Meet the Team

Elizabeth Purvis

CEO & Creator of 7-Figure Goddess®

Elizabeth Purvis is a master business coach and metaphysical teacher to thousands of women around the world. She is the creator of 7-Figure Goddess®, where her specialty is leading experienced coaches, healers, mentors and spiritual teachers to embody their Highest Level and scale their businesses on demand…. without webinars, launches, or sales calls.

Elizabeth combines her in-depth expertise of transformational coaching, digital marketing, and online entrepreneurship with her two decades of metaphysical practice to empower her clients to manifest their biggest, boldest money and lifestyle goals while delivering their soul-purpose work.  Her client’s phenomenal, real world results are known and unparalleled in the industry. Many of them create substantial income breakthroughs in a few short weeks or months.

A priestess & practitioner of Western esoteric traditions for over 20 years and with over a decade online in the personal development industry, Elizabeth is a success mentor, certified Akashic Records Trainer (, certified Master NLP Practitioner (NLP Marin) and initiate in the Ascended Mastery Lineage of Thoth (

In another life, she was an engineer, and holds a Masters of Computer Science from New York University.   She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, the artist Leland Purvis, and their daughter Brigit.

Learn more about Elizabeth’s lineage (including training and certifications) below:

Tamika Auwai

Content Marketing Goddess

If you’re hanging out with us on social media, reading our weekly newsletter, or popping by the blog, you’ve experienced the magic of our Content Marketing Goddess, Tamika Auwai.

A long-time client turned colleague, trusted advisor, and friend, Tamika embodies the 7-Figure Goddess® message, tunes directly into the needs of our community and turns our team ideas and client Desires into amazing resources that inspire and connect with our community on the daily.

Tamika brings over 10 years in Corporate Marketing Communications, 8 years of entrepreneurship in the online space and an abundance of empathic intuition to every piece of content she produces at 7-Figure Goddess®.

Amber Murphy

Program Liaison Goddess

A natural empath with a background in transformational services, Amber’s variety of interpersonal and organizational skills help bring the 7-Figure Goddess® vision to life.

Whether she’s creating content for our newsletters and social media, or communicating directly with clients, Amber tunes into the needs and desires of our clients to provide an authentic and expansive experience for every member of our community.

Relationships and her loved ones are always her top priority, and you’ll often find her gathered with her closest friends and family… usually around a homemade, wood-fired pizza.

Kailey Abbruzzi

Adminstrative Assistant Goddess

With a wide variety of experience and natural ability to adapt, Kailey is a wearer of many hats. She contributes to 7-Figure Goddess® by supporting multiple departments with her administrative skills.

Her background is mainly in transformational services whether through spiritual development or the raising of butterflies. Her passion lies in the experience and love of life and is sure to infuse that in every task she tackles.

When she’s not supporting Team Goddess, she’s either swimming in the ocean, dancing in her living room, or eating mac and cheese.


Halle Eavelyn

Mindset Coach

Featured in Time Magazine, Good Morning America, USA Today, and The Huffington Post, Halle Eavelyn has helped over 1500 clients break through life-long traumas and powerfully co-create a masterpiece of their lives.

As a speaker, author, global tour leader, and business strategist to 6, 7, and 8 figure entrepreneurs and celebrities, Halle provides the clarity, support, and strategy they need to confidently step into the highest expression of themselves while making the money they deserve.

Our Values

This is how we roll, in business and in life.


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