Empower master-level coaches, healers and spiritual teachers as they build $500k++ businesses – and shift consciousness on the planet 

Do you LOVE facilitating ambitious “rock stars” to create extraordinary RESULTS? 

Do you have a passion for creating powerful client experiences, so they win BIG and come back for more? 

Are you ready to plug into a Divinely Guided Mission, and co-create something much bigger than any one person could create on their own? 

We are calling in an experienced Program Delivery Manager to oversee our high-touch, high-end business-building programs.   

Our (mostly female) clients are ambitious, passionate “transformational entrepreneurs” – coaches, healers, practitioners, energy workers, hypnotists, channels, wellness professionals, spiritual teachers, etc. 

Our programs are currently delivered online (Zoom and Facebook), with twice-yearly in-person events starting up again in 2022. 

As Program Delivery Manager, you will oversee all aspects of program delivery, while driving member enrollment, renewal, retention and overall program growth.  You’ll be a visible presence in our programs, with a grip on the big picture AND the minute details. 

You’ll track the client journey, from enrollment to completion and renewal, and coordinate with the team to ensure that clients win BIG and get the results they choose. 

You’ll also lead program enrollment, working closely with the marketing team to drive growth and ensure enrollment goals are met.  (We have a unique sales process and do all of our “closing” over email and Messenger, in 10 min or less.  You’ll be the trusted advisor in a natural and un-pushy enrollment experience, as a part of your Program Manager role.) 

Here’s why this is a one-time-only opportunity for the right person (maybe you?)… 

7-Figure Goddess® is an online coaching company that helps coaches, healers, and spiritual mentors make more income than most doctors.  (Mostly women, –  i.e. she/her – but ALL are welcome.) 

Currently, we have a goal of helping 1000 transformational leaders scale their businesses to multi-six-figures in profit, by December 31, 2025.  So they can empower their clients to change, and in so doing, play their role in the massive shifts in consciousness required for our evolution. 

We are at a unique point in time.  I, Elizabeth – the CEO – have been in “the online space” since 2007.  I’ve sold well over $8m of my services and digital products since 2010.  

And now, we are in the middle of a huge shift: that of moving me OUT of “7-figure coach” land and into BE-ing the CEO, head “transmitter” (channel of consciousness) and leader of 7-Figure Goddess®. 

Which means that we have openings for incredible TEAM to handle the service delivery side of things. 

It’s an EXCITING time – with a ton of opportunity for growth! 

This is your dream job if you LOVE to enroll groups of people in their biggest vision, facilitate transformation and co-create a powerful space for them to get RESULTS – while keeping the ship running.  😉  You know how to “create a container” where magic happens, in a BUSINESS environment.  Maybe you’ve helped clients create BIG wins in your own business; maybe you’ve managed peeps and teams to greatness in corporate. 

If you LOVE helping clients get RESULTS, can keep your eyes on “all the things” and can manage a small team, this is an opportunity to make your mark. 

    Key Outcomes You’ll Be Responsible For: 

    • Know our programs, inside and out, from the big picture down to the details.     
    • Ensure seamless execution for all aspects of those programs.  Oversee enrollment, new member onboarding, members’ understanding of program benefits, participation & accountability, feedback, retention, renewal processes and completion. 
    • Act as representative of CEO and Program Leader in all interactions with program members.  Handle issues that arise in alignment with company policy and brand.  Monitor the overall pulse of program; keep Program Leader in the know.  
    • Provide leadership and management to Program Delivery Team, including Program Liaisons, Mindset Coaches and Copy & Offers Strategists.  Ensure that clients are getting the results promised, in alignment with their choice & personal goals, and are set up for an offer to renew. 
    • Design and execute company initiatives for program enrollment, renewal and retention.  Work with Program Liaisons and the marketing team to ensure that program enrollment goals are met.   
    • Oversee and co-create a high-touch, highly empowered member experience and foster positive community culture throughout the program.   
    • Work with team to ensure that all “nitty gritty” tasks happen on time: emails sent, calls scheduled, memes posted, updates to the members area, etc. 
    • Develop and review copy for program deliverables in accordance with company voice and vision.  
    • Random bullet point with the secret code: put the secret code phrase “Committed to Growth” in the subject line of your email application; thx 
    • Co-design new and refreshed content with CEO and Program Leader; coordinate with content creation team members and bring projects to completion. 
    • Drive program innovation, including development and continual improvement of program delivery, enrollment and on-boarding structures.  Look for ways to continue to leverage our teachings and turn our ideas for great program offerings into reality. 
    • Document all standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to program; direct Program Delivery Team in doing the same. 

