If you want $50k-$100k months, banked in advancethere’s a very special number to pay attention to. 

Few few coaches, healers and mentors actually know about itand even fewer track it. 

It’s NOT the size of your list, or the number of peeps who follow you on Facebook 
or Insta. 

It’s NOT how many LEADS you’re bringing in. 

It’s NOT even the number of clients you sign on! 

The number that determines the power your biz has to create cash on autopilot – or 
not – is… 

The number of people who TRANSACT with you – i.e., give you money – and then TRANSACT with you again (i.e., keep giving you money).

Take that in for a second. 

How many peeps enroll in your programs… and then enroll AGAIN?   

Now let’s take it a step further… 

Of those peeps…  

And how many times did you have to “sell” them? 

There’s a HUGE difference between having to enroll them 25 times, from 25 different $1000 programs… 

… and TWO times, where they come in your Front Door (Easy Yes Number One), and then say YES to working with you in your Ongoing Recurring Income Offer (Easy Yes Number Two.) 

Also, most of us aren’t exactly down with creating 25 programs, no matter how much we love it. 

Here’s the takeaway… 

Your OFFERS determine how much money will flow into your business… or not. 

If you’re focused on kicking out ONE-TIME offers… you’ll always be on the “hustle train.” 

You’ll always be shaking the money stick at the beginning of the month. 

This is regardless of how those offers are actually PRICED. 

Sure, it’s easier to sign up 4 clients at $10k than 40 clients at $1k.   

But 4 clients at $10k… EVERY MONTH…  

… is still starting over from ZERO, every month. 

Here’s what I recommend instead. 

If you want a guaranteed $50k or $100k or whatever it is, per month… get that income lined up in advance. 

Here’s how we do it in the Highest Level Leader Collective (where we help our clients scale to $500k-$1m+, with most of that booked out ahead of time). 

  • Step One: Have a Front Door Offer that gets a result for your clients.  (This is usually priced at $3k-$8k, though it can be higher.) 
  • When they get that result, invite them into your Recurring Income Offer (usually $25-$50k, with most peeps paying you on payments). 
  • Serve the heck out of them over the course of the year. 
  • TRACK your recurring income as you enroll new peeps; watch it go UP. 
  • Rinse and repeat. 

Now, there IS a third alternative…  

You CAN spend the next year and a half (plus at least $10k in ad spend) to get a funnel and paid traffic working. 

If that’s what you choose to do, more power to ya! 

Personally, I hate waiting. Our Highest Level Leader Clients do, too. 

One of them recently said, “At this stage in the game, I have NO interest in learning sh*t that isn’t going to move the needle, when there’s an easier way.” 


Ready for the Easy YES Way? 

We have spots open for the Highest Level Leader Collective right now. 

Our goal: to scale to $500k-$1m+, using just TWO Easy Yes Offers that you don’t have to get on the phone to sell. 

You’ll cut your marketing time by a third, or even by half, and your sales calls down to zero, if you choose. 

Think you might like to join us? 

Next step is to CONTACT US and we’ll follow up with the next steps.

Love & magic, 


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