Recently one of my private clients reached out because her high-end program launch was rolling slower than she’d expected.    

“What do you think that is?” I asked.   

(When people aren’t signing up, there’s always a reason.  On some level, you always know what it is.)  

“People aren’t feeling a sense of urgency.”   

Of course, this played exactly into her “people won’t pay $20k++ for spiritual work” story.   

“People just don’t see spiritual work as important enough to pay for.  Why would a leader in their field pay $20k to do this work when they can pay that much for a business mastermind to make another million dollars?” 

Then she asked me how WE do it. 

How it is that we regularly enroll clients in, say, The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting, when they could spend the same amount of money on a business training. 


People pay high fees our transformational programs because at their core, they ALL address the #1 internally-generated pain that humans experience… being OUT of alignment with one’s Desire. 

Another word for “alignment” is “congruence.”   When you are in alignment with your Desires, your head, heart and soul are all on the same page, and your outer world follows suit.  Everything within and without reflects who you truly are.   

When you are in alignment, you are unstoppable.  The opposite is also true: when you are out of alignment, you’ll experience a lot of “friction” at best. 

When you are way, way out of alignment… you are miserable. 

I’m not overstating the case when I say that being OUT of alignment with our Desire is the cause of 95% of our internal suffering.   

For example… 

  •  You want to be a writer but you think you can’t because you have to “make a living.”  
  • You want to use your gifts as a spiritual teacher but you think nobody will pay for it.   
  •  You want to quit your job to follow your heart’s calling but you’re afraid you’ll end up  in a cardboard box. 
  • You’re a witch and you’ve always been a witch, and you want to let the most important people in your life in on the deal, only you know they’re going to freak out, so you go underground. 
  • You want to show yourself as you truly are, but you are afraid, often with good reason, of what other people will think and do. 
  • You’ve already made multi-millions, and you know it’s time for your next move, but you don’t want to disrupt the status quo. 
  • You want to put out a juicy new offer that makes your heart sing, and you know it will resonate with your clients… but you’re afraid of being judged, and wondering if they will really pay for it. 

Sure, the pain of these scenarios can start small.  A dull ache.  Something is wrong but you can’t put your finger on what. 

Or… the flip-flopping.  The back-and-forth.  You can’t make up your mind. 

But sooner or later… it happens.  Your Soul / Highest Self / Essence gets louder and louder; meanwhile, your ego mind has its own agenda and marching orders, making up stories about external circumstances, driving you into the ground with its relentless spin-spin-spin, usually tied to “security.”  


And when that battle inside you gets REALLY ugly… if you’re really honest…  

… it can be “can’t get out of bed in the morning” agony. 

(Ask me how I know.) 

The alignment thing isn’t just “a problem.”  It’s THE problem. 

Every one of us has the urge to grow and expand into our highest self expression.  We also have a brain that has not evolved one iota since the caveman days. One that operates way, waaaay under the radar, to keep us exactly the same. 

Call it what you will— Soul / Ego, Critter Brain vs. Expansive Brain— in Feminine Magic® we call it Divine Self / Human Self… this conflict is the source of endless suffering in humans. 

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? 

Of course you do, because this conflict is also the source of ALL of your “blocks” and “stopping points.” 

Your higher mind wants to expand.  Your critter brain wants you to stay the same. 

And the deck is stacked against you on this one. Big time.   

We are all swimming in the energies that pull us in every direction other than what our Essence / Spirit / Soul / Heart wants. 

The great news is… you have some say in the matter.  You have tools.  

Are YOU out of alignment with who you really are, your true Desires, your Soul Purpose? 


1. First things first: get honest with yourself. 

 Step Zero is getting fiercely honest with yourself about what you really want. 

 Instead of saying “I didn’t really want it anyway…” while your insides continue to flip out… 

 … notice the ache and go, “Yeah, you know what?  What I really want is [X].” 

 You don’t have to DO anything about it at this point.  (Or at any point.  You get to choose.) 

But the SECOND that you admit to yourself that you want what you REALLY want… the second you speak your truth, to yourself…  

… the inner battle begins to lighten up. 

