Our Values

This Is How We Do:
Guiding Values, Principles & Practices

As we fulfill our mission and serve our community, the 7-Figure Goddess® team operates with the following principles at the forefront:

  • We Take 100% Responsibility for Everything, All Of the Time, No Exceptions. This is “step zero” of manifestation and personal empowerment. We hold ourselves to this standard first, then also our clients.
  • We Say Yes To BIG, “Impossible” Goals and Dreams. We Claim Them, Then Make Them Real. If it is a true Desire, fully aligned… then the answer is always YES.
  • We Believe There Is Always A Way. We know that 1000+ possibilities exist at every moment. We FIND the way, rather than give up or shrink our goals to circumstance, cultural conditioning, or our own old, limiting mindsets. We are magicians. Many miracles, all of the time.
  • We Say YES to Flow and FAST Implementation, Without Chaos. Elizabeth’s timeline is “now or five minutes from now.” Manifesting big results requires speed, flow, and momentum. We use systems and processes to implement quickly while staying in flow.
  • We Say YES To Self-Actualization, and Bringing Our Highest Level Every Day. We know that our journey as humans is to walk the world as our Divine Selves; to live from our Essence rather than ego. This requires living into our current Highest Level, every day. It also requires a willingness to be in the process of transformation. We understand that transformation happens while living life, not “on the mountaintop” away from life, and that we can walk as our current Highest Level while welcoming new, Divine aspects of ourselves.
  • We Create According To Universal Law. We are conscious and live life in alignment with the spiritual laws that govern everything. The first Law is “more life to all, less to none.”
  • We Understand Thou Art Goddess And We See The Goddess In Everyone. We are all born of Creative, Divine Substance. Therefore, we know that every human being has Divine-like power and abilities, no matter how “disempowered” they may seem in the moment. We hold others as powerful, no matter what.
  • We Pour Love Into Everything We Do. We know that people are in pain. Therefore, a big part of what we do is to pour love into the collective field. Our programs and offerings all have LOVE as their secret ingredient. We approach our work, and each other, from a place of LOVE and seeing the Divinity in everyone.
  • We Practice Empowered Giving. We understand that as we give, so shall we receive; it is Law. We give freely, including invitations to our paid offers, to those who will receive our gifts and USE them. We do not force our work or our gifts on those who are not ready to receive.
  • We Embrace Ethical Influence And Persuasion. We understand that empowering others to create change in their lives requires leadership, persuasion, and influence. We embrace these as the magical tools they are. We keep our energy clean—free of negative (or life-denying) influence—and use these tools freely to add more life to all, less to none.
  • We Take A Strong Stand FOR Inclusion and Equality. We Take A Strong Stand AGAINST Hate. Now more than ever, we need those who are willing to stand publicly for equality in ALL areas – race, gender, sexuality, and more. The Laws never discriminate; every BE-ing on the planet comes from the same Source. We strive to make 7-Figure Goddess® a place where all feel welcome – including those whose views don’t necessarily match our own. Hate, however, is never tolerated.
  • We Believe Relationships Are Everything. Everything we Desire in life, including the delicious levels of connection that make our time on earth truly sublime, comes by way of relationship. Everything we Desire to manifest comes from Source, through other people. We strive to create deep connection: with ourselves (first and foremost), each other, our families and personal circles, and in the 7-Figure Goddess® community.

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