committed to dismantling systems of oppression, including and especially racism.  We are LGBTQ-affirming and are committed to fair and equitable business practices and creating inclusive spaces.  We’re NOT perfect – we have a long way to go to meet our own standards here – but we ARE committed.  We believe the personal development industry needs to do better.  We encourage candidates to apply who share these commitments and will do the work with us to be a part of the solution.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got! 

Love & magic,  

The 7-Figure Goddess® Team