Because – as odd as it sounds – the pain of being out of alignment with your truth actually comes NOT from the act of it… but from the denying of your truth in the first place. 

You want what you want what you want.  Be honest about it, so at least that energy is freed up.


2. Get with the Truth. 

If you have a Desire, the way is there.  A zillion opportunities exist in any moment.  Your ability to see them is entirely contingent on the thoughts you’re thinking and the energy you’re projecting.  

Your thoughts and perceptions will ALWAYS be matched by thoughts and perceptions of the same vibration. 

This means that if you look in your bank account and see LACK rather than just a circumstance, you will continue to be BOMBARDED by thoughts and perceptions of lack.  And you will fight to call it “evidence.” 

But if you look at your bank account and see just a circumstance, and hold steadfast to the Truth that your opportunity is already here… you will see a zillion opportunities.  Every time. 

Bottom line: “I can’t” is an illusion. 

You may have to take that on faith for a little while, until you study the Law.  (Which we do in The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting.) 

The more you are willing to REFUSE to accept anything but your true Desires as the answer, the faster they will come into your life. 


3Exercise your power to choose. 

Your greatest power is your power to choose.  It’s one of the things that separates humans (YOU!) from other life forms on the planet. 

Problem is… most people THINK they have the power to choose, when in actuality, that power is greatly diminished.  The “critter brain,” which acts on instinct, and the subconscious, are running the show. 

But we ALSO have wisdom.  Knowledge.  Transformational tools that allow us to quiet the mind and our instincts.  So that we can say YES to what we truly want. 

The more you make conscious choices, instead of being reactive – the more conscious choices you can make. 

Any and all manifestations of significance always come down to a DECISION. 

When you have truly decided, your success is inevitable.  You can have what you want.  So just decide. 


4. Access higher realms of consciousness.

The thoughts that we habitually think, and the level of consciousness that creates them, are NOT all there is.  

You know this intellectually, but how often do you access higher levels of consciousness – daily and deliberately? 

All around you are fields of energy that are GREATER than you, just waiting to be accessed. 

Years ago, I was drawn to the Akashic Records.  (The Akashic Records are a record of your soul – every word, deed, thought and action, across all dimensions, planes, spaces, lifetimes, levels of consciousness and beyond.) 

I was intrigued for a long time before I made the leap and started reading the Records for myself. 

Those first times reading the Records, and all the times since – I was floored by how GOOD they felt. 

The energy of the Records is pure love.  Through the Records we have access to perceptions that we simply can’t have in everyday consciousness.  We can use the field of the Akasha to consciously co-create, as well. 

As above, so below.  That which we impress in the non-form, aims to duplicate itself on the material plane. 

That doesn’t mean we just hang out in the higher realms all day.  Life is meant to be LIVED. 

But when we access realms like the Akashic field, we become more and more aware of the infinite resources available to us, just on the other side of “everyday” consciousness… and here in the physical realm, as well.

That’s why I’ve made the decision to add the Akashic Records to our Feminine Magic® offerings.  (We’re releasing it to a select group of clients in advance – if you’d like to be included, email the team at 


5. Get in community. 

One of the most overlooked tools for manifesting mastery is WHO you surround yourself with. 

Surround yourself with people who have what you choose, or are committed to having what you choose … and you will be effortlessly pulled toward your goal, without even thinking about it.  

Think you can’t have what you want? 

Consider all those who have it already.  (There are many.) 

Get with some of them.  Then add the people who really SEE you, and can call you on your disbelief. 

Doubt and fear cannot stand in a group of people who believe in you. 


Now more than ever, I see women of our community suffering from not being in alignment with their TRUE Desires. 

Do you want the life you Desire, or the back up plan? 

Are you going for what you want, or what you think you can get? 

You will always find a zillion reasons why you can’t be, do or have something that matters to you.  Your mind will always find a way to take you out. 

All you have to do… is choose.   

And re-choose.  And choose again.  

Because you aren’t going to un-do a lifetime— a millennia— of conditioning overnight.  

But you do get to choose, and re-choose, and choose again.  

What will you choose? 

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