Get PAID to Master the Most Profitable Skill On The Planet – While Making A Difference 

As a content creator, copywriter or biz owner with some skill in direct response marketing… you already know how cool it is to be able to write some stuff and create CASH. 

But did you know…? 

The specific words used in copy are only about 10% of what makes a program fly off the shelves. 

The other 90% is… 

The right OFFER to the right PERSON at the right TIME. 

The right OFFER to the right PERSON at the right TIME… practically sells itself.    

If you’ve been driving for days, let’s say… and you’re about to eat the steering wheel, and the only food available is priced at $30 and there is nothing else around for miles… you’d pay it.  #caseinpoint 


If you know to make the right OFFER to the right PERSON… 

… you will NEVER be lacking cash. 

What’s more… you will be able to create CASH, on demand, whenever you want. 

Now, I know if you’re reading this, “cash windfalls” aren’t ALL that you’re about. 

Indeed, despite my clickbait-y headline… I’d guess that “money” is… oh… let’s say 4th or 5th on the list of reasons why you’d devote your time, energy and mad copy skillz to helping coaches and healers sell the SCHIZZLE out of their magic.   

For you, “money” comes after things like “make a genuine impact” and “use your Goddess-given superpowers for good” and “fulfill your purpose” and “be a part of something much bigger than you.” 

Nonetheless… master the art of Hot Offers, and you can write your own ticket.  No matter WHAT the circumstances, or WHAT the economy is doing. 

This is part of why, when answering my calling from the Goddess to “be a part of the movement that brings magic to the mainstream”…  

I decided to go ALL IN with teaching transformational leaders how to package their magic up into HOT OFFERS that make them more money than most doctors make in a year. 

And if you land this gig and become one of our Offers & Copy Strategists… not only will you know the EPIC satisfaction that comes with helping many, many magicians get their Highest Level Work into the world… 

You’ll get paid to master the Highest Paid Skill In the World. 


Because our clients are freaking DESPERATE for strategists who can actually WRITE the kind of copy that converts 2-5x better than “traditional” methods taught in the online space…  

… you’ll have opportunities to help them, and earn more – OUTSIDE of giving feedback and strategy in our programs (which is most of what you’ll be up to). 

Yep – potential copy clients handed to you on a platter.  As a part of your JOB.

Now before we go any further, let me rub some of the shiny off  

  • If you get this gig, I can practically guarantee that you’ll have to UNLEARN at least a little bit of what you know about copy, content, offers, messaging, and “making money online.”  Much of what we do with our clients goes AGAINST the stuff that’s commonly taught… and that’s why it’s so freaking effective.   If you’re SO attached to “3 tips to X” blog posts, “influencer” Insta posts, or color-coded email subject lines that you’re not willing to open your mind a little… this ISN’T going to be the jam for you. 
  • If you get this gig… you’ll be using what you learn with us in service of OUR clients, first and foremost.  This is NOT for you if you’re thinking you’ll hang for a while and then go start your own program to show peeps how to sign up $35k clients WITHOUT getting on sales calls (which our clients do all day, by the way).  You’ll receive a license to use our proprietary methods to attract clients in your own biz (a HUGE perk), but you don’t get to teach our stuff, or compete with us.  (And yes, you’ll sign an agreement to this effect.) 
  • Speaking of jobs – I keep calling this a “gig,” but you’ll be an EMPLOYEE if you join our team.  If that gives you the heebies, or you can’t stand being told that you have to show up in a certain capacity for a few hours per day… this likely ISN’T going to be a fit.  That said, all of our Offers & Copy Strategists are PART TIME, to give lots of room for intrapreneur opportunities (did I mention that most of our clients secretly wish we would just write copy FOR them? ;)) or whatever else you’ve got going on.   

