Phonsless Sales Party

Make $10k in 10 days by practicing your phoneless sales system and working it until it works.

Phoneless Sales Party


The phoneless sales party SCHEDULE


The party starts: Monday, April 22

The party ends: Wednesday, May 1 at 4pm Pacific 

The After-Party and awarding of PRIZES: Thursday, May 2 at 12pm Pacific 

To be eligible to win a prize, please submit your stats in the Phoneless Sales Party Scoreboard by 4pm PT on May 1 😉

Event Location

The party will take place entirely in the Facebook group. Keep an eye out in the group for inspiration and prompts throughout the week!

The Party Ends In








Phoneless Sales Party Pre-Game Checklist 

Here’s a simple “flight checklist” so you’ll be ready for takeoff when the Phoneless Sales Party begins… 

We invite you to use this list to create the conditions for success so you can exceed your sales goals during the challenge! 

In addition to having a few hand raisers ready BEFORE you get started… we recommend that you plan to write 2-3 hand raisers per week DURING the challenge for optimal results. 😉 

Download the Phoneless Sales Pre-Game Checklist:

Phoneless Sales Party Daily Framework

We have a couple of manifesting tools to truly SUPERCHARGE your results:
  • Connecting with your goal and your WHY every day
  • “Impressing the Field” – directing the energy aligned with your success into Creating Substance
  • Clearing and releasing
  • Tracking and Celebrating
  • Leaning IN and getting support

We put it all in the Phoneless Sales Party Daily Framework Cheat Sheet.

Download the Phoneless Sales Party Daily Framework Cheat Sheet:

Phoneless Sales Party Tracker

Use this spreadsheet to help you keep track of your activity during the challenge. 

Download the Phoneless Sales Party Tracker:

Phoneless Sales Party Scoreboard

Be sure to submit your stats to this scoreboard by 4pm PT on May 1st.

Qualify to win prizes by updating your stats here 🙂