    Requirements / Competencies –  

    • At least 3 years’ experience in one or more of the following: managing or leading training programs, designing and delivering curriculum, project management, creating / curating extraordinary client experiences and results. 
    • Ability to break down big projects and manage execution of details; you roll with multiple projects concurrently. 
    • You can turn things around – or “turn on a dime” 😉 – QUICKLY and without drama.   
    • You know how to get in the heads of your clients / direct reports and you know how to facilitate and lead experiences.  A BIG part of this role is taking the CEO’s vision for the client experience, and our way of doing things, and translating them into policies, emails, client interactions, etc.
    • Results-focused, fully accountable; great follow-through and attention to detail. 
    • EXCELLENT persuasive communicator, written and oral, with a warm, loving style  
    • Team player.  We co-create everything around here, and have a collaborative, have-each-other’s-backs environment.  Can receive and give constructive feedback. 
    • Willing to grow and “do the work” on yourself while showing up powerfully at work.  If you are white, this includes actively working on dismantling racism, unconscious bias, and outdated power structures within yourself.   
    • GREAT at managing expectations in a positive way; holding boundaries while being expansive 
    • Available for occasional in-person events and travel (usually on the West Coast) 

    As an ideal candidate, you will likely come from one of two scenarios: you’re “in the industry” and LOVE the work, but are tired of running your own business; OR… you’ve been a manager or trainer in corporate, LOVE leading people and bringing projects to completion and have a passion for personal growth. 

    In each case, you’re ready to apply your skills and talents in the service of a big mission to shift consciousness in the greater collective. 

        On that note, IMPORTANT NOTE: 

          This position is NOT for you if you offer your own transformational group programs (coaching groups, etc) or plan to do so within the next 5 years.  If you currently run your own programs, you’ll create a transition plan to bring them to completion. 

          This is a FULL TIME position, working VIRTUALLY.  We are West Coast based (Portland, Oregon.)  Pacific Time Zone NOT required, but we DO require being available during our work day (8a – 4pm PT). 

          We usually get 100+ applications for each role we hire for, and we just don’t have time to interview many candidates.  So if you’re excited and think this might be your jam… you’ll want to STAND OUT for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 


          1. Send an email to with a subject line of 
            “Application: Program Delivery Manager” and the secret code phrase in it.  Include a cover letter with 2 paragraphs that tell us EXACTLY what makes you the BEST candidate for the position, PLUS a link to at least one of the following, preferably all 3: website, Facebook profile, LinkedIn Profile. 
          2. Include a link to a short video (3 min or less) introducing yourself and how you will go above and beyond should you get this role.  (Note: We will stop watching at 3 min. ) 
          3. In your cover letter, include your minimum compensation requirements.  (No BS… AND be strategic.  If you’re in our range for this position and all looks good, we’ll interview you.  If you shoot too high when you would have been happy with a lower number, we’ll miss out on connecting.  We BOTH bring value to the table here, so think “fair with room for growth” and “lowest that would make it a YES for you if all other conditions are met.”  If you are triggered by this, do not apply.)
          4. Make sure your email subject line has the secret code in it.  If you don’t have the secret code, then don’t apply.

          2 more quick notes: 

          • We put serving clients ahead of having the perfect website and social media presence.  We’re in the middle of a rebrand, so you will also see the name “Feminine Magic®” on our stuff. 
          • We are committed to dismantling systems of oppression, including and especially racism.  We are LGBTQ-affirming and are committed to fair and equitable business practices and creating inclusive spaces.  We believe the personal development industry needs to do better.  We encourage candidates to apply who share these commitments and will do the work with us to be a part of the solution. 

          We can’t wait to see what you’ve got! 

          Love & magic,  

          The 7-Figure Goddess® Team