Still here?  Yeeha!  Here’s what you’ll be up to… aka… 

Your Responsibilities: 

  • Provide effective offers & copy feedback in the Facebook group, via personal screencast and live calls 
  • We teach Easy Yes Offers (offers that sell without sales calls) and a set of highly effective, high-converting templates for high-end program invites, email and social media posts.  We also teach an insanely effective way to close high-ticket offers over Messenger in 10 minutes or less.  
  • You will provide feedback on these, bringing your own wisdom, brilliance, experience and perspective to the company’s teachings 
  • Tracking all offers / copy posted and responding to posts in the group.  Checking in once per day at least, staying up to date. 
  • Offering ideas on offers and solutions and coaching for marketing challenges.  Ideas and reflective feedback. 
  • Leading program calls on offers and copy – i.e. live feedback sessions 
  • Working with peeps’ different learning styles and giving the level of feedback needed WITHOUT ENABLING (this is important – we honor peeps’ different ways of learning, but we DO NOT do the work FOR them) 
  • Moving people along through the milestones – providing support, encouragement and feedback in a timely fashion 
  • Random bullet point to see if you’re paying attention: put the secret code “Results” in your application email subject line, ok?  THX! 
  • Genuinely caring about our clients; wanting to see them succeed.  Bringing the energy of Divine Love, holding the space of success for them. 
  • Being willing to be in leadership. Making at least one leadership post in each group (there will be 1-3 groups that you will be monitoring) every week. 
  • Watching all training to learn our systems for offers, copy and sales; knowing our templates inside and out 
  • Steering clients to what’s in the member’s area 
  • Being available (and even putting in a little extra time) at precise times during the program when there’s a lot of action 
  • Attending regular team meetings and trainings (and happy hours!) 
  • Keeping up to date with our new campaigns and ways of doing things, so you can bring the learnings from our own campaigns to our clients (where appropriate)

As the Copy & Offers Strategist, you are responsible for the “offers and messaging” side of our clients success – i.e., you will work with them to help them get THE RESULT. 

So we require that you have experience with messaging, copy or content creation – and that your stuff actually SELLS STUFF (preferably your clients’ stuff, but we’ll consider if it’s your own stuff, too) –  for at least 3 years. 

Ideally, you’re at 6-figures already OR you’ve written “6-figure copy” – that is, you’ve written campaigns (more than one) that have made mid-5-figures or 6-figures in sales.  

Ideally, you have coaching experience.  At the very least, you know that rapport is KEY to transformation, and can deliver feedback in a way that lands. 

And you DEFINITELY have that stealth superpower of getting inside the HEAD of the “end client” (our clients’ client), pulling out the KEY details to put in the offer or copy… and you can help our big-thinking woo-woo healer types start to learn how to do it too… so we can get their MAGIC out into the world, and shift consciousness on the planet. 

That’s the name of our game.  It’s big.  We love it.   

And we need some kick-ass Offers & Copy Strategists, to get ‘er done.  

Position is part time, 9a-1pm PT, working virtually.  You don’t have to be in the Pacific time zone, but it helps.  Work is done mostly virtually, and mostly during the week (with the occasional bit ‘o time needed on the weekend). 

Think you might be down? 

AWESOME!  Here’s What To Do Next… 

We usually get 100+ applications for each role we hire for, so you need to stand out if you want a view from our team (and a shot at a job that can change your life). 


  1. Send an email to with a subject line of  
    “Application: Offers & Copy Strategist” and the secret code word in it.  Include a cover letter with 2 paragraphs that tell us EXACTLY what makes you the BEST candidate for the position, PLUS a link to your website, your Facebook profile and (if you have it) your LinkedIn profile. 
  2. Then, attach some sample copy pieces that are a good representation of your work AND you think will make us go “ooo (hint: do a little research before you decide what to send).  
  3. In your cover letter, tell us your compensation requirements.  (Note: Be strategic.  If you pick a number in our range and all looks good, we’ll interview you.  If you shoot too high while you would be happy with a lower number, then we’ll miss out on the chance to talk.  This ISN’T a copywriting gig – using your package rate to determine the amount you’ll quote us probably won’t work. We want to know what is the lowest number that would make it a YES for you if all the other conditions are met.) 
  4. Make sure your email subject line has the secret code in it.  If you don’t have the secret code, then don’t apply.   

2 more quick notes: 

  • We put serving clients ahead of having the perfect website and social media presence.  We’re in the middle of a rebrand, so you will also see the name “Feminine Magic®” on our stuff. 
  • We are committed to dismantling systems of oppression, including and especially racism.  We are LGBTQ-affirming and are committed to fair and equitable business practices and creating inclusive spaces.  We believe the personal development industry needs to do better.  We encourage candidates to apply who share these commitments and will do the work with us to be a part of the solution.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got! 

Love & magic,  

Team 7-Figure Goddess®